Dim Sum

Dim sum, lose some. Let's make sure every meal is a win: Find the best dim sum spots, and get expert tips on how to navigate the crazy, chaotic atmosphere, from Chowhounds who've eaten at the best spots around the world.
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The Orient - Bethpage...Closed?

by MikeNYPT 16 days ago

Brooklynite, Transplanted to Nassau County.......Had a Nice Dim Sum Experience at THE ORIENT in Bethpage a few Months...

Dim Sum in Mississauga

by zinfandellover 9 years ago

I will be meeting my daughter, who loves dim sum, in Mississauga for lunch. Can anyone make suggestions as to where w...


fryerlover commented 16 days ago

Dim Sum in NYC

by Butterfly123 1 month ago

Please recommend a great dim sum and dumpling restaurant in NYC. Thank you so much

Ttrockwood commented 24 days ago

Please Share Your Recent Dim Sum Experiences in SF

by charliemyboy 2 months ago

Can you share recent experiences with dim sum places in or near the City? I'm looking for a place to take some guests...


Jeffo405 commented 2 months ago

The Great N.Y. Noodletown in Chinatown??

by Oregonguy 3 months ago

I have another post on Traditional food in NYC. I have been looking at the best places for Dim Sum in Chinatown. I wa...

Rmis32 commented 2 months ago

Chinatown Dim Sum? Bakeries? Snacks?

by Disneyfreak 3 months ago

My Boston trip is on the horizon and I can't wait. I love to go into Boston's Chinatown for dim sum in the morning b...

galangatron commented 3 months ago

Dol Ho- Is it closed for good?

by ohso 1 year ago

Rumor has it that the legendary Dol Ho in San Francisco's Chinatown has closed for good. Say it ain't so. I really en...

Melanie Wong commented 4 months ago

Joy Luck Palace, Golden Unicorn or Jing Fong?

by qwerty1 11 months ago

I have some unexpected visitors (some of whom are kids). Of the three - Joy Luck Palace, Golden Unicorn or Jing Fong...


chefdekoven commented 4 months ago

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Dim Sum Brunch?

by SFBrunchClub 6 months ago

I just saw this post about Chubby Noodle, which I love, and I never realized they did brunch! I'd never thought of di...

Sydney with Kids

by IanW 7 months ago

I am visiting Sydney again for three days but with the kids and wife this time. Last time I was in town I was solo an...

PhilD commented 7 months ago

Vegetarian dim sum?

by Dennison 16 years ago

Hey all -- I'm a NY chowhound headed out for a week on the beach in Santa Monica (plus a side trip to Vegas). One ...


pleeplee commented 7 months ago

Recommendations for exceptional (equivalent to Michelin stars) Dim Sum for Bivalvia-Vegan?

by scherz0 7 months ago

I define 'Bivalvia-Vegetarian' to mean a vegetarian who can eat anything in the [Class Bivalvia](https://en.wikipedia...

Charles Yu commented 7 months ago

Dumpling Galaxy - Dumplings and more

by Pookipichu 3 years ago

Dumpling Galaxy is a dumpling specialist that opened this summer at the Arcadia Mall (which also houses Tous Le Jours...


chefdekoven commented 8 months ago