What to Do with Your New Dutch Oven

Did you score a Prime Day deal on a new Dutch oven this year? Congrats! Braise, boil, bake, and fry in the Dutch oven—the options are endless. Here’s what you need to know about your new favorite piece...

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Doughnut and deep frying advice

Dave MP
by Dave MP 14 years ago

I am co-hosting a superbowl party tomorrow...a bunch of people will be there. A friend and I recently bought a deep fryer and we're hoping to deep-fry lots of stuff....we're definitely gonna do som...

Cleaning a DeLonghi deep fryer

by bdinah 14 years ago

Anyone know how I should clean the heating element of my DeLonghi deep fryer? The manual doesn't seem to cover that part.

deep fryers

by gingersnap 14 years ago

any opinions on the best brand of deep fryer, and where i can buy one in so.florida? i have had deep fried turkeys friends have made; has anyone ever tried cuts of beef? what work best?

Deep Frying

by RiJaAr 14 years ago

i am going to be making dry ribs tonight, and the y have to be deep fried.. i have a deep fryer i got as a gift but i have never used it and i'm kinda intimidated.. any tips? or should i just sti...

looking for fresh ducks to deep fry!!

by NoShoGrl 14 years ago

hi all, i got a turkey fryer for a housewarming gift, and it was so awesome for thanksgiving, that we decided to fry a few ducks this weekend... where can i get good, fresh (preferably organic/fre...

How to deep fry brie

by plufmud 14 years ago

One of the best appetizers I have ever eaten is the fried brie at Cypress restaurant in Charleston,sc. Does anyone know how to fry brie? I tried panko crumbs but they browned too quickly. An...

Deep Fryers

by Candy 15 years ago

Anyone have a favorite or for that matter one to avoid. I want a good one, preferably one that can be used with the lid closed and a good filter. TIA Candy

How do you deep fry//how do you rate the method?

by toodie jane 15 years ago

I use my wok for those few occassions for deep frying, and I usually discard the oil afterwards. I use grapeseed oil. The wok's not too deep, so I don't use more than a cup or so. Others who do t...

Storage of Used Deep Fryer Oil

by ElBee 15 years ago

Should used (drained of debris) deep fryer oil be stored at room temp, or in the fridge? The boy and I have differing opinions. Thanks.

Deep Frying and ers

by Bobfrmia 15 years ago

This has been kicked around here before, but searching isn't getting me the info I want. I want to buy a fryer. Everything I've looked at only goes to 375. Is that enough? I thought 400 would be be...

Deep Frying Turkey

by Phil 15 years ago

I note around this time of year, there's a lot of talk about deep frying turkeys. I got this link (below) in an ezine I subscribe to, and thought others might be interested. There's a demo video ...

Uh, deepfryerstan, we have a problem.....

by Shaina 15 years ago

Help!! waringpro deep fryer I just bought on Amazon won't heat up past 350, when it's set on max temp. (375) I checked with my trusted deep fryer thermometer, what should I do?? send it back?

waring pro deep fryer?

by shaina 16 years ago

Doen anyone know if this stainless steel unit is any good? (It sells for aprox. $120)

More deep frying questions

by nooodles 16 years ago

If I have a skillet of leftover lard+Crisco, can I let it cool, strain the solids out of it, let it congeal, freeze it, and use it next time for deep frying? It just seems like such a waste of fat,...

Success story of the year: the commercial deep fryer I just installed in my house

by Dylan 16 years ago

French fries are the bane of my existence. Quite simply, I've had a very hard time producing perfect restaurant quality french fries, even after following the detailed instructions of frying twice...

Tips for deep frying turkey?

by LoN 16 years ago

A friend received a turkey fryer for Father's Day and now we all want to try it....can anyone with experience offer helpful tips?? TIA

Need some deep fry advice/tips

by TastyJon 16 years ago

I just bought my first deep fryer - though it's not that deep. A small one for the home. But it's still a new cooking method for me. I know how to cook fries. Basic Tempura. And throwing in w...

Deep-frying in EVOO report (long)

by Carb Lover 16 years ago

For those who don't know, EVOO is the acronym for extra virgin olive oil...sorry, I know I sound like Rachael Ray. Anyhow, there was a recent thread on olive oil that triggered a tangent on deep-fr...

Anyone with a Deep Fryer Recommendation?

by epoisse 16 years ago

I am in the market for a deep fryer for my home... and would appreciate anyone's recommendation on which brands and models work best for them. My main concerns are on storage, ease of filtering th...

counter-top deep fryers

by schifrin 16 years ago

My wish list for the kitchen includes a deep-fryer, and I’m assuming that no one’s getting me something from Gaggenau for the holidays... What experiences have you had with counter-top fryers for...

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