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Dinner for large group in or near Dayton, OH

by Sarah Grace 17 years ago

I'm trying to organize a dinner for about 20 young adults. Preferably a place that offers a private room, but won't cost us an arm and a leg. There will be some vegetarians in the mix, so good ve...

Real Mexican Food in Dayton (Mi Tierra)

by ScottW 17 years ago

Just wanted to let people know that there is now a great authentic Mexican place in Dayton: Mi Tierra at 3937 Linden. After moving to Dayton from a past in Southern California and Texas, I longed ...

fun in Dayton, OH

by sudiepav 17 years ago

I know that we thrill easily, but what a great time the DH and I had last evening. We drove to Dayton from Cincinnati, stocked up at Trader Joe's, and then went to the Pine Club for marvelous stea...

Chicago-Indy-Dayton: Graeter's, Pretzels, Mexican, Korean, et al.

by Aaron D 18 years ago

No strudel unfortunately. I’m never quite sure where to put these follow-ups–in the original thread, start a new, or in this case as a response to Artie’s Chicago to Columbus question. I suppose ...

Pine Club in Dayton?

by Scott 18 years ago

Thanks for any answers, Tempted to try the Pine Club in Dayton for a nice steak. Just a few questions first: 1. Are the steaks really the best in Dayton? 2. Would probably want to try on spure ...

Dayton Chow?

by Lisafaz 18 years ago

Is there any good chow in Dayton? Not that all you can eat buffet grub or chain restaurant crap, but reeeal foodie-chow?

Good Chinese or Asian Food in Dayton, OH?

by Jim Holmes 19 years ago

I've had *horrible* food at China House on Indian Ripple road and fair to good food at Thai West. I've seen the several reccos for Little Saigon, but would appreciate feedback (positive or negati...

Dayton Chow

by Thomas_Jefferson_Snodgrass 18 years ago

In case anyone is visiting the Dayton area, I managed to sample a couple restaurants while I was there in June. By far the most pleasant surprise was an Indian restauarant called Amar India. It'...

THE PINE CLUB & more in dayton

by mrnyc 18 years ago

we took my in-laws to THE PINE CLUB in dayton on a recent visit. this is an old style classic steakhouse---lots o' locals, no res, cash only, dark paneled booths, large square bar in the middle---i...


by mrnyc 18 years ago

we're heading back home to ohio for a visit next week. we want to take our parents out to eat. however, doing something nice for the folks sometimes means being unadventurous. for instance, i was t...

Bubble tea in Dayton/Cincy area

by Mai 18 years ago

Anyone know where to get bubble tea in the Dayton or Cincinnati area? I know there is a bubble tea shop in Columbus, but I can't justify driving over an hour each way just for a craving. Ahhh...w...

Need romantic restaurants in Dayton for anniversary

by Mai 18 years ago

My husband and I have recently relocated to Dayton from NYC, and our 2nd anniversary is coming up. We are starting to think about where to go for our special dinner. In the couple of months that ...

Chicago to Dayton/I-65 and I-70

by Aaron D 18 years ago

Will be making the trip this weekend, and am interested in any noteworthy stops for a quick, cheap meal not too far off the highway. Also, I've read some of the fairly recent Dayton talk and hope...

Kobe beef near Dayton, Cincy, or Columbus

by Mai 18 years ago

Are there any restaurants in the tri-city area that serve kobe beef? We saw an article that Jag's Steak and Seafood in Cincy has it on its menu. Has anyone tried it? Any other recommendations? ...

recommendations in downtown Dayton?

by Silent Bob 19 years ago

Subject line says it all. I'll be there on business for two days this week.

Dayton Ohio

by Brent Howard 20 years ago

I will be in Dayton in about 10 days and know absolutely nothing about the place. Any help with restaurants would be greatly appreciated. I like absolutely any kind of food, from ethnic to fine d...

Road trip Dayton to Columbus-suggestions?

by steve drucker 20 years ago

Four of us flying up to Dayton, then ferrying by car to Columbus for a late June wedding... Any suggestions for Saturday lunch along the way between Dayton and Columbus? Truth to tell, my wife wo...

Dayton-Columbus Roadtrip Report--Young's Jersey Farm

by steve drucker 20 years ago

For a Saturday night wedding in Columbus, we flew into Dayton Sat morning and drove on to Columbus. Just east of Springfield--about 30 miles east of Dayton, we stopped for breakfast at Young's Jers...

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