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Des Moines brunch and party time?

by chadradchad 12 years ago

A big group of us (12) are coming down to Des Moines to party for a weekend in January. We have an annual trip from Minneapolis each year. Last year we went to Noah's Ark, Centro, Machine Shed and...

NYE Des Moines

by jhojati 10 years ago

Anybody have any suggestions on good, off-the-beaten-path New Year's Eve events/parties? I want to avoid all of the typical downtown/West Glen places. I would have loved if the Royal Mile would h...

Farm-to-table restaurants in Ames and Des Moines?

by RusticKitchen 10 years ago

I'm road tripping across the Midwest to research a book about farmers markets. Naturally, I'd like to eat at restaurants that buy from area farms. Next up are Ames and Des Moines. Any recos?

48 hours in Des Moines: Where should I eat?

by sanguinic 10 years ago

I've got 48 hours in Des Moines, and I want to eat well. Where do Chowhounders recommend? Thanks.

all that is good to eat in Des Moines

by roz music 11 years ago

basically I want to know where all the best things to eat are! I will be in Des Moines for 3 months starting in October...we want local favorites, old and new, Sushi, Tenderloin, Pizza, late n...


by chaiguy 11 years ago

I am a Kansas City chef who loves good food and good beer. I am taking a weekend trip to Des Moines, and I would appreciate any good food recs. Here is what I have found so far - Lucca, Django, ...

Dinner in Des Moines?

by Shaggy 11 years ago

Does anyone have a suggestion for a decent dinner in Des Moines? I will be on the road, so wanted something quick and no frills, but regional and hearty (ribs, burgers, diner food, etc). Anything...

Des Moines, Iowa - what's great?

by vitus979 11 years ago

I lived in DM for awhile and my parents are still there. I wasn't into restaurants at the time. I'll be going this weekend for my birthday and to hang out over Memorial Day. Since gaining a grea...

Great Deli in Des Moines, Iowa

by sparkeye 11 years ago

You have to give B&B grocery/deli a try if you're in Des Moines, Iowa. This place has been around forever. They have absolutely fantastic breaded pork tenderloin sandwiches. IMO, they're the be...

Townhouse Loins come to Des Moines

by Bobfrmia 11 years ago

Townhouse Supper Club, in Wellsburg Ia, winner of the Best Tenderloin in Iowa 2006, is operating a Tenderloin truck in Des Moines at SE 2nd and Army Post from 11 AM to 7 PM Monday thru Wed. More ho...

Good eats in Des Moines?

by devonweber 13 years ago

I am moving to Iowa from NYC for a year (work-related). I'll admit I am a little bit terrified of my dining prospects (I've come to accept no more 4am pad thai or 2:30am pizza delivery), but then i...

Michaels in Des Moines to close

by Bobfrmia 11 years ago

Sad news. The best Breaded Pork Tenderloin sandwich I've ever had. Closing this Sunday. If you've been putting off having one, it's now or never. Very shocked to hear this news.

Anything New in Des Moines or Ankeny?

by Bob Foster 11 years ago

San Diego chowhound about to make his bi-annual trip to the Des Moines/Ankeny area. Anything new or interesting in the last 6 months?

Bethany, Missouri & I-35 between KC and Des Moines

by linda415 11 years ago

Hey roadies........WHERE are the best places to eat around Bethany, Missouri. Or good eats along I-35 between Kansas City, Missouri and Des Moines, Iowa. We hear some of the taverns have the best...

Great Restaurant in Des Moines- DJANGO [DSM]

by btgordon 11 years ago

I wanted to toot the horn of a great restaurant in Des Moines, IA. I am a college student about 50 miles away, in Grinnell, but I frequently am in the "big city" to go the airport and actually abso...

Super Cool Eats in the Des Moines Area (30 mile radius...ish)

by Seashanty 11 years ago

I'm planning a road trip to stay with family in Des Moines during the Iowa State Fair this summer, but I want to make sure I hit up the cool little food joints nearby, while I'm there. I'm on a bu...

Cruisin Fried Chicken - Des Moines area

by Bobfrmia 11 years ago

I've noticed a couple signs for Cruisin Fried Chicken on a couple of convenience stores around the Des Moines area. They have a website that seems to promote it as an add on business. Site doesn't ...

dinner in West Des Moines?

by SFLisa 11 years ago

I will be there on business on Thursday? Any laid-back good food suggestions? I eat almost anything!!!

Best Pub/Restaurants in Des Moines

by Cebollita 11 years ago

Heading out to Des Moines, Iowa next week. Never been. Looking to get local, something that only the townies know about; everything is a possibility; but price should try to stay within the under $...