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Kolaches Are the Pinnacle of Carb Perfection

What are we if not human creatures roaming this earth in search of carbs, whether it's to jump-start a Monday, nurse a hangover, or satisfy a late-night craving. Kolaches, most often found in Texas...

Beer tour in Prague

by SueFH 1 year ago

I’m looking for a beer tour in Prague, there’s a ton listed online but would prefer personal recommendation (or warnings on to-avoid). Thanks!

Foodie tours?

by SueFH 1 year ago

Going to be in Budapest, Prague, Vienna, etc next month. I have some nice reservations but wonder what you experienced hounds think of the foodie tours that hit a bunch of local spots, more than a...

Updated: Vienna, Prague, Krakow, Budapest, Berlin

by SueFH 1 year ago

CH specifically directed me to start a new discussion since most are older than 4 years. So. Traveling with my 25 year old daughter. And I’m paying. This, I’m mostly interested in moderately pr...

Prague Review (mostly high-end)

by estufarian 2 years ago

We visited Prague last month (second visit) and found the food scene a bit less exciting than the first time, although still generally worth a visit. Top place for me was Field – which certainly...

6 Nights in Prague - Trip Report

by sarahbeths 4 years ago

I just have to say this…. we were coming from Rome and some of the best meals we had eaten a long time. Transitioning to the Czech palate was not easy! I am glad I put in the work of research and...

Restaurants in Brno?

by fmclellan 2 years ago

Hello, all. We will be in Vienna in August and taking a short-ish trip to Brno, Czech Republic. Any updated restaurant recommendations? Many thanks.

Prague Recommendations in Feb

by bobiedobie 4 years ago

Hey all, Heading to Prague for 3 nights in mid- to late-February, looking for some recommendations for good local cuisine. Read a lot about La Degustation but think that's (1) a bit pricy and (2...

Prague and Vienna

by pepisstud 4 years ago

I will be traveling to these cities for 4 days each at the end of August. My husband and I are good and adventurous cooks and we love wine. We've traveled to France many times as well as Italy and ...

Czech spice blend - Grilovaci Koreni - want to cook for a 10 year old!

by yvettefain 4 years ago

My boyfriend's daughter, Nikola, lives in Czech and we, sadly, only get to see her once or twice a year. Her grandmother and I are trying to figure out a pasta recipe that is made with this rub on ...

Czech made cheese and it's place in the Italian market

by vanderb 5 years ago

I currently live in South Moravia so this article struck "home" to me. Full disclosure, I'm a huge fan of Gran Moravia cheese, eat it almost daily and think their cheese shops are responsible for ...

What's happening in Budapest and Bratislava restaurants?commenda

by suzieq4 5 years ago

My husband and I will be traveling around Slovakia and Hungary this summer for a few weeks. Do any of you have some good recommendations for restaurants? We like local color, traditional foods, ...

Brno, CZ and area

by vanderb 9 years ago

I've started this thread to hopefully attract the attention of other Brno residents or those who are travelling to the area. I have recently relocated here, for work, from Bangalore, India where I...

Czech Restaurant Suggestions (not Prague)

by MGib 5 years ago

Hi Chowhound Community my wife and I are planning an Easter trip to the Czech Republic, spending 1 Night in Pilsen, then 2 nights each in Brno and Cesky Krumlov. We'd love some recommendations for...

Prague's delicious trdelnik on NPR Radio!

by FrankG68 5 years ago

The NPR (National Public Radio) just today had a report from Prague on trdelnik. You can find the audio under “Prague’s Franken-Cone Finds A Way To Bring Ice Cream And Doughnuts Together” here: htt...


by whitewater 5 years ago

Any suggestions for restaurants or shops in Prague? Any must go-to places? Also, for shabbat.

La Degustation, Prague - Review

by Asomaniac 7 years ago

My wife has impeccable manners. It is not her fault, I suppose - the parental influence coupled with years at boarding school will do that to you. Etiquette has been drummed into her from a young a...

Trip report - Prague, Vienna, Budapest-- Part 1 of 3 (Prague)

by MagicMarkR 5 years ago

Well, "wendyrobin" beat me to it, but here is yet another trip report for the same three cities... In June/July I visited Prague, Vienna and Budapest. I was traveling solo. For Budapest, I had...

Looking for good local food in Prag

by PongoUSA 5 years ago

We will be in Prag in July this year, staying in old town. Does anybody here has recommendations for local, not too touristy food in the city ? Anything I absolutely should try out ? Thanks !

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