The 10 Best Diner Breakfasts in Los Angeles

There’s a time and place for a pricey brunch, but for classic American breakfasts you can't top LA’s diners. The menus may be sticky with syrup, the vinyl banquettes ratty, but the food is great, the...

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Need help navigating diner menu (LONG STORY WARNING)

by Gastronomos 7 years ago

I do not want to offend anybody who may disagree with me, or start a side discussion if I don't write eloquently enough or if I am wrong, which may be the case. I am not celebrating Palm Sunday ...

Marlboro Renaissance Diner now....

by MarlboroMan 7 years ago

Taking Wench31's lead here.. :) Passed by today. Is now the Silver Star Diner. For a minute there, I thought I was in Texas. :) Not sure if they changed hands, or it's just a name change.

New Diner in Jeffersonville

by Adenn1 5 years ago

Drove by an old place...it was most recently a Mexican restaurant that did not live long. I can only remember it as Mood Monkey...it's on Ridge...east of trooper. Big sign out today noting with w...

Diners. Not the fancy ones, not the "dives" either. Grits and eggs.

Fake Name
by Fake Name 4 years ago

Been a-hankering for good diner breakfast. Now before you get all fired up with the Bluegrass Brunch at Urban Solace or the fancy-schmancy boo-fay at some hoity-toity place, remember I am likely...

Authentic "diner experience" along I81/386/84 from Hill Island to NYC

by anniebee1 4 years ago

Hello all Doing a short road trip to New York City. Wanted to know if anyone has some good ideas for pit stops along the way? Looking for places similar in style to places like "Stellas Diner" i...

Breakfast place near 11 St. and 5th Av.

by Pan 4 years ago

Hi, everyone. I am almost never up for breakfast, but I look set to meet a friend at 9:45 AM on Monday. I know East Village places, but I really don't think she's going to want to walk more than a ...

Guy Fieri Diners Drive-ins and Dives - any worthwhile in Monmouth County?

by joew99 4 years ago

Considering the number of diners in NJ, it seems it lacks the diversity and mouth-watering dishes you see on triple D. Seems you see one NJ diner menu and you've seen them all. I am talking parti...

VINTAGE places DC/suburban MD/N VA

by Lauryn 17 years ago

Just got back from a long weekend in central PA. Appreciated the vintage places still left in towns - architecture, stores, dining, drive-in movies, even roadside ice cream stands. Can everyone ...

Vintage LA diners with great food

by italianices 5 years ago

I'm a big fan of old-school diners, luncheonettes, and other greasy spoon eateries, especially ones housed in Googie/Mid-Century Modern buildings. And LA may very well have the highest concentratio...


by thegluttonousstudent 5 years ago

hey my friend is looking for a diner to host his birthday at, something along the lines of Chilis, Fridays, Fuddruckers, etc. that the US has. It has to be accessible by metro. I saw La Belle et Bo...

gourmet diner

by rare_g 11 years ago

i have driven past this place so many times and always wanted to go in to get my favorite diner meal, grilled cheese, cheese fries and chocolate shake, but never have i done so. anyhow, this morni...

Movin' on up...need fish/produce market and new diner in East 60's

by gracefoster 5 years ago

We're finally leaving Kips Bay after 20 years, heading to 65th/3rd. We'll really miss the fresh fish and produce at Eataly, as well as their excellent cheese selection (and rotisserie chickens when...

Been to Cozy Dog Diner in Springfield, IL?

by cajungwailo 5 years ago

I'm not much for corn dogs, but like the 'historical significance' of this place and will be driving by this weekend. Question. Are the burgers, fries, rings worth stopping for? Thanks.

Gravy ABQ

by RobConnoley 5 years ago

Went to Gravy for lunch Monday. I had heard very mixed reviews on it, but went anyway. We split the pancake flight, hash, and patty melt with a roasted banana milkshake. Pancakes - red velvet w...

Best diners in NJ

by Diner Writer 13 years ago

Hi. I am new to the board, but I always read posts and listen to advice given. I am trying to put together a book on the best NJ diners. Naturally, I have some my all time favorites throughout t...

Kady’s Country Kitchen [Kingsburg, Hwy 99]

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 years ago

Located on the other side of the tracks from the touristed downtown area, Kady’s Country Kitchen is nestled up against the freeway with a big parking lot and a few tables outside. The atmospher...

David’s Restaurant in Fort Bragg [Mendocino County]

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 years ago

My pre-trip plan had penciled in David’s for breakfast. With an unexpectedly late start and road work delays on Hwy 1, I’d skipped ahead straight to lunch. Since my attempts at a seafood lunch wer...

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