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Get recommendations for must-try Denver food, from cheap eats to new restaurants. Looking for something specific? Ask Chowhounds where to find things like green chile, the best burger, and more.

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Looking for Denver area restaurant with amazing lamb Osso Buco

by mtairymays 5 months ago

A long time ago (probably around 2002), while traveling to the Denver area on business, I had lamb Osso Buco for the ...


mtairymays commented 12 days ago

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Birthday dinner downtown for a pescatarian

by blvs 2 months ago

A group of co-workers will be staying at Embassy Suites on Stout St. for a conference and will be celebrating the bir...

Looking for recipe from the Denver junior league cookbook: Colorado Cache

by The Chowhound Team 4 years ago

stampinjane posted this message: "Layered pumpkin pie I am trying to locate a specific recipe from the Denver jun...


gmcbride commented 4 months ago

Denver Restaurants That Don't Do Restaurant Week

by rcurtism 4 months ago

I'm going to be in Denver for two nights next week, and I am *really* not a fan of Restaurant Week. I know Barolo Gr...

LurkerDan commented 4 months ago

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Brodo in Lakewood

by DeborahL 6 months ago

I ate here twice over the Christmas break, two nights in a row actually. My dad and I discovered it by just walking a...

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Empanada Dough

by Snowprincess 6 months ago

Does anyone know where I can find empanada discos (dough)? I have recently moved to Denver and I cannot find this any...

Want Recipe for Chubby's green chile (on 38th) Denver, CO

by slipknotic82 6 years ago

I have tried recipe after recipe after recipe and can not find one that is like the hot, thick orange hued chile like...


debbiefi commented 7 months ago

Denver Trip Report

by nemis 8 months ago

SNOOZE at the Union Station- First morning in Denver and we hit up Breakfast with Corned Beer Hash- Snooze’s signatur...


ALStafford commented 8 months ago

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Searching for Shrimp Toast

by Pho_King_Awesome 9 months ago

Any suggestions for a place in Denver that does great shrimp toast? While I don't often see it on menus here, I was r...

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Selling 2 tickets for Gr. American beer festival

by nemis 9 months ago

I have 2 tickets to the great American beer festival for Thursday night , October 6th. The event starts at 5:30 pm, t...

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Denver Craft Breweries

by mangia mama 9 months ago

Will be staying in Englewood this weekend. Recommendations for local craft breweries that also serve good food/ local...

Denver Chowing Report

by curiousgeo 1 year ago

We arrived in Denver for our sons college graduation and our first meal was breakfast at Snooze in Union Station. The...


DeborahL commented 9 months ago

Opinion on Table 6? Suggestions for BBQ? Gluten-free options? Other Denver recommendations?

by Smilla 10 months ago

A friend and I are visiting Denver for the first time. Someone recommended Table 6. Is it worth trying? Also, are...


Smilla commented 10 months ago

Denver for 6 Days in late Sept

by nemis 11 months ago

Going to the Great American Beer Festival and staying at Hotel Teatro downtown. First timers, major Foodies looking f...

nemis commented 10 months ago

Saturday in Denver for Solo Food Obsessed (Agenda)

by CFByrne 10 months ago

I'll be in Denver from approximately 11:30AM to 11PM next Saturday September 3. I basically want to wander around...


tuckerianduke commented 10 months ago

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ISO Denver restaurant for a large group

by kielystar 10 months ago

I am from NYC and love to eat. I will be in Denver the end of October to early November for a meeting. I and two othe...

Mexican Food in Denver

by curiousgeo 1 year ago

We ate at D'Corazon on our last visit and thought it was ok, lively and reasonably priced. We're staying in the CBD a...

DrakeRemoray commented 1 year ago

NY foodies headed to denver / colorado springs

by Gup 1 year ago

Last minute trip! Looking for input on where to eat and drink. We will be in town 3/31 - 4/4 and will have a car. ...

DrakeRemoray commented 1 year ago

Boise, Denver, Fort Worth. Best restaurants

by Slantz455 1 year ago

My fiancé and I are moving from near Seattle to Houston. This upcoming week we are making the road trip down there. W...

enbell commented 1 year ago