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"Typhoon" brand cutting board

by A Train 13 years ago

I recently bought a good-sized end grain cutting board made by a company called "Typhoon". Had never heard of the brand, and I don't get much other than Amazon listings out of google. Don't see any...

Lyptus Cutting Board

by cwarmi 13 years ago

Does anybody have any experience with Lyptus cutting boards? Boos makes them and maybe other brands are out there also. Are they similar to maple in performance, likes/dislikes...any info is apprec...

Cutting Boards in Toronto

by dlw88 13 years ago

My parents are renovating their kitchen, and I think a beautiful large cutting board would make a wonderful addition to their new space. Can anyone recommend a good place please? A decorative cut...

Can I repair my own Cutting Board?

by lunchbox 13 years ago

Actually, It's my parents' cutting board. Its a 30+ yr old very decent Dansk board with endgrain middle and a beautiful Maple lip to prevent juices from spilling. The long and the short of it i...

Wood cutting board. Question and info

by Trazom 13 years ago

For anyone who uses a butcher block type or any very large wood cutting board. How do you prevent cross flavors? If I cut an onion and or garlic then wash and wipe off the board and later cut an o...

Time for a new cutting board

by lavendula 13 years ago

Any suggestions? Bamboo or wood? There are many Bamboo varieties, I'm not sure which one to go with! Thanks kindly!

Bamboo Cutting Board....Stinky

by Jacopo 13 years ago

I have had this Bamboo cutting board for about 5 years. I have never oiled it. I have never used bleach on it. We only cut vegetables on it, never meat. Well, it is starting to stink. Should I toss...

Cutting board clean up, again

by bachlava 13 years ago

I've looked through all of the threads on cutting boards, but I couldn't find one that addressed my specific question. I'm looking into buying a nice bamboo or wood board since I'm starting to i...

Help! My John Boos cutting board is starting to split

by sixelagogo 13 years ago

My dude purchased a beautiful john boos cutting board for me last christmas...since then, he and i have taken great care of it (mineral oil 3 times a week for the first month, then 2x a month ther...

Tempered glass cutting boards OK for knives?

by MaggieRSN 13 years ago

I saw a glass cutting board I'm interested in. The manufacturer says they're safe for knives, don't dull them. Anyone have any experience? I seem to wreck whatever wooden boards I encounter. ...

How to re-treat a cutting board ??

by Jimbosox04 14 years ago

I purchased a nice "OLD" 2 1/4 inch thick butcher block cutting board and would like to sand the surface down and re-treat it, since it was such a great steal at $2.00. How would you suggest I go...

Cutting board mold

by moglia 14 years ago

We recently discovered some black stains on a bamboo cutting board. Our first thought was mold but after searching the board it looks like it could be any number of things. Any thoughts on what t...

cutting boards, recommendations wanted

by mdibiaso 19 years ago

What do people suggest for cutting boards today. I used to have wood but found it difficult to get really clean and got worried about germs and using same board for meat then vegetables since I cou...

Cutting board question [moved from General Chowhounding Topics]

by gweixel 14 years ago

Hello - I just purchased my first wooden cutting board. I got it from the board smith - a very reputable block maker who has been highly recommended on this and other sites. I havent used the...

What to do w/old plastic cutting boards?

by kasselr 14 years ago

I have a stack of old of plastic cutting boards that I've been saving to do something with. I just can't figure out what. Any creative ideas? Are these recyclable (my town will only take 1 and 2...

Caring for a bamboo cutting board

by Megiac 14 years ago

I bought a very nice looking bamboo cutting board a few weeks ago ($20 at Target--such a steal!). Since I neglected my old Boos Blocks board to death, I'd like to take better care of this one . A...

Cutting boards

by itryalot 14 years ago

I see those gorgeous antique french ones yet I can't seem to keep one for more than 3 years. Any favourite brands, do's and don'ts? I don't use water to clean them. Do you have a separate one ...

Mysterious black stains on wooden cutting board

by dordogne 14 years ago

Large black splotches have been appearing soon after use; can't correlate with any specific kind of food. What's the cause and, more important, what's the cure? Can I sand the surface down by han...

Cutting boards?

by GrillNextDoor 14 years ago

Just got new knives-- my first good knives ever-- and I want to know which material cutting boards are best for keeping them sharp as long as possible? Also, do you have any good hints for the ...

Thirsty bamboo cutting board - how much oil?

by xnyorkr 14 years ago

Ok, I have a gorgeous bamboo cutting board, and I bought mineral oil. As soon as I wipe it on, whooosh, it's swallowed up. I did this about five times already. That wood seems to never be satisf...

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