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Des Moines dining on a MONDAY. Yikes!

by shacoc 10 years ago

I'm in a national tour of a play, August: Osage County, coming to Des Moines next week. We only have Monday nights off so I need a great dinner spot open then, which cuts out Lucca, Latin King, Caf...

Good bakeries in the Des Moines area?

by arvi 9 years ago

I love La Mie, but would really appreciate recommendations for other bakeries, especially those which sell cakes. Thanks so much!

Where to dine Mother's Day in Des Moines

by Lurah 8 years ago

Need to find a restaurant open late Sunday afternoon for Mother's Day in Des Moines. We will be too late for the brunches normally offered.

Des Moines questions

by soccermom13 9 years ago

I got lots of ideas from the "Des Moines Update" thread, but some of the posts in that thread are quite old, so I'm wondering if Kelly's Little Nipper (for the sausage sandwich) is still a good cho...

Indian in Des Moines?

by spellweaver16 9 years ago

I've done the Google search but I think I trust you guys more than Google! I'm going to be in Des Moines in April with a couple of friends and I would like to give Indian food a try for the firs...

Baru 66 in Des Moines, IA?

by reubensandperrier 9 years ago

I've been hearing nothing but good things since it opened - any Chowhounds tried it yet?

Driving i-35 between KC and Des Moines

by sara722003 9 years ago

I've tried searching old posts, but the only place I've found recommended to stop at was a CoffeeHouse in Lamoni just inside Iowa. Anyone have any other recommendations that are worth a spot on th...

Des Moines Delis (old school)

by hamboney 9 years ago

I'm looking for a deli/butcher shop similar to those I grew up with (Rappaport's in Drake area and then Urbandale, Hank's at Merle Hay and Franklin, or Holmes' in Windsor Heights). Don't want Palm...

Des Moines area recommendations

by cdmgirl 9 years ago

Traveling to Des Moines this weekend and looking for a restaurant to have a birthday dinner on Friday. My two year nephew will be with us, so I'm hoping to find a kid-friendly place with adult-fri...

Des Moines-One Night, One Person

by lawyerbriefs 9 years ago

I will be in Des Moines, alone, on a Wednesday night in a few weeks. I'm staying at The Suites of 800 Locust. No car, I don't know Des Moines and I don't mind walking. (I assume it'll be cold in ea...

Pastrami in Des Moines?

by jhojati 10 years ago

Any recommendations on good pastrami in Des Moines? Everything seems to be mediocre or bought in. Does anybody make their own pastrami around here?

Return of Raul's in Des Moines

by flyoverfoodie 9 years ago

We ate at the "reopened" Raul's Mexican restaurant two weekends ago. My husband tells me it was quite the Des Moines favorite before I lived here. Apparently there were two hour waits the first f...

Des Moines Restaurant Week?

by flyoverfoodie 9 years ago

Trying to make our plans for Des Moines Restaurant Week Aug. 20-29 (Details Here: http://tinyurl.com/2egf4u9) Done quite a few of the restaurants already, but trying to pick the two most worthwhil...

New pizza in Des Moines - Bagni Di Lucca

by reubensandperrier 9 years ago

Had lunch today at the new offshoot of Lucca, now where Basil Prospero used to be. It just opened a few days ago so the space is still a bit rough, but it has a great feel and I loved the chalk...

Django - Des Moines

by fromtheD 9 years ago

In Des Moines for a wedding this weekend, we had one night for a nice dinner. After lots of research on this board, we chose Django. Thank you to all the DM CHers who recommended it. It was one ...

Best Lunch in Des Moines?

by SeattleSam 10 years ago

Want to take my nephew, who is graduating HS this year, to a special place for lunch on Memorial Day. Some place that would be "something to remember." Price is no object.

ANYplace open for breakfast/lunch in Des Moines on Memorial Day?

by SeattleSam 9 years ago

I wrote earlier about a good place to take my nephew for lunch for his graduation on Memorial Day. Someplace on the "special" side. Well, all of your wonderful recommendations -- Centro, Django, Al...

mngal is heading to Des Moines with the kids (9&10) for a few days - Any places to not miss?

by mngal 10 years ago

We have never been to Des Moines and are looking for a few great places to eat. Adults like good, locally run restaurants - No chains. Need a few good lunch spots and dinner. Thanks in advance.

Delivery of something besides pizza or chinese in Des Moines

by jwagnerdsm 13 years ago

We order too much delivery but my wife and I both work ... you know the story. Looking for ideas of other good delivery in Des Moines. Pizza and Chinese is starting to run its course. Anyone have ...

Fong's Pizza...wow. [Des Moines, IA]

by McBoingBoing 10 years ago

So, I went down to Des Moines on a culinary school visit a few months ago, called my best friend , who lives in Ankeny, and asked him to go out to eat. I told him I wanted something different, some...