Made In Launches Sleek-Yet-Simple Plates & Flatware & We’re All In 

If you follow my writing with any degree of vigor you know by now that I’ve developed a not-so-secret crush on the kitchen brand Made In. Everything that this new-ish direct-to-consumer cookware company...

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New dinnerware - Nevaeh by Fritz and Floyd? Williams Sonoma?

by Olivia_Oil 4 years ago

We need new dinnerware. I want one set that will work for both everyday and entertaining. Sweetheart/Wirecutter recommends Nevaeh by Fritz and Floyd at BBB but I am having a hard time finding much ...

Favorite mug?

by Olivia_Oil 4 years ago

I have been looking into new dish sets and have not been liking the mugs in any of them so am thinking of buying a set separately. Does anyone have mugs they currently love. I want ones that are ve...

Fiestaware Question

by jscott686 4 years ago

I was in an antique shop a couple of years ago and my mother saw a piece of Fiestaware that i haven't seen since. I believe it was a wire piece which held a bowl or plate in the air. It might have ...

What dinnerware do you have, and how do you rate it?

by foiegras 12 years ago

As a dinnerware junkie, I'm wondering what you guys have, and what's the best and worst in terms of durability and function. I'll come back & post about my collection ...

old china and porcelain dishes..safe in microwave?

by erica 6 years ago

I have many dishes manufactured before there were microwaves, so no "microwave safe" label on the underside. I would not chance super expensive Spode, but what about non-luxury china including Api...

Dinnerware safety--brand suggestions?

by liveforfood 14 years ago

I am in the market for some new every day dishes and I don't want to spend a fortune. But I am struck that everything I've seen at a low cost or reasonable prices is made in China and I am concern...

Williams Sonoma Pantry Dinnerware vs. Open Kitchen Dinnerware?

by JulesEliz 5 years ago

I've been looking to purchase some white Dinnerware for every day use. I was all set to buy the Crate & Barrel Aspen Dinnerware but just received an awesome gift card to Williams Sonoma, so I am tr...

Dinnerware plates that can be heated in the oven

by KimM5263 4 years ago

Hello, We are looking for plates that can be heated in the oven to serve hubby's new steak recipe on. I am unsure what type of plate to buy. Think Ruth Chris dinner! Hot butter and steak sizzli...

A Question Regarding Modern Corelle Dinnerware.

by rusted 9 years ago

Hi. When I moved out 3 years ago, my mother gave me some pieces of Corelle Dinnerware with the gold butterfly motif (picture included). She received these from her mother when she got married i...

Which is the Best Flatware set ?

by JoeyPar 4 years ago

Hey guys, Help Me Out Here! My mom is turning 50 on next month. So i thought of buying her something she loves. She is really craving for a good flatware set for her dinner table lately. So i have...

Any way to remove a pattern from good dishes?

by georgia1026 4 years ago

I have a huge set of Noritake contemporary china. It is wonderful, oven/microwave/dishwasher safe. Doesn't chip and hard to break. But I got them in the 70's with a peach flower pattern that I a...

Is it safe to heat plates in the microwave?

by la2tokyo 11 years ago

As someone who works in a restaurant I feel the need to plate everything on a hot plate. At home, where I have no plate heater, I have always preheated my plates in the microwave. I was cooking a...

What kind of things do you serve in 6oz mini-bowls?

by FluffyKiwiFruit08 6 years ago

I ordered some Corelle dinnerware on ebay including some 6oz bowls. I assumed they'd be about the size of some small but useful 'rice-bowls' I have when I ordered them but are about half the size! ...

Corelle dinnerware, as durable as everyone says?

by FluffyKiwiFruit08 6 years ago

I have never invested much in plates since my husband breaks nicer ones at an astonishing rate. I do have a set of 'everyday' melamine plates that I absolutely love since my husband can't break the...

China dishes

by Mindi_Pie 5 years ago

Is it okay to store my china dishes in an ordinary storage unit not a climate controlled one? We already have a rented unit and due to some recent developments we need to store the china in the uni...

Wedgwood China Recs, Please

by mom22puddins 13 years ago

I must admit I love dishes. If I had the storage space, I'd have numerous sets. Right now, I have 5 sets that I have collected or am working on. Yet, I'd like another. I'd love to own a set of whit...

Safe Microwave Dishes?

by lemarais 9 years ago

With all the buzz about BPA and dangerous chemicals leaching into food-- ESPECIALLY when the food is heated! I've sworn off any type of plastic "microwave safe" dish for a few years now. I on...

Chino - fixtures and restaurant supply clearance sale

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 years ago

Thought I'd share this notice I received for the sale this Saturday, 8/13, 10am of Chino restaurant's effects. Tacolicious 1509 Church St. San Francisco, CA "These lights are pretty aweso...

what kind of bowl did this?

by jsetla 9 years ago

Just returned from trekking trip to Patagonia. In Puerto Natales, Chile, at a phenomenal tiny place that had a few vegetarian options, we were served soups that came out of the kitchen to our table...