Loving Scrapple: A Cherished Memory of Mid-Atlantic Mystery Meat

Beloved by some, reviled by others, and unknown to many, scrapple is an enduring breakfast food in the mid-Atlantic—and a treasured, tangible link to the past. Scrapple...

Looking for a good breakfast place on rt 13 in Delaware

by Sandiy 2 years ago

we are traveling through De to Va and want to meet up with another car for breakfast. any recommendations ?

La Fia, Wilmington DE

by sal_acid 5 years ago

I need to go there more. Had a really great meal last night. Grilled octopus, crab and shrimp croquettes, duck breast, hangar steak. Wonderful food.

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Lunch spot I-95 between Brooklyn and Balti

jen kalb
by jen kalb 3 years ago

We will be driving this route on Friday and I am hoping to have a reason to stop for lunch other than sheer hunger. We will need a sitdown place, not indian, maybe 1.5-2 hours out of NY, and not to...

Lunch in Wilmington

by JunieB 3 years ago

Usually go to Feby's when we go to Wilmington but they aren't open for lunch on Saturdays. Thought I would look at some Yelp pictures as a start but every restaurant in Wilmington has FOUR stars! I...

Cajun Kates Wilmington

by Ardenlady 4 years ago

Sorry to rain on a parade but the quality control at this place needs a "heads up". Jambalaya: said to be Shrimp, chicken, and sausage had ONE shrimp yesterday, very little chicken and was mostly ...

Need Recs for Nice Dinner in Newark DE

by Forklaw 4 years ago

Going down to University of Delaware for parents weekend and would like to take my daughter and her roommate to dinner at a nice restaurant on Saturday night. They wanted to go to Café Gellato but...

Vobla in/near Newark, DE

by Moxie718 4 years ago

Hey! I've recently been introduced to vobla (dried fish) by a friend whose husband is Ukrainian. I am now hooked (pun intended) and I want to know where to find it! She goes to Bell's Market it Phi...

Cheese Steaks in Northern Delaware - Where's the best?

by ohso 4 years ago

Wondering where I can find a near authentic Philly Style Cheese s Steak in the Wilmington/Newark/New Castle area? Preferably with wiz but not a requirement Some have pointed me to the Dog House in ...

Rehearsal Dinner in Wilmington, DE/Chester County PA

by XOXOMuffins 4 years ago

Hi everyone! We're looking for a place to host a rehearsal dinner for a small group of family and friends (well, about 25 in total) and we have our pick of locations -- somewhere between Kennett S...

What's your favorite scrapple?

by yummyummeatemup 6 years ago

To me, scrapple and eggs over easy with good piece of toast is a hard breakfast to beat. It's one of the reasons I keep hens. As a lifetime scrapple lover, I've been looking for new ones to try. I ...

Where can I buy a goose in SE PA or DE?

by sal_acid 5 years ago

Janssen's in Greeneville, DE has them at $120 @. Seriously? I'd be happy with frozen for $30 or so. Any ideas?

Prepared food to go in lower slower Delaware?

by fpatrick 5 years ago

Finally moved from NJ to Lewes DE. Spent the last month exploring the food options in southern Delaware. One thing we're missing is good prepared food to go from supermarkets. We were spoiled in NJ...

Lunch recommendations in Wilmington

by arepo 5 years ago

We will be going to the Delaware Theater on Water Street on a Sunday and would appreciate any suggestions for a nice lunch place. Thanks

Kao Soi in Newark Area

by chesh 5 years ago

Does anybody know of a place to find Kao Soi anywhere around Newark/Wilmington

House of William and Merry in Hockessin DE

by sal_acid 5 years ago

W&M has had mentions over the years, but it really deserves its own thread. I just had a fabulous dinner there. Chef's tasting board for appetizer had about 5 or 6 things...trout rillette, devilled...

Wilmington suggestions

by estarae 5 years ago

Visiting relatives that have just moved to Wilmington. Where should we eat? My board search doesn't find anything of recent vintage. All suggestions would be appreciated!

Fried seafood platter in Ocean City

Mister Big
by Mister Big 5 years ago

Odd that it's so hard to find good fried seafood at the shore. I'm open to suggestions in nearby Delaware, as well.

Po’ Boys Signature Blackened Scallops at Po’ Boys Creole and Fresh Catch milton de

by fjc1z1 6 years ago

This is my favorite scallop dish I have ever had. You get some spice but you get the flavor of the scallop. Does anyone have the recipes or suggestions. I would like to duplicate at home. Too far...

The House of William and Merry (Hockessin, DE)

by genevapics 10 years ago

Has anyone been to this new establishment? Stumbled across this today. From the looks of things, they just opened up in the last month or so. http://www.williamandmerry.com/Home.html The me...