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King Wah Seafood - Daly City - Report

Dave MP
by Dave MP 13 years ago

Ate at King Wah Seafood last night and shared a pretty good meal. I don't know if we ordered the best things, but it seemed like preparation was good, using high quality ingredients. Beef with wilt...

Sprouts Opened Today, Serramonte/Gellert [Daly City]

by walker 7 years ago

I went to check it out and it was chaotic .. screaming babies, people leaving their carts in the way. There were some bargains, pineapples for $1.00. There was no one near the pile of green onio...

Almond Buns from Koi Palace [Daly City]

by sillyeatinggirl 8 years ago

I just tried these almond buns from Koi Palace for the first time. I don't know why I haven't tried them before because they are AWESOME! They are covered in an awesome sweet but crumbly toppin...

Peking Duck or Tea Smoked Duck in SF or Daly City? For this Friday...

Dave MP
by Dave MP 7 years ago

I'm looking for a restaurant (full sit-down, ideally that takes reservations) that serves good Peking duck or Tea Smoked Duck. I was hoping Five Happiness would work, but it looks like they are cur...

Dim sum Koi Palace (Daly City) on Saturday mornings?

by yumyumcity 7 years ago

Hello, I'm planning an outing with a couple friends (4 of us total) and we are craving dim sum. What's the chance of getting a table on a Saturday morning without wait at Koi Palace? Do we need to ...

Salt & Pepper Oxtail at Tai Wu/Mr Fong BBQ Noodle House Daly City

by RWCFoodie 8 years ago

A week or 2 ago I heard about & saw pictures of a dish that was new to me: Salt & Pepper Oxtail. The pictures I saw looked so good & the descriptions I read just about drove me crazy! The more I...

Burma Cafe – New in Daly City

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 10 years ago

When Little Yangon opened a year and a half ago, we learned that Daly City is one of the Bay Area’s Burmese population centers. The community now has a second restaurant to call its own, Burma Caf...

Thoughts about dinner (not dimsum) at Koi Palace? [Daly City]

by Pei 11 years ago

My dad, grandfather, and grandmother will be visiting SF for the first time over Memorial Day weekend and I'm trying to arrange for one very nice Chinese seafood dinner. My dad is a huge aficionad...

Porridge King - Daly City

Dave MP
by Dave MP 7 years ago

Went to Porridge King for brunch today. It was pretty busy at noon, but we only had to wait 3 mins for a table. I had the fish congee (small) which was a very nice version. Large chunks of clean...

ISO great Italian restaurant Daly City

by kawren 7 years ago

For tonight: ISO great Italian restaurant in Daly City near the Hampton Inn area; 2700 Junipero Serra Blvd. We enjoy fresh, healthy food, not overly processed, and also eat meat, chicken and fi...

TC Pastry Daly City

by gordon wing 8 years ago

haven't been back to TC Pastry in awhile ...... got there at 8:30am just as they opened ..... my favorite: sesame ball were still warm ...... very tasty as usual ..... crunch/crispy outside and che...

House of Silvanas (Filipino bakery w/ Silvanas), Daly City w/ pics

by hhc 11 years ago

House of Silvanas is not very far from the in-laws and we finally stopped in. Tip: Turn after seeing City Heights sign on Gellert Blvd, then go down the hill, bakery on the left. Parking lot is k...

Aung Mingalar Buddhist Temple Burmese Thingyan Festival 2013 (Daly City)

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 8 years ago

Intrigued by the advance intell on the Thingyan Festival (Burmese New Year) , http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/898131#8024565 , on Sunday I headed to Daly City to check out this new temple. A...

Where to buy a wok in SF, Daly City, or nearby

Dave MP
by Dave MP 9 years ago

I'm hoping to buy a wok - looking for something pretty simple, ideally with a wooden handle, probably carbon steel, with a flat bottom (it'll be used mostly on an electric stove). What are the best...

Quick and Good (preferably Asian) for post-airport pickup. SF, Daly City, Millbrae?

Dave MP
by Dave MP 9 years ago

I'm picking up friends from the airport tonight (Friday) around 9:15 PM, and I'd like to go somewhere for a quick bite directly afterwards....Asian food would be great (Chinese, Vietnamese, Burmese...

Double Chinese Brunch! Shanghai Dumpling King [San Francisco] AND Koi Palace [Daly City]

Dave MP
by Dave MP 9 years ago

My friends were in town from Boston, and I decided to show them a taste of the Chinese food offerings in San Francisco. First stop was Shanghai Dumpling King. They open at 10:00 AM on Sundays, a...

Bangkok Garden Thai Cuisine in Daly City

by elise h 10 years ago

A few doors down from excellent Korean restaurant Dae Jang Geum in the same small strip mall (201 Southgate) is Bangkok Garden Thai Cuisine. Has anyone tried it? A friend says the Chinese resta...

Dae Jang Geum, Daly City!

by elise h 10 years ago

A new addition to my list of regular favorites and maybe to yours. Tastiest, freshest panchan I've had. Included japchae and seaweed. Given the variety and quantity, it could have been a meal in it...

Near Daly City BART? El Camino Real?

by Kayde 10 years ago

I will be in and out of Daly City BART station frequently for the next couple months, and then taking public transit down El Camino Real as far as San Bruno, and would appreciate suggestions. Most ...

Little Yangoon in Daly City report

by SouthToTheLeft 11 years ago

Hey Chowhounders, After reading a recent post about where to eat in SF, I heard people talk about Little Yangoon in Daly City as the best Burmese food in the Bay Area. Burmese food is new to me,...