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Dayton OH Restaurant Week

Niki in Dayton
by Niki in Dayton 13 years ago

Today is the last day, so this post is a bit late, but wondered if any other CHs are taking advantage of this gustatory delight? Over 35 of the area's restaurants (mostly independents, including ...

Columbus/Dayton Asian grocery question

by motownjunk 13 years ago

Does anyone have suggestions on where I could find some decent pre-pakaged or ready-to-cook bulgogi in either Columbus or Dayton? (I'm attending a training session in Columbus next week, but I liv...

Rue Domaine Review (Dayton OH)

Niki in Dayton
by Niki in Dayton 14 years ago

Rue Domaine, owned and operated by Anne Kearny and her husband Tom Sand, opened at the end of November in Centerville OH, one of the south suburbs of Dayton. Anne and Tom previously ran the renoun...

Dayton, OH Restaurants - trip report

by apple12 13 years ago

Thanks to all the posters on this site for recommendations for restaurants in Dayton. Just got back, and I have to say, the area has some surprisingly good restaurants. For posters who are trying t...

Dayton, OH tips?

by Dawn 18 years ago

Any suggestions for dining in Dayton? Will be visiting the family for the holidays and hope to try new retaurants. Any cuisine is good, but would prefer to find the locally owned, non-chain place...

Dayton's Rue Dumaine (Anne Kearney): Has Anyone Been?

Joe H
by Joe H 14 years ago

http://news.enquirer.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/AB/20071130/ENT01/711300340/ is the link to a lengthy article in the Cincinnati Enquirer about the return of Anne Kearney, formerly chef owner of...

John Henry's Review (Oregon District, Dayton OH)

Niki in Dayton
by Niki in Dayton 14 years ago

Last night we dined at John Henry's restaurant, a new place in the old Blue Moon space in the Oregon district, on Fifth St, just south of Wayne Ave. Five of us attended Rhythm in Shoes' Christmas ...

Pizza in Racine, IL and Dayton, OH

by Seth Zurer 17 years ago

The inimitable Joe H made some tantalizing comments in a thread on the "Best" board about the promis of top notch pizza in two unlikely places. He mentioned Wells Brothers in Racine WI, and mentio...

Anna Kearney to open restaurant in Dayton

by gungadin 14 years ago

Well, I for one am so excited. Just saw in the paper yesterday that Anna Kearney who owned Perisyle in New Orleans and closed it to move to Dayton, Ohio to be closer to relatives , is opening a new...

Bakeries in Dayton, Ohio

by laurafromohio 14 years ago

I am looking for a great bakery in Dayton, Ohio to get a cake for my Mom's birthday. We would love an unconventional cake. We recently had a cake from Dorthy Lane Market, and we were not impresse...

Need recs for meals in Dayton, Ohio!

by oakjoan 14 years ago

We're going to the Scrabble Players' Championship held in Dayton in early August. Anybody have any recs? We need all meals. Dinners will be after hours and so can be more leisurely, but lunc...

Breakfast in Centerville, Ohio (Dayton Area)?

by bobcat1804 14 years ago

I'm heading to Centerville for a wedding this weekend and I'll need a good breakfast to help ease the hangover on Sunday. Any recommendations?

Cleveland to Dayton

by jhornx2 14 years ago

My husband and I will be driving from Cleveland to Dayton and back in August so would like to know if there are any places we must try along the way and during our five days in Dayton. Are there an...

Where to eat in Dayton, OH

by AMoDC 14 years ago

What are the upscale dining options in Dayton, OH?

Need opinions on Dayton, OH restaurants

by jacquelyncoffey 14 years ago

Hi hounds, I need your valuable opinions on these restaurants. Carver's, Buckhorn Tavern, Oakwood Club, Old Hickory BBQ. My BIL is in town at school, and I'm taking him out on wed 3/28 for dinner...

Secret Dayton OH area Saturday Lunch Gem

Niki in Dayton
by Niki in Dayton 14 years ago

Saturday afternoon, as I sat with my DH eating a Hawaiin Spearfish Taco, and sipping a more than decent Chilean Sauvignon Blanc, it occured to me that I should share with my fellow hounds a true Sa...

Dinner in Dayton

by MASH 14 years ago

I'm looking for a legendary, well kept secret, dining experience in Dayton. Price is not an issue. Good and cheap or expensive and worth it, either way works.

Dayton Ohio - good wine store?

by Bill 16 years ago

I apologize for being a little off topic, but I figured some good restaurant folks might be able to help me find a good wine store near Dayton Ohio. I want to buy about a dozen bottles ($10- $25 r...

Dinner in Huber Heights (N. Dayton)

by Davwud 15 years ago

Hey, Hounds My wife and I will be staying in HH on our way down to the out laws for Tday. We'll be getting in around 8pm and will have our dog with us. So we're gonna have to eat in our room. ...

Any good happy hour places in Dayton or Troy, Ohio?

by lobsterlover 15 years ago

Any good happy hour places in Dayton or Troy, Ohio?