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Happy Hour @ The Sardine Factory | Cannery Row - Monterey

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

When the best thing you ate at happy hour is the complimentary bread, you know things are awry. Last week I dropped in for the 5 to 6pm happy hour in the lounge at The Sardine Factory before a scre...

First date but she can't sit for over 30 mins

by cjavier70 4 years ago

Hello all. I'm taking an attractive girl that I met at a coffee shop out on a date in San Francisco tomorrow. However...she has a slipped disk in her back and so anything that requires long periods...

Great bistro style in Philadelphia near Rittenhouse Square

by lusignan 5 years ago

I have never been to Philadelphia. Traveling solo for three days and looking for interesting bistro style restaurants with excellent American style food....walking distance from Rittenhouse Square...

4 days in Auckland, New Zealand

by abigail0729 5 years ago

I'm spending 4 days on a solo trip to Auckland in mid-August, staying in the CBD/wharfs area. Having now realized how chilly/rainy it will be, I may organize a few days around some yummy cafes/rest...

Iberia Restaurant in Belmont

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 years ago

A little behind schedule . . . Iberia Restaurant has opened in Belmont. Friends there this week were happy to see the same staff. The menu and prices look the same, unless the website hasn't bee...

Montreal restaurants with walk in/bar eating

by neuman101 5 years ago

I will be up in montreal this weekend, its last minute and I have no reservations. It will prob just 1-3 diners. Does anyone have recs for good eating/drinking establishments that accept walk ins o...

Nice lunch at the Bar under $100 in NYC

by Tiamat 5 years ago

I'm going to be in Manhattan on a Tues and Weds this month (February), and I will be on my own during the day. I feel odd taking up a table as a solo diner, and feel more comfortable eating at the ...

Good food near airport

by spider 9 years ago

This Thursday night I am flying out of PDX after a week in the wilderness for work (Detroit and Sublimity, OR) and looking for a good meal before I head back to the East Coast on the red eye. I hav...

Solo near the Petersen Museum

by albed 5 years ago

All, In LA for a meeting and I'm planning to go to the Petersen Auto Museum around 3PM this Friday. I'll be solo and would like to have a nice meal around 6:30PM. I'll be heading to LAX around...

The bar at The Dabney

by Gorp512 5 years ago

Hello all, Will be conferencing solo I'm DC next month and want to sneak away for a dinner at the Dabney's bar. If I get there at 5:30 on a Thursday, should I expect a wait to get a bar seat??? ...

Burma Love | Mission - San Francisco

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 years ago

Burma Love, the Mission outpost from the owners of Burma Superstar opened a year ago on Valencia. Here are some of the reports, http://www.chowhound.com/post/san-francisco-report-january-2015-1003...

Solo dining in Toronto

by karela 6 years ago

I am going to be in Toronto next weekend, staying in Parkvale, and am investigating some decent dinner options for while I am there (ideally not too far away, or easily accessible on public transpo...

Meal for 1 Wicker Park Chicago

by alialiali 6 years ago

Hi all! First of all, holy site redesign! I'm an NY-er going to Chicago today, staying in Wicker Park. Going for a work meeting on Monday but wanted to get in on Sunday to do a few tourist things I...

Italian restaurant suggestions in River North(?) neighborhood of Chicago

by bluebird24 6 years ago

Hello, in less than three weeks I'll be going to Italy (Cinque Terre and Tuscany), so I'm all about anything Italian right now. Tomorrow I go on a brief work trip to Chicago, and hoping to find a ...

Paris - Most Enjoyable Places to Eat at the Bar

by flavadav 6 years ago

My wife and I eat out quite a bit and we always prefer to eat at the bar, sitting side by side, engaging with the bartenders, watching the show of a dinner service, and, while I understand this may...

Best Places to eat at the Bar in Calgary and Banff?

by torta basilica 6 years ago

Any great restaurant suggestions where you don't need resvs and can just eat dinner at the Bar? Atmosphere, service, and of course food, is important. I checked with River Cafe and they're holdin...

Question about OSTRA - is there bar dining?

Small Plates
by Small Plates 6 years ago

We are eating at Ostra tonight, but typically, we like to sit at a bar when we go out to eat. Not sure if this is an option at Ostra - any regulars know the scoop?!?! Many thanks! :)

Eating at the bar in Nantucket?

by DragonUnicorn 6 years ago

My husband and I are going to Nantucket for the first time next week. We prefer to sit at the bar for dinner as opposed to dining room seating. Is that an option at places like Cru, The Pearl, o...

At Au Chavel is there a long wait to eat solo at the bar?

by bklynap 6 years ago

I will be in Chicago for 4th of July weekend and would like to get some great meals but all notable restaurants that take reservations seem to be booked up and I don't feel like hours-long waits. ...

Restaurants in Santa Barbara / Santa Ynez / Paso

by Chasewines 6 years ago

We are looking for recommendations on a restaurant for Valentine's night. After a day of wine tasting, we'd like to go to a place where we can certainly dress up, but enjoy fabulous food (or shared...