21 Ways to Use Fresh Herbs Before They Disintegrate In Your Crisper Drawer

Need to know how to use fresh herbs before they go bad? We've got some ideas, including easy ways to preserve herbs and 21 ideas for fresh herb recipes you can make right now. Fresh herbs are a precious...

Orphans in the 'Rona Kitchen

by tcamp 1 year ago

Although there are days that I tire of cooking for the crowds, one fun aspect of the lock-in has been digging deep into the cupboards and freezer to use up stored treasures. But I'm currently stump...

When to add herbs for vegetable stock?

by lisaleira 2 years ago

So I making a stock, or maybe it’s a broth, with some leftover vegetable that I have. I don’t really know if it’s a vegetable stock or broth? It has carrots celery onions tomato, and some aspar...

Too Much Dill-Help!

by monavano 13 years ago

Hi Chowhounders, Yesterday at my nearby farmers market in Washington DC, I bought some beautiful dill and when I got it home, I realized there is A LOT OF DILL! I have already used it on salad an...

strong aversion to dill?

by LA 17 years ago

Hi, Just wondering if anyone else has as strong an aversion to dill as I do--if it's in something I unknowingly bite into, I'm so repulsed I have to spit it out and feel like my body is about to s...

dill pickles

by jackieklein 6 years ago

I made these dill pickles yesterday. (Vinegar dills) a few hours after I processed them I noticed the white stuff on the ends of the cucumbers where I had cut the ends off. I can't seem to find any...

American-type Dill Pickles in London

by KaCHing 14 years ago

I cannot for the life of me find a dill pickle in London. At this point I'm not picky - I'd take even a lousy Vlasic or Claussen-type American grocery-store pickle, but it would be great to find a...

Dill seed vs. fresh dill for refrigerator pickles

by watermelonsoo 10 years ago

I've tried making refrigerator pickles twice and they both seemed to have this strange sweetness that I'm really not digging. I like really garlicky Kosher dills from Claussen or half sours from th...

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