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Discontinued Products

Feeling nostalgic? Discuss discontinued products here: Talk about your favorites, argue over which should come back, and more.

Devonsheer / Old London / Wise cheddar waffle snacks

by Tony Miller 8 years ago

When I was a kid (1940's) my mother used to buy "Devonsheer Wafers". These were sharp cheddar process cheese filling ...


benbenberi commented 4 days ago

The Nabisco Royal Lunch Milk Crackers Dilemma

by anutternate 9 years ago

These were the best crackers around and unfortunately have been discontinued after a 90 plus year run. One of the fir...


kon613 commented 4 days ago

Does anyone remember Swedish Cream Cookies?

by booboo57 3 years ago

Does anyone remember Swedish Cream Cookies from the 1960s/1970s? I think they were made by Keebler. They were in a ...


WeeWilly commented 7 days ago

McDonald's Happy Meal Cookies

by mbCrispyBits 6 years ago

McDonald's stopped serving their happy meal cookies and the animal cracker-like cookies that were sold separately in ...


ahop09 commented 9 days ago

Product Comparable to Trappeys Torrido Santa Fe Grande Peppers?

by mmmbuttery 25 days ago

I used them in my favorite shrimp dip recipe but it looks like they’ve been discontinued :-( Is anyone familiar with...


Ttrockwood commented 25 days ago

Does anybody remember the name of this cookie?

by Mariposa06 6 years ago

I hope someone can help me. I write a blog, and I want to write as part of a "Products I Miss" post a cookie I enjoy...


jason84 commented 1 month ago

Nabisco Brown edge Wafers

by chazzerking 10 years ago

Has anyone seen these in the last couple of years? I used to use them as a pantry staple, to serve with coffee or ice...


MIAbites commented 2 months ago

Diamond Crystal table salt (without iodine) canisters - discontinued?

by Karl S 5 months ago

Here in the Boston area, I've found that Diamond Crystal table salt canisters have vanished from the shelves of my lo...


IsaPot commented 2 months ago

Nabisco's Uneeda Biscuits discontinued

by 1946dodge 10 years ago

Well they blew out our Royal Lunch crackers, so now they have really done it. The first cracker that Nabisco ever mad...


penguin12 commented 2 months ago

Ingredients for Harvey Wallbanger cake

by sjde53 4 months ago

My recipe calls for an orange cake mix but I can't find one. Does anyone sell it anymore?


Chinicki commented 2 months ago

What cookies did they have at my school?

by IJustMadeThisForCookies 2 months ago

I grew up in Arizona and graduated HS in 2012. I fondly remember these super puffy chocolate chip cookies they always...


ninrn commented 2 months ago

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Royal Lunch Milk Crackers

by bob34 2 months ago

I was excited about the new Royal Lunch Crackers and grabbed a box at Walmart. I was very disappointed they taste no...

Most Unlike Macaroons Ever

by CookieHungry 3 months ago

My mom use to buy these packaged macaroons that were in a yellow(ish) and brown(ish) package. The brand name was not...


CookieHungry commented 3 months ago

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Vanilla pinwheel cookie

by billyboy23 4 months ago

Does anyone remember a cookie from the 70's that was just like a chocolate pinwheel cookie but it had a vanilla coati...

Nabob Orange Pekoe tea bags-are they discontinued-don't know where to post?

by selena03 8 years ago

I can't find these anywhere-they usually come in a red paper box. I live in Vancouver, BC but am willing to ship them...


whoknows commented 4 months ago

does anyone remember Melody cookies?

by huisclothes 10 years ago

they were large flat dark chocolate wafers with scalloped edges and big grains of coarse sugar embedded in one side. ...


huisclothes commented 5 months ago

Nabisco's Royal Lunch Milk Crackers have been discontinued

by Pat Hammond 12 years ago

I've been waiting for a Nabisco delivery at my local market, since the manager kept promising Royal Lunch would be de...


Krisarak commented 5 months ago