Des Moines

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Des Moines Good Classics

by Chowsetter 3 years ago

We'll be visiting Des Moines in late July. We'd love to know what are some good Des Moines classic dinner restaurants? Would also appreciate some great casual lunch spots.

Steak de Burgo: Des Moines

by jwagnerdsm 15 years ago

I have a hankering for Steak de Burgo tonight. Used to be on every menu in town and you can still find it, but it's not as good as it was at Johnny's Vet's Club. Any recommendations?

USA Today Best Restaurants: Des Moines Metro IA

by vitus979 5 years ago

USA Today had a poll of the best restaurants in the area and the results were...not particularly good. The results remind me a bit of Yelp, where it's less about the best food and more about where...

Des Moines

by Patrick Thompson 22 years ago

I'm planning an apres-Thanksgiving trek back to central Iowa to see the family, and hope to do a little chowhounding along the way. Planned stops include Smitty's for the "King Tenderloin" (thanks,...


by ...tm... 6 years ago

I recently visited Des Moines and was really impressed by the quality of croissants I happened upon. Most mornings I started off with a cappuccino and croissant from Scenic Route Bakery in the East...

something fun in Des Moines??

by gtch4ever 7 years ago

I'm headed to Des Moines for the first time ever- this weekend. Desperately need someplace for dinner on Saturday night. Ideally it would be locally sourced and owned, maybe on the west side, up t...

Best of Central Iowa

by worldrunner 7 years ago

So there hasn't been a thread in a while for Des Moines/Iowa and I thought I'd try something different. Not looking for "Best Itallian food or "Best chinese food" More of a specific thread. I'll...

Overnight in Des Moines

by salesgirl19 6 years ago

I am headed to Des Moines and need a lunch and dinner recommendation. needs to be walking distance or quick cab ride from downtown hotels, no national chains, group of 4 from various parts of the ...

From Wichita to Des Moines for the weekend

by tdombrow 6 years ago

Hey food people. I'm headed up to Des Moines for the weekend with the hubster and was wondering if there is anyplace between here and there that I should visit. Also, while in Des Moines, where c...

Des Moines Update

by clclark2000 14 years ago

It doesn't look like there has been anything posted recently about Des Moines. I'm going to be there for the next couple weeks staying downtown (on expense acct). Could anyone make any recommenda...

Cheese Frenchee from Kings? (Des Moines)

by whitney 19 years ago

There used to be a restaurant in Des Moines called Kings. You phoned in your order from the booth! They had a sandwich called Cheese Frenchee that was a batter dipped and fried cheese/mayo on white...

What to eat at the Des Moines Saturday farmers market

by rblieber 7 years ago

What does everybody like these days? And sorry to be such a cheesy tourist, but I would love to have a pork tenderloin sandwich along with a pork chop on a stick somewhere in the vicinity if such t...

Ultimate kung pao in Des Moines-Ankeny-Ames?

by KalleSur 8 years ago

Where do you get your favorite kung pao chicken in the Des Moines-Ankeny-Ames area? I like it fiery hot and with plenty of vegetables. In Ames I've tried two places: at 888, you get lots of veget...

Desserts in Des Moines IA?

by vitus979 8 years ago

I'm going to be in Des Moines for Christmas and I thought I'd pick up a dessert for Christmas dinner. What's a good place to order from? I'm open to ideas be it a restaurant or a bakery or some...

Cuban in Des Moines?

by Bobfrmia 8 years ago

Anyplace in Des Moines or Central Iowa serving Cuban food?

Good casual sunday brunch spot in Des Moines

by marteb 8 years ago

Looking for new, familiar with all the usual downtown spots, Americana, Centro, Django, etc...

Fine Dining in Des Moines

by Iowaboy3 8 years ago

I don't see anything recent on Des Moines. My wife and I are looking for a new fine dining experience in Des Moines this coming Monday (7/15) for our anniversary. Some of our faves are Alba, Lucca,...

[Des Moines, IA] Cafe Di Scala

by vitus979 8 years ago

Cafe di Scala is an Italian restaurant in a converted Victorian era home. It sits in a residential neighborhood just west of downtown Des Moines. It has a very small menu, about 6x appetizers, 1x...

Pizza- Des Moines

by e_bone 9 years ago

Hi Heartlanders, I have made a few visits to Des Moines lately and didn't find a thread dedicated to pizza research (a field of study with which I hope to accomplish my doctorate someday) so I'm...

Upscale Burger in Des Moines? (or anywhere)

by johnseberg 9 years ago

I'm looking for a particular burger. The most important thing is that the restaurant grinds their own, and is willing to cook it medium-rare or even rare. It would be nice if it is a single patty t...