Disability Access

Lunch near new Whitney?

by mocro 3 years ago

Excited to be coming from LA to magical NYC to take my aunt to the new Whitney in lower Manhattan. Apparently there'...

Motosport commented 11 days ago

Bridal shower venue suggestions please! No stairs.

by ericajade 3 months ago

I'm helping to plan a bridal shower brunch or lunch and would love some recommendations. Preferably in Manhattan (any...


UES Mayor commented 3 months ago

By the Museum of the City of NY?

by Joanie 1 year ago

Any well priced places for a Sat. lunch/brunch by this museum, at 5th and E. 104? I'm thinking egg dishes in the $8-1...


City Kid commented 1 year ago

4 days in NYC-fabulous handicap accessible restaurants suggestions needed

by estarae 2 years ago

Spending 4 nights and looking for wonderful dining experiences. The restaurants must be handicap accessible and handi...


estarae commented 1 year ago

Coming to Vegas for the food-what not to miss?

by estarae 1 year ago

It has to be handicap accessible but I think that's not a problem in most Vegas restaurants. I will check before I go...


LVI commented 1 year ago

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Ischian-style Pizza @ Giorgio's Pizzeria | Inner Richmond - San Francisco

by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

After staying away for more than a decade, this week I was back at Giorgio's for lunch. ( http://www.chowhound.com/po...

Good Place to Meet Along I-287 Corridor

by JayCT 2 years ago

I have friends in New Jersey that I would like to meet up with for lunch/brunch later this year. The halfway point b...


Elisa515 commented 2 years ago

Wheelchair accessible in Chinatown?

by swannee 2 years ago

I am taking a group of 10 to 12 people to Chinatown Sunday evening, and have learned that one is in a wheelchair. I ...


gargupie commented 2 years ago

Reed College area dinner, wheelchair accessible

by baconbitgirl 2 years ago

My East Coast parents, both 70 and one in wheelchair, want to take my daughter and a friend to dinner somewhere withi...

stevewi commented 2 years ago

Handicap accessible in Chinatown?

by VintageMolly 2 years ago

I'll be dining with some friends in Chinatown next week, one of whom has some mobility issues (can navigate stairs, b...


femmevox commented 2 years ago

Bridal shower venue in West Loop for 60 people

by natvut 2 years ago

Need to pick Chicago hounds brains on this one...hosting a bridal shower in May for approximately 60 people. I want ...


GourmetWednesday commented 2 years ago

Boston & West with Handicapped-Available Parking

by BBHound 2 years ago

An unusual question: I am taking a friend to lunch next Monday and one of us is able to walk only short distances an...

Bugsey34 commented 2 years ago

A Restaurant for Mom

by Janskitchen 2 years ago

Hi All - I want to take my mom out for dinner on Sunday. She is 92 yrs old and uses a walker/wheelchair. Looking fo...


Bashful3 commented 2 years ago

Le Virtu

by arepo 2 years ago

The menu looks interesting. What does it look like inside? Are the tables too close? Does one have to walk up stai...

JTPhilly commented 2 years ago

Lunch at Pier 39 for large group [San Francisco]

by foodhoe 3 years ago

We are going to scatter my mother's ashes on a boat that goes out from Pier 39. We will have a group of 16 and since...

bbulkow commented 3 years ago

Wheelchair accessible byow?

by jellybelly25 3 years ago

Does anyone know of any wheelchair accessible byow restaurants in the plateau or downtown areas? It will be for a gro...


jellybelly25 commented 3 years ago

Elderly/Disabled at Tickets, Hisop and other Barcelona Restaurants

by Tohono Rat 3 years ago

In the Fall, my wife and I will be in Barcelona for two weeks with my elderly (80's) parents. I don't have the usual ...

hblnk commented 3 years ago

40th birthday SURPRISE for my husband around Baltimore

by Princessmurf 3 years ago

I want to have a party/luncheon/dinner for my husband who is turning 40 in January. I am looking for a bar or restaur...


Zevonista commented 3 years ago

Wheelchair accessible in Baltimore?

by maddogg280 10 years ago

Can anyone recommend two categories of wheelchair accessible establishments? 1. Coffeshop 2. Restaurant- reasonabl...


knitone commented 3 years ago

Wheelchair Accessible Restos Near City Line?

by Misha 3 years ago

Anyone have a suggestion of a good restaurant near the Crowne Plaza on City Line Ave.? Needs to be wheelchair-accessi...


Misha commented 3 years ago