Discontinued Products

Feeling nostalgic? Discuss discontinued products here: Talk about your favorites, argue over which should come back, and more.


Anyone here remember old/discontinued Stella d'Oro products?

by saucygalnyc 7 years ago

I remember a product that (I believe) used to be produced by Stella d"Oro. It was a dense hard flower shaped "cookie" with a hole in the center. It had a shiny exterior and was very dry, but pr...

Maple Walnut Ice Cream in Manhattan?

by nicely2x 11 days ago

I've been to more than a few ice cream shops from the trendiest to Baskin & Robbins and have been unable to find Maple Walnut Ice Cream. I know it's an old-fashioned flavor, but it must exist some...

Does anybody remember the name of this cookie?

by Mariposa06 7 years ago

I hope someone can help me. I write a blog, and I want to write as part of a "Products I Miss" post a cookie I enjoyed in the early 70's. It was a sugar cookie about 3 inches in diameter, with a ...

McDonald's Happy Meal Cookies

by mbCrispyBits 7 years ago

McDonald's stopped serving their happy meal cookies and the animal cracker-like cookies that were sold separately in a small box. I'm trying to recollect the flavor of those cookies, and the best I...

Kate Mantilini Sourdough

by fizzyierlifting 3 months ago

anyone know where to get sourdough as great as that made at kate mantilini on wilshire @ doheny [now closed]? have not found a loaf that holds a candle to it.

Cookies from the 80s???

by jnb336 9 years ago

I'm trying to find some cookies from my husband's childhood that he talks about ALL the time! I'm pretty sure they don't make them any more, but I think just knowing that someone else remembers th...

John West Mackerel

by yeggy 2 months ago

I have been having trouble finding the canned mackerel John West. I tried the usual supermarkets where they used to sell it and some of the smaller stores. I even tried sending an email to the comp...

Kelloggs Danish Go Rounds

by Mike Cecere 18 years ago

I can remember them when I was a child (born in 1964.) They were similar to Pop Tarts, only much better. They were swirled in an elliptical path from the center. My favorite was cinnamon. Any body ...

Anyone remember a discontinued snack from the 1980s called Donut Cookies or Butter Donut Cookies?

by kenssd 2 months ago

I am just trying to find a picture of the packaging. From what I can recall they were bite sized beige donut shaped cookies and they came in a mostly red pouch with mirror/foil/reflective surface i...

Butterbun Bakery Nostrand Avenue Brooklyn

by pannunz2010 2 months ago

I grew up in Midwood and every Sunday for a dozen years would stop at Butterbun's Bakery on Nostrand Avenue. I could never get enough of their seven layer cake and eventually they closed and when I...

Where Is The "Nut" In Hazelnut Sugar Free Syrup After Starbucks Discontinued It Six Years Ago?

by Joypebble 3 months ago

OK, I really miss Starbucks Sugar-Free Hazelnut coffee, It had a nutty flavor that seems to be missing from all the others. I've been in withdrawl since they took it off the market six years ago. ...

Unknown Kitchen Tool

by bilagaana 3 months ago

I found this in among other kitchen utensils when cleaning out my parents' home. The disk on the end is solid steel and weighty. There is a label reading "rowoco" on the handle, so I am fairly cert...

Hobart slicer info Model #111

by Jcharette 2 years ago

Just join this forum to. Hi all. Just bought a Hobart model 111 slicer. was wondering if anybody knew how old it is and if it worth restoring.? here are some pics of it and the plate. I cannot fi...

Discontinued cookie from late 60s early 70s

by magyar 4 months ago

Soft , grooved, square or slightly oblong cookie had 4 miniature untoasted coconut covered marshmallows on top with dab of raspberry jelly in center. Package had assorted colors, each cookie had ...

Brand Failures

by 02putt 8 years ago

After reading the topic Brands that have not changed over the years I began to think of products under a brand that flopped: Cheeseburger Doritos and Purple Heinz ketchup come to mind.

Diamond Crystal table salt (without iodine) canisters - discontinued?

Karl S
by Karl S 1 year ago

Here in the Boston area, I've found that Diamond Crystal table salt canisters have vanished from the shelves of my local grocery stores. I did find several *on clearance* yesterday at a Big Y locat...