Discontinued Products

Feeling nostalgic? Discuss discontinued products here: Talk about your favorites, argue over which should come back, and more.


TJ: Give Us Fair Warning

by Querencia 24 days ago

Trader Joe's is well-known for discontinuing products. OK, that's how they do it. Their store, their methods. But, please, could they not let us know when they are going to disappear an item so we ...

Trader Joe's French Village plain cream line yogurt discontinued

by nemotode 11 years ago

I'm still in agony. They keep 50 kinds of non-fat, sweetened yogurt and get rid of their best. Does anyone know where I can get a similar yogurt (outside of France)?

Where are the Pine Nuts??

by Motosport 2 months ago

I've been buying bags of Pine Nuts @ Costco and BJ's for years . "Ain't No Mo!" BJ's said they are not carrying them any longer. What's up? I can buy small quantities in small jars at the regul...

Desperately Seeking Cookies

by omgalletas 11 years ago

Well, one particular kind of cookie I recall from my childhood. I grew up in the bordertown of El Paso, Texas with my very, very Mexican family. It wasn't unusual to find Mexican food products in...

Pineapple Cheese Danish

by kathleen168 1 year ago

Does anyone know of any bakeries or stores that sell PINEAPPLE CHEESE DANISH or similar. My elderly neighbor Doris used to buy it at a local bakery years ago and then bought Entennman's but she sa...

Trader Joe's Item Query

by Querencia 3 months ago

Trader Joe's has discontinued its Latin Style Black Bean Soup (in cartons). I count this a major loss as with a can of refried black beans added to enhance texture, this well-favored soup is a del...

Cooking Apple Varieties, Yuck

by Querencia 4 months ago

1) It is nearly October and I have not seen a single McIntosh or Rome apple. Why? 2) I am not really in love with Granny Smiths, which I find boring. 3) What I see around me is what I think are ea...

Anyone here remember old/discontinued Stella d'Oro products?

by saucygalnyc 9 years ago

I remember a product that (I believe) used to be produced by Stella d"Oro. It was a dense hard flower shaped "cookie" with a hole in the center. It had a shiny exterior and was very dry, but pr...

What Discontinued Products Do You Miss?

by Miri1 11 years ago

I grew up in a veggie household, and one of my favorite things was a canned sandwich spread type thing called Nuteena made by either Loma Linda or Morningstar Farms. I loved it sliced, on bread wit...

Healthy meals in minutes recipe cards

by ladymcelmon 6 months ago

Hi, I'm new here and I'm wondering if someone might have the "healthy meals in minutes" recipe card for chocolate chip cookies. She swears they are the best but has misplaced her copy. Thanks!

Is There A ________Shortage?

by mtskeeter 7 months ago

I can't seem to find the big bags of unsalted peanuts in the shell that I've been used to purchasing. Is there something you can't find in stores or elsewhere? Please share!

ISO Pizza Rolls

by magic 8 months ago

These are like egg rolls but filled with melted cheese and pepperoni. Anyone know where to find them in the GTA... hot or frozen?

Nabisco's Uneeda Biscuits discontinued

by 1946dodge 13 years ago

Well they blew out our Royal Lunch crackers, so now they have really done it. The first cracker that Nabisco ever made, the Uneeda Biscuit, my favorite when I am sick or well, has been discontinued...

Del Monte Dill Halves

by mtskeeter 11 months ago

Hello, I am looking for Del Monte Dill Pickle Halves (in jars). Years ago, 'My Brands' sold them by the case load, but since have gone out of business. I just have not found a dill pickle half that...

NEED: Frigidaire Convertible 20.5 cu ft upright freezer

by DBennun 1 year ago

NEED: Frigidaire Convertible Gallery 20.5 Cu. Ft. 2-in-1 Upright Freezer or Refrigerator. It's been discontinued but I hope that someone still has one somewhere for sale. I prefer it in white but w...

Metlox poppy trail dishes Jamestown edition

by Mrshippy 1 year ago

I have a large set of poppy trail dishes by metlox. Jamestown edition.they are all white with rivet marks. Excellant shape. Wondering where I could sell them?

Trying to find 90s Christmas Cookies

by Devinb72 1 year ago

I grew up in the Midwest and my mom used to get these Christmas cookies from Kroger. They were so good and I'm wondering if they still make them or at least what they were called. I think they ...

Nabob Orange Pekoe tea bags-are they discontinued-don't know where to post?

by selena03 11 years ago

I can't find these anywhere-they usually come in a red paper box. I live in Vancouver, BC but am willing to ship them over from anywhere really. Does anyone know where I can find them? Sorry for po...