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Asian Restaurants in SSF, San Bruno, Daly City

by Herb 16 years ago

Any good and reasonable priced Asian restaurants in Daly City, SSF, or San Bruno areas?

Boulevard Cafe in Daly City

by kathleen 16 years ago

Getting to Blvd Cafe was an adventure all by itself. We hotwired a fancy deluxe land yacht with the gizmo ..don't get lost now... navigation system that says things like in 400 feet take a right tu...

Boulevard Cafe in Daly City

by AJ 16 years ago

Drove by today around 6:00pm and saw a lot of people inside and opted to try out the place. Their menu offered pastas and meat dishes including pot roast, lamb chops, pork chops and steak. I ordere...

Tokyo Tempura House-Daly City Ramen

by Candice 16 years ago

I was in Daly City last night and decided to check this place out. I would not recommend it. The service is very disjointed and the food isn't worth the time. My table tried an udon, the seafood ra...

Boulevard Café: American Food in Tomorrowland (or in this case Daly City)

by katya 16 years ago

After much ballyhoo about the opening of a new restaurant in the Space Age Lyon’s location in Daly City, my boyfriend and I decided to visit this past Sunday. Boulevard Café has set up shop in a pl...

Boulevard Cafe in Daly City

by Susan 16 years ago

Hi. Does anyone have ... An address, phone number or website for the Boulevard Cafe in Daly City? I've seen it discussed on this board, and I even drove past it once ... but of course, it was whe...

Boulevard Cafe in Daly City

by Elva Reyes-Espinosa 16 years ago

Does anyone know anything about the Boulevard Cafe which just opened in Daly City/Westlake? Is it related to Boulevard in S.F.? Has anyone been? Curious.

Dinner at Koi Palace, Daly City - Long

by KathySK 16 years ago

So, we had some friends over unexpectedly and decided to go out to Koi Palace for dinner. When we got there (weekday, holiday evening) about 6ish it was still fairly empty and we got a table right...

Boulevard Cafe in Daly City

by ElenaY 16 years ago

Has anyone tried this newly remodeled restaurant on John Daly Blvd? It used to be a Lyon's. Tell me what was your favorite entree and also how is the service?

Ramen shops in daly city?

by aririn 16 years ago

Anybody know a good ramen place in daly city? I've heard about santa and halu but haven't tried them yet. I tried to go to santa last sunday but it was closed. I live in Daly City, so.. anybody has...

"Wall of Smoke" Fil-Am BBQ Daly City (long)

by Susan (formerly Canard) 17 years ago

Fil-Am Cuisine and House of Barbeque are the names on the signs for this DC hole in the wall. It's on School Street, across and down a block from the giant Albertson's on Mission. The wall of smoke...

Dim Sum King in Daly City?

by shana 17 years ago

I've seen references to this place online, but cant find an address or a phone number. Any idea if it (still) exists? If not, what't the best dim sum somewhere @ redwood city/san mateo, aside from ...

dinner for two tonight in Daly City or Colma?

by susancinsf 17 years ago

I have to go to Home Depot tonight, and I HATE the place....so can the Hounds recommend somewhere nearby that hubby and I could go afterwards to calm me down (I always seem to find something about ...

Fried chicken in Daly City?

by Sarah 17 years ago

Heard a rumor: terrific fried chicken at Jade Dragon on 84th(?) in DC, which is included in their $4.99 lunch buffet -- any truth to that? Every day? It's a loooong ride...

Ling Nam in Daly City- excellent soy sauce chicken

by Han Lukito 17 years ago

This is my favorite place for Filipino breakfast such as tocino, longanisas, etc but this time I also ordered their soy sauce chicken. They were moist and succulent. Good soy sauce on the side. I ...

Daly City BBQ joints?

by Krys Stanley 17 years ago

Any opinion on the following: 1. Catfish and BBQ - San Pedro Near Seton Hospital, In n Out burger, Krispy Kreme. Across the street from Albertsons. 2. Smokehouse #1 7171 Mission near the ...

Dim Sum King - Daly City

by boltnut55 17 years ago

As I'm ready to write my review, I already realized I should have done a better job before I'm ready to write! Oh well, here goes: We went there at 2:30 this afternoon, very late for us and usua...

Good / Not too Expensive Restaurants in SSF, Daly City

by janie 17 years ago

Hi, looking for some recommendations for good restaurants in Daly City, South San Francisco, San Bruno, Burlingame area. My sister is visiting for three weeks and we like Chinese food. Has anyon...

Poor roast duck at 99 Ranch (Daly City)

by svL 17 years ago

Yesterday, on my way home coming back from Pacifica, I stopped at the 99 Ranch Market in Daly City and picked up a Chinese roast duck from their prepared food department. I've shopped at 99R before...

The House of Catfish & Ribs, Daly City

by Melanie Wong 17 years ago

Stopped by my bro's place and snacked on the remains of his dinner from The House of Catfish & Ribs. The pork ribs are utterly forgettable with the mushy parboiled texture, dried out on the big en...

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