Made In Launches Sleek-Yet-Simple Plates & Flatware & We’re All In 

If you follow my writing with any degree of vigor you know by now that I’ve developed a not-so-secret crush on the kitchen brand Made In. Everything that this new-ish direct-to-consumer cookware company...

What is the biggest difficulty in finding your dinnerware/flatware of your choice?

by sgonul 9 months ago

I've been looking for a simple, modern and sleek dinnerware/flatware sets.. Any reccomendations? Also, what kind of dinnerware/flatware you like?

How to distinguish fine porcelain and glass from cheaper quality?

by eugenep 4 months ago

I'm not sure if all porcelain is the same? It's different from stoneware and glassware bc it's fired at a higher temperature - but I'm wondering if that's all that matters in choosing fine porcelai...

Apilco or ?

by mayuchico 5 months ago

I have been looking around to upgrade my old IKEA dinnerware set to something simple but refined. I really liked the white dishes Buvette in New York used. I think I see those dishes at many restau...

Removing silverware marks from plates?

by jacquelyncoffey 11 years ago

Hi, I have Noritake colorwave dishes, which I guess are stoneware, certainly not fine china, and they have dark marks from the stainless steel flatware, from cutting your meat etc. Is there any wa...

I hate utensils with heavy handles

by Hawashingtonian 1 year ago

My fork fell out of my bowl again because the handle's heavier than the business end. I hate when that happens, and it never happens with cheap, thin, head-heavy Ikea (or similar) utensils. I'd gra...

At a growing number of coffee shops, getting a coffee to go means checking out a cup

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

"If you buy a cup of coffee to go at Babette Café in Berkeley, California, later this month, you might not be able to get it in a disposable cup. The owners have one case of compostable cups left, ...

Mainstays Stoneware Lead Free?

by Shanetex 4 years ago

Anybody know if Mainstays products (their dinnerware) are completely lead free more specifically this bowl?

Home Plate Dinnerware Exchange, Aug 1-11, Heath Ceramics LA

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

" . . . Here’s how it works: donate your gently used dinnerware at Heath LA — any brand — in exchange for 20% off* any corresponding piece of Heathware (plate for plate, bowl for bowl). Traditional...

Quince, Cotogna & Verjus sidewalk sale, Sat, July 20, SF

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Quince (Michelin 3 stars) and its sister restaurants, Cotogna and Verjus, are selling off dinnerware and more. "Sidewalk Sale is back. And bigger than ever. This Saturday, July 20, we are havi...

The Rich, Complex History Hiding Within Chinese Plate Designs

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Soleil Ho posted her tattoo on IG to introduce her piece on the background of this now very common Chinese plate pattern. https://www.thrillist.com/eat/nation/chinese-plate-design-history

Heath Ceramics dinnerware

by Christine 15 years ago

I will be replacing my everyday dishes this year, and would like to see if anyone has any experience with dinnerware by Heath Ceramics. It's a little pricey, it's beautiful, but is it worth the mon...

Dinner and glassware that's unbreakable AND un-ugly

by Googs 2 years ago

I have a friend who, due to health reasons, is in need of plates and especially glasses that cannot be broken. I'd love to get them something that isn't embossed with Disney characters. Something...

MMclay Ceramics Sale, SF, Sun 9/9

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Ceramic tableware fall seconds and sample sale, Sunday 9/9, 11am to 6pm. MMclay Ceramics Airstream Lot Corner of Linden St. & Octavia St. San Francisco https://www.facebook.com/mmclayairstream/

Cotogna and Quince kitchen sidewalk sale, Sat 9/8

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Saturday, September 8, 11am to 1pm, for the annual kitchenware sidewalk sale of used items from Quince and Cotogna restaurants in San Francisco. Cash only.

Cheap but sturdy dinnerware, glassware and flatware

by FoodMan88 3 years ago

Got a recent grad being sent out into the world for his first job rotation. He needs to put together a kitchen and needs all the basics. He’s pretty good cooking so he knows what he needs/wants wit...

New dinnerware - Nevaeh by Fritz and Floyd? Williams Sonoma?

by Olivia_Oil 3 years ago

We need new dinnerware. I want one set that will work for both everyday and entertaining. Sweetheart/Wirecutter recommends Nevaeh by Fritz and Floyd at BBB but I am having a hard time finding much ...

Favorite mug?

by Olivia_Oil 3 years ago

I have been looking into new dish sets and have not been liking the mugs in any of them so am thinking of buying a set separately. Does anyone have mugs they currently love. I want ones that are ve...

Fiestaware Question

by jscott686 3 years ago

I was in an antique shop a couple of years ago and my mother saw a piece of Fiestaware that i haven't seen since. I believe it was a wire piece which held a bowl or plate in the air. It might have ...

What dinnerware do you have, and how do you rate it?

by foiegras 11 years ago

As a dinnerware junkie, I'm wondering what you guys have, and what's the best and worst in terms of durability and function. I'll come back & post about my collection ...

old china and porcelain dishes..safe in microwave?

by erica 5 years ago

I have many dishes manufactured before there were microwaves, so no "microwave safe" label on the underside. I would not chance super expensive Spode, but what about non-luxury china including Api...