How to Host a Fall Dinner Party

Hosting a fall dinner party? We got some autumn entertaining tips from an expert and scoured the web for our favorite fall dinnerware and table linens—so you can pull off a festive fall get-together...

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Looking for everyday tableware

by Beinenstich 4 years ago

Hi I'm new here as a member, but not as one who comes here to find information. There seem to be a lot of knowledgable people here, where I can usually find an answer to a culinary question. I'...

Dishware "glaze pops" pin hole etc.. safe to use?

by comfortablynumb 4 years ago

Ok, maybe a crazy question, most dishware I buy is Fiestaware I love the color. I seem to have the worst luck (especially from Amazon) buying pieces and finding these pin hole type glaze pops. It's...

The French Chefs "Maria" Dinnerware

by Libranflight 4 years ago

Anyone seen it in person, bought it, used it? It says porcelain and that it is "creamy white" and that it can go from freezer to oven. I was just wondering how it looked in person, if it seemed h...

fiesta ware plate size question

by DGresh 6 years ago

I am about to purchase some fiesta ware (thinking sunflower dinner plates, tangerine chowder bowls, and lemongrass "smaller plate"). The thing I'm having trouble deciding between is the "luncheon p...

Roscher Bone China and Denby Dinnerware lead-free?

by Duyen50 5 years ago

Hello Chowhounders! I am relatively new this Chowhound and love reading all your posts. Quite informative. I am in the process of changing my dinnerware to something more durable and lead-free. ...

Plates, Dishes?

by fruitbooter 9 years ago

Hello all- My wife and I selected an "everyday" pattern from Crate and Barrel a few years ago when we were registering for our wedding. From the start it began to chip and after a few years of e...

Your fantasy place setting

by law_doc89 4 years ago

Eating is supposed to be fun, unless we live in pure subsistence. My fingers, and a hollowed gourd are enough for subsistence. About a decade ago, I saw a set of Tiffany silver on eBay ( why?) t...

Do you change dinnerware seasonally?

by Candy 13 years ago

The thread on best dinnerware got me to thinking about the amount of "tabletop" I own. As I said in the previous thread I am a junkie. The day after Thanksgiving all of my Spode Christmas Tree come...

Durable Colorful Dinnerware - Le Creuset? Emile Henry?

by SimonF 9 years ago

Sorry didn't mean to post this twice and I don't know how to erase it!

dinnerware L'Orangerie, Los Angeles

by Nina189 5 years ago

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew of any sellers of the old L'Orangerie plates or cutlery? My husband used to go there for special occasions with his mother who sadly passed away - he's made some...

Registering for dinnerware that will last

by racheliz09 5 years ago

Hi! I am registering for my everyday dinnerware and I'm struggling to find the best choice. I want a plain white design that will withstanding scratching and chipping. I'd also like it to be thin l...

favorite places to shop for cookware/ dinnerware in Montreal

by emerilcantcook 12 years ago

I am about to relocate to this wonderful city. Except my beloved Le Creuset cookware (which I accumulated through year end sales, garage sales and sheer luck) I don't have much stuff and I would lo...

Everyday dinnerware - Apilco Tuileries porcelain or Wedgwood White bone china?

by sumrtym 5 years ago

As the title suggests. Interested in which will hold up to day to day use better, washed in dishwasher, glaze hold up to knife cuts better over time, chipping, etc. They both seemed to be priced ...

Everyday dinnerware

by twodales 12 years ago

I need to buy new every day dinnerware and have been looking on the internet to see what's out there. I really don't want to spend a day shopping going from store to store. I want something that ...

Everyday Dinnerware

by nadiam1000 6 years ago

We are moving into a new house and I am replacing my old beat up dinnerware(do not want to move it into new house). I have looked at everything from PB Great White Traditional and Cambria to WS B...

Where to find Rosenthal Epoque or similar dinnerware

by toyopl 6 years ago

I'm shopping for dinnerware for our new house and local shops are lacking here in Canada so I have to rely on Internet. My mother has nice Rosenthal set, all white Maria and I like the weight and ...

American made dinnerware at H.F. Coors

Sid Post
by Sid Post 6 years ago

American made and "not" Chinese made dinnerware is a theme often discussed in the forum so, I thought I would share my newest discovery. Yesterday, I found myself in Tucson, Arizona and killed...

Best Choice Dinnerware

by MrsAbby 13 years ago

I'm looking for a set of dinnerware that I can use everyday for both casual and formal entertaining - without being worried about chipping and breaking the pieces. I would like something that can ...

In the market for new dinnerware for casual-elegant hosting. Casafina maybe?

by eviemichael 7 years ago

As of now, I received gold rimmed lenox dinnerware from my mom (In my 4 years of having them, I've used them more than my mom did in 30 years!) and I also have casual china- the roulette royal staf...

White dinnerware. Help, please.

by mkatieq 7 years ago

I am looking for white dinnerware for everyday use. Here are my requirements: 1. I want to store my dinnerware in my upper cabinets and they need to be 11" or smaller. I have found that when ...