New Year's Coffee Resolutions You'll Actually Keep

Here are five simple coffee resolutions you might attempt this year, and they’re all as easy as A, B, C (for Cappuccino, of course). While everybody else is busy making empty promises about going to...

Good beans for decaf cold brew coffee?

by kerns125 4 years ago

I've recently gotten into making cold brew at home, and although I like burnt rich chocolatey flavored coffee beans brewed hot, I've found that they taste pretty gross as a cold brew. I really like...

Looking for a full-bodied decaf black tea

by Paladar 14 years ago

A friend was recently banished from caffeine by her doctor and has been looking for a flavorful (not flavored) black tea ever since. Her favorite regular black tea is PG Tips but she's found that t...

Best water-processed decaf?

by pnutbuddah 8 years ago

I've tried water-processed decaf a few time in the past and always found it lacking....including Graffeo. For the new year I want to give it a try again. What are the best water-processed decafs y...

Best single origin decaf?

by Latinpig 5 years ago

Looking for the best single origin decaf from a quality roaster?

Low sodium food options in Italy

by 1955nelson 10 years ago

help. What food can I order in Italy that would be low in sodium? Can you make special requests in restaurants? Also is decaf coffee available?

Good decaf espresso beans?

by aepringle 5 years ago

Hello, my husband and I got a great home espresso machine about a year ago and have had fun trying different beans and experimenting with it. Just as we'd settled on some favorites - I find out I'...

best decaf coffee?

by ritabwh 8 years ago

seattle coffee drinkers, i need you advice! i need to swtich to decaf coffee. just about any decaf i've had in friends homes have been weak and tasteless. what should i buy to use at home? even ...

Good flavor decaf tea..is there such a thing??

by Richie 17 years ago

Because of health reasons a friend of mine can't drink caffeinated beverages. Is there any decaf black tea out there with flavor left in it such as tetley,lipton,red rose or any upscale brands? Tha...

Decent decaf tea?

by hoagy294 15 years ago

I am pregnant and therefore stuck drinking only decaf tea and coffee. I've found a decent brand of decaf coffee here in Toronto but most decaf tea is hideous. Unbelievably bad hot brown water. Can ...

When Is Decaf Not Decaf?

by opinionatedchef 6 years ago

Maybe this has an obvious answer, but I mostly wanted to ask if anyone has had the experience of familiar decaf coffee causing a caffeinated feeling? I understand that it's always possible that t...

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