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What's safe to use to finish butcher block?

by GDSwamp 9 years ago

Just got a new kitchen cart w/ a butcher-block top and the wood is unfinished. I'd like to stain it in some way but I...


paulamartini commented 24 days ago

Appropriate cutting board for Japanese knife?

by dannynyc 6 years ago

I just purchased my first Japanese knife (a Masamoto VG gyuto) after years of using Wusthofs. I generally use a bamb...

mikie commented 4 months ago

Does a glass cutting board = dull knives

by baseballfan 8 years ago

I recently replaced a plastic cutting board with a glass one and have noticed that after only a couple of uses my new...

mikie commented 6 months ago

Kramer Hinoki cutting boards-worth it?

by strangemd 4 years ago

I'm tempted by the new Kramer Hinoki and Walnut cutting boards


eljacko commented 7 months ago

Boos vs. Boardsmith

by boltsfan 5 years ago

Looking to upgrade my cutting board to a higher end grain one. I have read on-line (Chow, blogs, knife forums, etc…) ...


tobysachs commented 8 months ago

What's your favorite cutting/chopping board?

by deleomeyer 5 years ago

I have a love/hate relationship with my current 15 x 24 footed cutting board. I love that it has a groove as it coll...


tobysachs commented 8 months ago

Talk me out of (or into) this?

by AOchaley 9 months ago

I've been watching this Speciale knife/cutting board on Kickstarter for the last couple days, and I've talked myself ...

outRIAAge commented 9 months ago

Which is the Best Wood Cutting Board?

by hanna6834 4 years ago

I've used plastic cutting board all my life. I want to switch over to the Best wood cutting board. Any suggestions? A...

Pirendeus commented 11 months ago

Antique Butcher Block

by Lugeneb 7 years ago

I just purchased a butcher block that my great-grandfather made approximately 100 yrs ago. It sat in the barn for at...


butcher99 commented 11 months ago


by erica 6 years ago

Can I get the expert consensus here on a cutting board made from this wood? They certainly are beautiful, and expen...


abandon commented 1 year ago

Teak cutting boards really bad for knives?

by johnnyscience 1 year ago

I want to get a high quality cutting board and really want to get a teak board after doing some research on them. ...

mikie commented 1 year ago

cutting board made of Corian

by soccermom13 3 years ago

When we redid our kitchen eons ago, we put in Corian countertops. The company that installed the countertops gave us...


ferret commented 1 year ago

Should OXO Good Grips extend their product line?

by echao 1 year ago

I'm currently working on a design project revisiting the OXO brand and I hope those of you who are familiar with OXO ...


Ryuthrowsstuff commented 1 year ago

Cutting board and cross-contamination - Is it a real issue?

by bwspot 4 years ago

So, i am in the process of getting a new cutting board. I though about going with:


ricepad commented 1 year ago

John Boos 30 x 23" cutting board - too big?

by nikkib99 2 years ago

I have the John Boos 24x18x2¼ with the steel handles and juice tunnel and I don't like it. The handles get in the wa...


nikkib99 commented 1 year ago

walnut oil vs mineral oil

by jboisvenue 1 year ago

Curious to get input on a new board I want to purchase. Im looking at the super slab from catskill craftsmen. What sh...

mikie commented 1 year ago

Is 2" really thick enough for an end-grain cutting board?

by jljohn 5 years ago

In the last year, I've had two Boos Maple 2"--2.25" thick edge-grain cutting boards split on me, despite caring for t...


gnomeguitars commented 1 year ago

Advice on cutting board / butcher block

by tyyz 7 years ago

I've decided it's time to upgrade to a nice cutting board/butcher block that should (hopefully) last me a lifetime - ...


Nunamaker commented 1 year ago

New knife collection, but cutting board advice needed?

by Beeedee 1 year ago

Hello! I recently got married and we have amassed a really lovely knife collection. We didn't register for a set ...

JoanN commented 1 year ago

Michigan Maple Block End Grain Chopping Block

by bmadgett 1 year ago

Hey all! So, for Christmas, I wanted to get my dad a good chef's knife and a good cutting board to go along with it. ...

drrayeye commented 1 year ago