Dive Bar

Not feeling fancy? We hear you! We've got recommendations for the coolest dive bars wherever you are, plus fiery discussions about how much Chowhounds love or hate them.

Fascinating Facts About 8 NYC Bars to Impress Your Drinking Buddies

As one of the world’s top nightlife capitals, New York City’s got some pretty cool bars. But sometimes, you crave a place that offers something more than a fancy cocktail and a dark-and-sexy vibe—you...

West Sonoma County: BBQ Oysters/Hot Dog @ Bodega's Casino

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 15 years ago

Trying to escape last Sunday's heat, I put a cooler in the trunk and headed to the coast to shop for seafood. Leaving behind 99o temps, I was stunned to find that downtown Sebastopol in normally c...

Name of Bar?

by cgarner 2 years ago

Please tell me if I am mis-remembering! There is a bar at 831 Christian St. on the Italian Market. You had to go downstairs and it was a dive. it's NOW called 12 steps. Did that used to be the...

SF Chronicle Timeline of Classic San Francisco Neighborhood Bars

by patsully 3 years ago

Very much enjoyed this special feature from the Chronicle. It's awesome to see the list in chronological order. I’ve been to a few on the list, but I’m curious if anyone has a favorite?

Recalling Dive Bar, Downtown Crossing, 1982

Greg B
by Greg B 14 years ago

Please bear with me but I'm trying to remember the name of a place from a trip to Boston to see the Red Sox 25 years ago... any assistance much appreciated. We were wandering around downtown, vi...

Portland’s 31 Essential Bars, Spring 2018

by stevewi 3 years ago

See the attached link... Some of these are very nice and some are pretty divey. All are great (but not all have great food). For example, the Teardrop excels in every way but the food. Reel '...

Beer-and-Wine-Only Bars in NYC

by the mess 3 years ago

Hi all, I just posted a related question on another thread [https://www.chowhound.com/post/nyc-restaurants-infrastructure-1071079] so please forgive the spamming, but keeping this separate as it...

Knights Ferry General Store, Saloon & Grill | Stanislaus County

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

On a recent visit to the foothills, I made a rewarding detour through Knights Ferry. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knights_Ferry,_California

Ink48 area - food, coffee, bars

by chloe254 5 years ago

I will be spending 3 days at the Ink48 hotel next week. In meetings all day and staying there every night. I am looking for great options to get out of the hotel for: coffee, after dinner drinks an...

Dive Bars -- Palm Springs Area

by stamfoodie 5 years ago

Need recommendations for the best dive bars in Palm Springs area, land of craft cocktails and craft beer. Looking for places that are unpretentious, filled with neighborhood regulars, strong pou...

Dive bars/pubs/restaurants in Halifax

by BRL 5 years ago

Later this week I'll be staying at the Halifax Marriott Harbourfront hotel (near the ferry terminal) and I'd like to visit some dive and/or locals bars, pubs and restaurants while I'm there. Any r...

Hut's Hamburgers - Bang for your Burger Buck

by blackbookali 5 years ago

If you don't fall for Hut's on the first date, Hell in the first five minutes you are inside the place, you might want to have a doctor check you out for lack of a soul. It is heart and soul that d...

New to Hermosa/Manhattan Area

by globalsurf 7 years ago

OK my fellow hounders. There are a couple of very old strings regarding Hermosa/Manhattan recommendations. I just moved to Hermosa and want to know where the good chow is and where the locals go....

are there any good dive bars left in greater downtown LA?

by Dylan 6 years ago

it seems like most of the good dive bars have closed with downtown's gentrification. are there any still in business with some true grit?

Dinner: Frankie & Johnny's 3/29

by zin1953 6 years ago

Franky & Johnny's closed some time ago. It was a dive bar with really tasty crawfish. Frankie & Johnny's is the "Under New Management" resurrection of the classic, all gussied up . . . well, OK...

Creative cocktails and/or dive bar before Marea...

by coolaugustmoon 7 years ago

Meeting some family for a blow out/reunion thing at Marea. Some of us may meet earlier for a drink or two nearby. I left the city in 2005 (occasional returns as older generation remains there) an...

Dive Bars Spring/Summer 2014

by EaterBob 7 years ago

Given the recent discussion about Dive Bars started by Matt H, I wanted to ask some questions about some places that I have not been to, yet. Specifically: Brasserie Du Sud, 1277 Désaulniers, ...

Dive Bars

by ChancesR 8 years ago

An out-of-town friend who loves dive bars is visiting and I want to give him a Cook's tour. For him, the sleazier, the better. If the place is filled with unsavory, even dangerous characters, he ...