Smithsonian: A Brief History of the Cheez-It

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 months ago

i've loved Cheez-Its my whole life. This month is the 100th birthday of these inch-square orange crackers. "... On May 23, 1921, when Green & Green decided to trademark the tasty treat’s unique...

Dayton OH

by rtv 1 year ago

Its been over a year since any posts about Dayton. Planning a visit soon. Any restaurants that fit the category "if you have only one dinner in Dayton this is the place"? (any tips on hotels are...

Butchers, Bakers in Dayton OH

by jdhemeco 3 years ago

Hi! My husband and I just moved to Dayton, OH from Washington, DC. We are looking for a good butcher and bakery! Any tips are greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

Looking for Updates to the Dayton Food Scene (pretty please!)

by jdhemeco 3 years ago

Hi All, My husband and I just moved to Dayton, OH from Washington, DC. All of the Dayton threads are pretty old. Can anyone give us a quick recap of the Dayton food scene? I see that Anne Kear...

Weekend Dayton lunch/dinner options for family of four?

by jroach 4 years ago

Hello! I am planning a trip to Dayton, Ohio for next weekend. We will be driving from Akron and staying near the Air Force Museum in Dayton. Also hoping to check out nearby Yellow Springs. What fam...

Brach's Jelly Nougats

by TastyReuben 5 years ago

Anyone know of an actual brick-and-mortar store for buying Brach's Jelly Nougats? These were little rectangles of nougat with flecks of colored sugar-and-gelatin bits, like stained glass, and wrap...

Dayton Area - Seeking Affordable Non-chain Restaurants

by runabout 12 years ago

Moved here from SF, and am dying for quality food at an affordable price. I know there must be some gems out there... Not at all into chain type places... generally find the food less than insp...

Dayton Style Pizza in the 21st Century? Ron's!

by Don Wallace 17 years ago

I am a 40+ Dayton lifer. I noted the following message with great amazement: [BROKEN LINK REMOVED] Hurumph, DAYTON style pizza? Ok, here is the absolute inviolate truth on the matter. The...

Best Butchers/Fish Mongers in the Dayton, Ohio Area

by Chowbilly 10 years ago

Hi all Just recently moved to the southern part of Dayton (Beavercreek) from Metro Detroit and I'm looking for suggestions on a butcher shop and fish monger located in the metro Dayton area. I did...

Dayton, Ohio

by shazzamom 7 years ago

Can anyone recommend a good restaurant in Dayton? I need to get a gift certificate for a Christmas gift and am in Colorado and know nothing about Dayton. Thanx!!

Rue Dumaine slipping? [Centerville (Dayton) Ohio]

Longing for Italy
by Longing for Italy 10 years ago

I've been a frequent diner at the Rue from its opening; but the most recent meal was a bad experience all around--service and food. In fairness, the problems were acknowledged a one meal was compe...

Dayton - Oregon district?

by sydney2 7 years ago

I checked the archives about dining options in the area. Anything new to report, or any recommendations? Will be checking out Toxic brewing company for beer, but also looking for dinner ideas. The ...

Lunch between Pittsburgh and Indianapolis - (Columbus / Dayton?)

by wynnemat 7 years ago

Hello, I will be driving leisurely across country - Philadelphia to San Francisco - and am currently researching stops along the way. Regarding this section of the trip, we will be staying in Pi...

Foodie Survival in Dayton, OH

by gamefish54 12 years ago

My wife and I will move to the Dayton, OH, area in June. Not exactly sure where, yet. But, we are looking for serious foodie recommendations. Thanks!

Looking for the Best of Dayton!

by JunieB 7 years ago

Looking for recommendations for a restaurant gift certificate for my sis and her husband. Great food is the first consideration. Romantic counts. Overall dining experience should be excellent in ev...

Need directions to The Pine Club, Dayton, OH to avoid closed exits off I-75

by jacquelyncoffey 8 years ago

Hi, I'm going to the Pine Club on Thursday, 7/25, coming up 75 north from Hamilton. Last time I was going through Dayton, a lot of the downtown exits were closed. Can anyone advise me where would b...

Oakwood Club, Dayton OH

by jacquelyncoffey 8 years ago

Just found out about this place, was wondering what your thoughts were, good and not-so-good

Dayton OH - Personal Chefs?

Niki in Dayton
by Niki in Dayton 8 years ago

A friend asked if I know of any personal chefs in the Dayton area. I don't; I know there are a few places where one can go to prepare food for the week and take home, but that's not what she's look...