Disability Access

By the Museum of the City of NY?

by Joanie 1 year ago

Any well priced places for a Sat. lunch/brunch by this museum, at 5th and E. 104? I'm thinking egg dishes in the $8-1...


City Kid commented 1 year ago

4 days in NYC-fabulous handicap accessible restaurants suggestions needed

by estarae 1 year ago

Spending 4 nights and looking for wonderful dining experiences. The restaurants must be handicap accessible and handi...


estarae commented 1 year ago

Coming to Vegas for the food-what not to miss?

by estarae 1 year ago

It has to be handicap accessible but I think that's not a problem in most Vegas restaurants. I will check before I go...


LVI commented 1 year ago

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Ischian-style Pizza @ Giorgio's Pizzeria | Inner Richmond - San Francisco

by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

After staying away for more than a decade, this week I was back at Giorgio's for lunch. ( http://www.chowhound.com/po...

Good Place to Meet Along I-287 Corridor

by JayCT 1 year ago

I have friends in New Jersey that I would like to meet up with for lunch/brunch later this year. The halfway point b...


Elisa515 commented 1 year ago

Wheelchair accessible in Chinatown?

by swannee 1 year ago

I am taking a group of 10 to 12 people to Chinatown Sunday evening, and have learned that one is in a wheelchair. I ...


gargupie commented 1 year ago

Reed College area dinner, wheelchair accessible

by baconbitgirl 2 years ago

My East Coast parents, both 70 and one in wheelchair, want to take my daughter and a friend to dinner somewhere withi...

stevewi commented 2 years ago

Handicap accessible in Chinatown?

by VintageMolly 2 years ago

I'll be dining with some friends in Chinatown next week, one of whom has some mobility issues (can navigate stairs, b...


femmevox commented 2 years ago

Bridal shower venue in West Loop for 60 people

by natvut 2 years ago

Need to pick Chicago hounds brains on this one...hosting a bridal shower in May for approximately 60 people. I want ...


GourmetWednesday commented 2 years ago

Boston & West with Handicapped-Available Parking

by BBHound 2 years ago

An unusual question: I am taking a friend to lunch next Monday and one of us is able to walk only short distances an...

Bugsey34 commented 2 years ago

A Restaurant for Mom

by Janskitchen 2 years ago

Hi All - I want to take my mom out for dinner on Sunday. She is 92 yrs old and uses a walker/wheelchair. Looking fo...


Bashful3 commented 2 years ago

Le Virtu

by arepo 2 years ago

The menu looks interesting. What does it look like inside? Are the tables too close? Does one have to walk up stai...

JTPhilly commented 2 years ago

Lunch at Pier 39 for large group [San Francisco]

by foodhoe 2 years ago

We are going to scatter my mother's ashes on a boat that goes out from Pier 39. We will have a group of 16 and since...

bbulkow commented 2 years ago

Lunch near new Whitney?

by mocro 2 years ago

Excited to be coming from LA to magical NYC to take my aunt to the new Whitney in lower Manhattan. Apparently there'...

Ttrockwood commented 2 years ago

Wheelchair accessible byow?

by jellybelly25 2 years ago

Does anyone know of any wheelchair accessible byow restaurants in the plateau or downtown areas? It will be for a gro...


jellybelly25 commented 2 years ago

Elderly/Disabled at Tickets, Hisop and other Barcelona Restaurants

by Tohono Rat 2 years ago

In the Fall, my wife and I will be in Barcelona for two weeks with my elderly (80's) parents. I don't have the usual ...

hblnk commented 2 years ago

40th birthday SURPRISE for my husband around Baltimore

by Princessmurf 2 years ago

I want to have a party/luncheon/dinner for my husband who is turning 40 in January. I am looking for a bar or restaur...


Zevonista commented 2 years ago

Wheelchair accessible in Baltimore?

by maddogg280 10 years ago

Can anyone recommend two categories of wheelchair accessible establishments? 1. Coffeshop 2. Restaurant- reasonabl...


knitone commented 3 years ago

Wheelchair Accessible Restos Near City Line?

by Misha 3 years ago

Anyone have a suggestion of a good restaurant near the Crowne Plaza on City Line Ave.? Needs to be wheelchair-accessi...


Misha commented 3 years ago

Wheelchair Friendly Restaurants

by Pincus 3 years ago

I'm looking for some wheelchair friendly restaurants in East End Toronto or western Scarborough to take my mom out fo...


LexiFirefly commented 3 years ago