Date Spot

First date, second date, 10,000th date? (OK, that last one is really an anniversary.) Chowhounds can point you to the best restaurants for romance, even on a budget!


New to Kitsap from San Francisco

by trueblueguy 1 month ago

Long story short, we've relocated to Kitsap and love the more laid-back lifestyle. However, the food scene is obviously night and day. I found a few threads about best places to dine in the Kitsap ...

NYC sit-down dessert spots

by sned 1 year ago

I'd love any recs for sit-down dessert options in NYC. I'm planning an anniversary date - we'll be eating early-ish before an 8pm broadway show and I'm hoping to find somewhere nice we can go after...

Date Night Worthy in Chapel Hill area

by burgeoningfoodie 2 years ago

Finally getting a night out with my wife in December and don't usually dine in Chapel Hill. What are some restaurants that are good date night out? We will be attending the evening performance of...

Restaurants in Estero/Ft Myers/Bonita Springs

by Morgz45 4 years ago

My in laws just moved to Florida. We are going to visit for the first time in mid-March and are looking for one or two places for a date night while the grandparents watch the little ones. I bel...

Date Night in San Diego

by cookin_mama 3 years ago

I'm hunting for a spot for my husband & I to go for dinner when we are in San Diego next week. There are so many great options to choose from! I've had a look at Juniper & Ivy, Herb & Wood, the Add...

Wednesday Date Restaurant

by luckiestduck 3 years ago

I like her a lot. Want to go somewhere that feels fun and special... but unfortunately not expensive. Her tastes seem to run to the simple. I'm really not great at planning out special dates. My im...

Date Worthy Chinese

by Nate1212 4 years ago

My lady and I are having a date night and would like to find some high end Chinese food...a date worthy place. Any recommendations? Anything west (west side, Chelsea, west village) preferred. Thanks!

Palm beach restaurants

by vibenoit 4 years ago

Hi, we are a family we are heading to Palm beach Gardens at the end of May. We have a 4 month old baby so we are looking for kids friendly restaurants but also for couple nights out restaurants . B...

First date but she can't sit for over 30 mins

by cjavier70 4 years ago

Hello all. I'm taking an attractive girl that I met at a coffee shop out on a date in San Francisco tomorrow. However...she has a slipped disk in her back and so anything that requires long periods...

Great "First Date" restaurants in Bridgewater/Somerville

by bekahrose66 10 years ago

Looking for a great "first date" type restaurant somewhere in the Bridgewater/Somerville area. My date works in Branchburg, and lives in Dover.. so we'd like to meet somewhere on his route home. ...

Quiet for a 1st date but not crazy expensive

by jsmith1234 6 years ago

I'm looking for a nice place to dine, preferably not expensive, definitely not EMP, Per Se, Daniel price range. I want to impress but not break the bank. I'm a professional but I don't work in fina...

Quiet spot for drinks in Manhattan Beach or Playa Del Rey

by Bjartmarr 5 years ago

I'm looking for a quiet place to get drinks in Manhattan Beach or Playa Del Rey. Ideally it would have a cozy atmosphere and tables (rather than just a bar), but it does need to be quiet so we can ...

Nice date restaurant Soho, East Village, West Village, takes reservations

by pooky 5 years ago

I am looking for a nice, romantic restaurant for a date. We are in our late 20's so a young type of place with good food and must take reservations. I do not want a place where the tables are on ...

Restaurants in NYC with Cool Bars/Clubs

by mrnas 5 years ago

I am looking for a "third date spot," and somewhere that has good food and also a cool bar scene for after the meal. I was told ACME is the top place to go because it has a great underground bar, ...

UES First Date (yes another one) Suggestion

by Motosport 5 years ago

First date suggestion for the UES, E72 & 3rd Ave. Any suggestions? Most anything goes as long as it's quiet enough to talk, food & service are good. I only know and like Persepolis in that hood....

Looking for Casual Dinner and Dance 60+

by mavericknm 5 years ago

Some years ago I took my parents to Lisbon by Night. They absolutely loved the cover band playing oldies. Many older couples were dancing and they joined in. http://www.yelp.ca/biz/lisbon-by-nig...

Replacement for Le Fromagerie in Rumson?

by ellinj0206 5 years ago

LOVED Fromagerie and trying to figure out a new special occasion/romantic date night type of place. Amuse bouche are definitely a plus! Great food and service are a must. Monmouth County.

Saturday Date Night Places in San Diego

by cstr 6 years ago

Ever since I was able to drive, with the exception of when I was on active duty in the military, Saturday night was our night to go out for dinner. A time too decompress from the hectic work week ...

Best Rare Date Night Restaurant around San Francisco?

by andrewteee 6 years ago

My wife and I don't get out much out because babysitters are scarce. But we need to to be two adults and simply have a few quiet fun moments together. We love food and would love to find a place in...

Christmas date --Shinjuku area or nearby

by royalmilktea 6 years ago

Hi, I am making reservations for Dec. 21 for a "Christmas date" with my girlfriend. I was going to make a reservation at Nakashima (1 Star Michelin) in 3 chome -- an acquaintance suggested it. ...