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Anything fun in Dayton nearish the airport for a late lunch/early dinner?

by askdrtodd 10 years ago

I'm in Dayton for a day this week, funky hours too, get in at 10pm, meeting in the morning, fly out at 4pm the next day, so I figure a late lunch would be ideal. I'll be on the north end of town ...

Toscani's -- Dayton, OH

by kura kura 10 years ago

I finally got to Toscani's the other day. It is owned by the same guy that owns Palermo's. Palermo's is one of my favorite places in Dayton. Toscani's is really good, too, but it doesn't have th...

Dayton, OH, need rec's for Steakhouse, Seafood, Sushi/Asian or your favorite, any cuisine

by jacquelyncoffey 10 years ago

Hi, my friend is going to be in Dayton for one night, not sure where he's staying yet, but I have a car and we can go anywhere. Cost is not an issue, just let me know what, in your expert opinions,...

Culinary Company in Dayton, Ohio

by nyc2daytonfoodie 10 years ago

Having shopped at this store a number of times over the past several years, I've always felt an "attitude" from the owner and staff. Most recently had difficultly with an item I purchased, and I'v...

A German, two Italians and two Americans walk into a restaurant... [Dayton]

by Wayward biker 10 years ago

But it's got to be in Dayton due to where we're working. We are easy cusine wise to please due to lots of travel and many flavors enjoyed but picky due to quality, value and service (not in that or...

Pizza Coupons for Dayton, Ohio

by Dayton Dining 10 years ago

Hey, everybody. I just finished scanning and uploading a bunch of pizza coupons that I got in the mail recently. Domino's has a "buy 1 get 1" large single topping pizza coupon that gives you 2 ...

unique local eats in Dayton, OH?

by Lynndsey Rigberg 11 years ago

Greetings Chowhounds in the Ohio area! I'm headed to Dayton, OH for business for 3 days and would love any and all suggestions for interesting, local, eats. I don't need fancy steakhouses, I can...

Fresh lasagna sheets in Dayton / Columbus, Ohio?

by mcloudy 11 years ago

Hi, as the title says, I'm looking to buy fresh lasagna sheets in the Dayton area. I've been in Yellow Springs for a few years, but don't really know Dayton well. I'm also in Columbus regular...

Best dinner in Dayton/Yellow Springs on a Sunday?

by johnbycz 11 years ago

It appears the Winds in Yellow Springs is brunch-only on Sundays, and in Dayton, Rue Dumaine and the Pine Club are closed on Sundays. What are the best choices left? Looking for the best meal reg...

Review - Sidebar Restaurant, Dayton OH

Niki in Dayton
by Niki in Dayton 11 years ago

Sidebar, on 5th St in the Oregon District, occupies the space where Pacchia used to be. Sidebar originally opened near the Schuster Center and moved to be able to expand their food offerings, but...

What can I get in Dayton, OH I can't find in LA?

Mattapoisett in LA
by Mattapoisett in LA 12 years ago

I am going to be in Dayton for work at the end of March and am looking for unique food experiences to try. I know I will at least go to either White Castle or Culvers, but I would Like to Limit t...

Need a Deli in the Dayton OH area

by RantoulDavis 20 years ago

Are there any serious Deli's in or around Dayton. I'm thinking along the lines of Manny's in Chicago. Maybe something like Zingerman's in AA or even Katzingers in Columbus. I need a Pastrami san...

Dayton weekend lunch suggestions

JohnE O
by JohnE O 11 years ago

I'm going to be in the Wright State and U.D. areas for a soccer tourny. Can anyone recommend lunch places where I can bring my sweaty teenager in between games? Really authentic Mexican/Latin or go...

Lunch in Dayton OH near I-75/I-70 interchange

by IndyGirl 11 years ago

Traveling from Detroit to Terre Haute via I-75 and then I-70. Any ideas? We'll probably need lunch in Dayton. Thanks! (By the way, we are vegetarians...this probably makes it harder!)

Rue Dumaine dinner report [Dayton/Centerville]

by CulinaryWoman 11 years ago

I'm a frequent traveler to New Orleans and when I read in Saveur that Anne Kearney (Peristyle) had opened Rue Dumaine outside Dayton, I decided to work it into a business trip. It's the best meal I...

Interesting Breakfast in Dayton area - aside from Yellow Springs?

by runabout 11 years ago

Well, I have found some places to grab some decent lunch and dinner here in the Miami Valley, but am still struggling to find a really great breakfast place. Now I am not talking about the run of ...

What's Good in Dayton, Ohio?

by Tom M. 19 years ago

I have to travel to Dayton, Ohio on business next month. I'll be there for two weeks. I've heard from others in my office that Dayton is laden with chain restaurants, and the waits around town ar...

Best Diners btwn Dayton and Indianapolis

by RoyHobbs 11 years ago

Any suggestions for classic, old-school breakfast diners between Dayton, Ohio and Indianapolis?

Dayton Area-Chinese food and groceries

by Phaedrus 14 years ago

I am in the process of moving to the Dayton area, actually, my job is in the Tipp City area and I haven't figured out where to live yet. But first thing's first. Where da food at? I need good ...

Boulevard Haus - German food in downtown Dayton (Oregon District)

by Dayton Dining 12 years ago

Located at the former "Cafe Boulevard" location, Boulevard Haus now focuses almost exclusively on German foods, though there are just a few holdovers from their original menu. My wife ordered ...