How to Make Your Own Halloween Candy

If you want to make homemade Halloween candy, we've rounded up recipes for DIY Reese's peanut butter cups, Snickers, Crunch Bars, sour gummy bears, and more. The best things about Halloween are candy...

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self-catering wedding

by JanF 6 years ago

Hi guys, I'm having a wedding in April and decided that we want to self cater. The idea is to do the easy stuff (salad, meat & cheese, fruit bar) ourselves but we're stuck with what to do for the...

Yogurt w/Jalapeño stem starter

by Rivilian 6 years ago

A few months ago, Patsy Walker posted how she made a yogurt starter from red chili peppers. (http://www.chowhound.com/post/yogurt-starter-red-chili-pepper-stems-863207?page=1). There's a much older...

Deaadly Reapers and Ghosts ( peppers, of course)

by BAppleman 6 years ago

Hi, I here, am new! but my father used to come here regularly. I have always loved spicy food and have, in the past, had a very high heat tolerance. This year I decided to grow a variety of e...

Question for anyone who has made fermented sodas

by IndyGirl 6 years ago

Ok. I made a ginger bug and it was going great but I forgot to feed it for two days and now it is no longer fizzing. So did I kill it? It isn't moldy. What do I do? Do I add sugar and revive it? Do...

DIY Pizza Oven

by ennuisans 6 years ago

This came to me via Supercompressor but I thought I'd try posting the original. It's a design for a backyard pizza oven that comes to roughly (I'm told) US$200 and is not terribly complicated.

ACV vinegar Scoby

by paizley 6 years ago

I've been adding regular ACV to my Bragg organic cider vinegar. Now there's a huge mother in it. The mother before was just some strands but now it's a big, gelatinous Scoby! So cool! Anyone else h...

Different types of vinegar mothers

by Mecowman92 6 years ago

I've been experimenting with making fruit scrap vinegars at home with much success. I have a beautiful mother forming on top of my strawberry vinegar. I know that red wine, white wine, malt vinegar...

Making Prosciutto!

by LocalFreshOrganic 13 years ago

I have just completed salting my 2nd leg of fresh, wild boar from Carmel Valley and it has been dry hanging for 7 days after 1 month of salt curing. My first go round went well, and the meat was t...

homemade pizza ideas

by chow11 6 years ago

Several things here. First is dough, my big problem. I have not had luck making my own dough, so concentrated on store bought. Trader Joe's and Cossetta's both have fresh dough that seems prett...

Making your own Lao Gan Ma

by Bagle 9 years ago

I have a negative reaction to the preservative in Lao gan ma, I can't purchase it any more I have tried without success to create my own lao gan ma. Has anyone had better luck? The flavor of choi...

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