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Feeling nostalgic? Discuss discontinued products here: Talk about your favorites, argue over which should come back, and more.

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Cookies from the 80s???

by jnb336 6 years ago

I'm trying to find some cookies from my husband's childhood that he talks about ALL the time! I'm pretty sure they d...


tktagent commented 1 day ago

Discontinued at Trader Joe's in 2017

by littleflower 4 months ago

What products have you liked, and you are sad that they are no longer carrying?


Enfielder commented 2 days ago

Anyone here remember old/discontinued Stella d'Oro products?

by saucygalnyc 5 years ago

I remember a product that (I believe) used to be produced by Stella d"Oro. It was a dense hard flower shaped "cook...


penni commented 13 days ago

What discontinued products do you miss?

by Miri1 6 years ago

I grew up in a veggie household, and one of my favorite things was a canned sandwich spread type thing called Nuteena...


luvcubs commented 16 days ago

Favorite discontinued food items

by hamiltonheights 1 year ago

What are some great discontinued food items that come to mind? I used to love Pepperidge Farm Capri cookies, and they...


mary30 commented 24 days ago

Dorfer's Vienna Cheesecake

by LKinLA 6 months ago

Any updates on finding recipe for Dorfer's Vienna Cheesecake from the 50's-60's??? To me, the best cheesecake ever c...


Mokolea commented 24 days ago

Care package to Canada from the States... What should I get?

by njcamocutie 29 days ago

What's some good food items from the States the Canadians don't have but would love , i guess im looking for non peri...

thegforceny commented 27 days ago

does SEALTEST still exist??

by mark grossman 14 years ago

does the sealtest brand of milk/ice cream/cottage cheese still exist in the USA?? according to some web research, it ...


iboo53 commented 1 month ago

Confirmed Dead Product List (What ever happened to.... Dept.)

by Gary Soup 11 years ago

This won't help Seltzer Head (post below) but he/she deserves credit for my stumbling across it while looking for a s...

Bob W commented 1 month ago

TJs Kouign Amann discontinued?

by hungryann 1 year ago

I was in Burlington, Vermont yesterday and they had none. The employee checked in their system and said they were dis...

RussTheRaccoon commented 2 months ago

Nabisco's Uneeda Biscuits discontinued

by 1946dodge 8 years ago

Well they blew out our Royal Lunch crackers, so now they have really done it. The first cracker that Nabisco ever mad...


Masterlinks commented 2 months ago

Nabisco Cracker Meal Discontinued - any alternatives??

by cstout 4 years ago

Has anyone found a good substitute for this wonderful product? Have you tried making your own? has i...


kittyklown1953 commented 2 months ago

does anyone remember Melody cookies?

by huisclothes 9 years ago

they were large flat dark chocolate wafers with scalloped edges and big grains of coarse sugar embedded in one side. ...


Jamestow commented 2 months ago

Nabisco's Royal Lunch Milk Crackers have been discontinued

by Pat Hammond 10 years ago

I've been waiting for a Nabisco delivery at my local market, since the manager kept promising Royal Lunch would be de...


DEdge commented 3 months ago

Any canned tuna like "TunaGuys' Spanish-Style Yellow-Fin Tuna"?

by SaigonGrilled 4 months ago

Many long, delicious years ago sold a canned tuna called "Spanish-Style Yellow-Fin Tuna." It was packed...


MEReno commented 3 months ago

Does anyone remember Swedish Cream Cookies?

by booboo57 1 year ago

Does anyone remember Swedish Cream Cookies from the 1960s/1970s? I think they were made by Keebler. They were in a ...


erlg1 commented 3 months ago

McDonald's Happy Meal Cookies

by mbCrispyBits 5 years ago

McDonald's stopped serving their happy meal cookies and the animal cracker-like cookies that were sold separately in ...


steezgodalex commented 3 months ago

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Late '80s/early '90s Halloween cookie

by badmoon09 3 months ago

Hi there! Does anyone happen to remember a brand of Halloween cookie from the late '80s/early '90s? I recall it had ...

Loft's Candies

by baconeggandcheese 3 months ago

Does anybody have any memories of the old Loft's Candies on Nassau Street in Lower Manhattan? Opinions on the best Pa...


cavandre commented 3 months ago