Cutting Board


Just how much more oiling on new board?

by dsk321 28 days ago

So I bought 2 boardsmith maple seconds almost a year ago but for various reasons didnt open the box till last week. They were intact as I kept the box indoors and still had a bit of oil in them, bu...

Wooden Cutting Board Use

by TastyReuben 29 days ago

Ok, this is a little different than the usual clean/care question. In short, how do you use your wooden cutting board? I got a big fat JK Adams board for Christmas, and I've used it just abo...

Best wood cutting board? Help, please!

by dainish 4 months ago

I looked at these based on some reviews online... The Ironwood Gourmet Acacia end grain (Kenji and others recommend this one) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000TZ0IQC/ref=ox_sc_act_title_...

New Boardsmith Chopping Block for Me

by W8lkinUSA 5 months ago

I just wanted to share images of my new Boardsmith end-grain chopping block since I haven't seen much Boardsmith action in the last few years. At 18.75 lbs on my analog bathroom scale, the full ...

Tojiro Scissor

by mobiledynamics 9 months ago

Bit the bullet and ordered a pair. Have looked at the Tojiro scissor for quite some time now - got tired of the CEO asking me to help cut the back out of birds. Years ago, I had a wusthof. It w...

How much joint glue is too much for Boos chopping block?

by W8lkinUSA 6 months ago

After going through 3 defective Michigan Maple end-grain 15''x15''x2'' chopping blocks and 2 Boos Blocks end-grain 15''x15''x3'' chopping blocks, I finally have a block that "seems" workable, but m...

What are people using to scoop chopped vegetables on a cutting board?

by starzzz 7 months ago

Interested in what people are using/recommendations for a cutting board scoop. E.g. collect cut onion or other veg. I note there are dough scrapers, scoops, turners and various spatulas but look...

Serrated knife use on cutting board

by SpringRam 8 years ago

I have a new walnut end grain cutting board. It has been advised not to use serrated knives (I have only one - a tomato knife) on this type of board. I assume using such a knife will cause cut mark...

Epicurean Boards

by mobiledynamics 10 months ago

I've got too many boards to boot. End Grain (mine) , Edge Grain (carving/BBQ/serving board), and the wifey uses Epicurean Boards..... I'm not a fan of the knives on the Epicurean but it's lightw...

Best wood for a cutting board?

by juliejulez 4 years ago

I am moving into my brand new house next month and I'd like to upgrade my large wood cutting board. My cabinets are walnut, so I was thinking a walnut board would look nice. But then I figured ...

Water "stain" on cutting board

by AntarcticWidow 1 year ago

While making dinner last night, I left a couple of peeled eggs on my new cutting board. I didn't realize until I started cleaning after dinner that the eggs left wet spots on the board. I wiped up ...

Coconut Oil - Rancid

by mobiledynamics 1 year ago

Riddle me this. Is there a coconut oil that does not go rancid ? I was just ordering some stuff from amazon, and there is a butcher block oil that has coconut oil as part of it's ingredients.....

Cutting Boards - Flat vs. Raised

by mobiledynamics 1 year ago

I'm going to have to test....take 2 cutting boards. One is just completely on the surface of the countertop. Another is about 1 1/2" off the countertop supported on 2 sides via legs. In terms of kn...

Cutting Board Particles

by mobiledynamics 1 year ago

Lately I've been mulling around all things cutting board.... I don't use the Epicureans Boards we have in there household, but there are times I do when the wifey has them out. I have 3 of these...

Cherry - Is it too soft?

by mobiledynamics 1 year ago

Just doing some material of choice decisions on cutting boards...we already have maple and walnut boards, so I'm thinking about switching gears Cherry is about 1/2 as hard as maple, with walnut...

Over the Sink Cutting Board and Colander

by penrichardson 1 year ago

What do you guys think about a combo over the sink cutting board/Colander combination? Any pros and cons?

Mineral Oil For Cutting Boards?

by susanrdrgz 1 year ago

I have been using regular drug store mineral oil for my cutting boards. I also use Boos Board Cream here and there but it’s way more expensive. I’ve always heard to use food grade mineral oil, but ...

In Search of a Better Cutting Board

by obillo 1 year ago

Advice and arcane knowledge, please, on the subject of cutting boards. Years ago I had a wonderful board made of rock maple (a.k.a. hard maple and sugar maple; botanically Acer saccherum). Hard use...

Help me find a home for my butcher block!

by Shrinkrap 1 year ago

Please! I was gifted some fancy new knives, and coincidentally, a large butcher block! I never thought about one before, but I understand it's better for knives than the plastic mat I usually ...

Cutting boards dull knives?

by BobB 5 years ago

I have a variety of cutting boards, including several of the almost paper thin flexible plastic ones. Someone told me that they dull your knives - is that true? (kaleo, I'm guessing this question i...