Curry Paste


Curry sauce lost all its flavor in the fridge? What happened?

by OP88 12 months ago

I made some really awesome panang curry a week ago thanks to a great recipe site online, so good that I saved the leftover sauce in glass jars and refridgerated them. Today, I excitedly reheated th...

How to store open can of curry paste?

by sarahbeths 3 years ago

Hi! I have this can of panang curry paste that's hard to find I have to drive 20 minutes to get it from a specialty store. $2 a can, not too $$$, but still rather not waste it. Can only use a table...

Slow Cooker & Thai Curry Paste

by JLHPROF 4 years ago

I have tried slow cooking pork and chicken with stock, coconut milk and curry past in the past. By the time the meat is shredded the broth is clear, there is no aromatic from the curry, and the st...

Thai Curry Paste - Mae Ploy v. Maesri

by dtud 14 years ago

Has anyone tried both of these? Is one better than the other? I always use Mae Ploy but was wondering how Maesri stacked up.

Is there Indian Curry Paste Similar to Mae Ploy Thai Paste?

by zackly 6 years ago

I see May Ploy Thai Curry Paste in most stores these days. In my nearby Asian grocery store they sell the 14oz. container for 4-5 dollars. It is very dense and a little goes a long way. I keep on h...

Best way to store curry paste and coconut milk?

by NShewmaker 5 years ago

Hey Guys, I had a hankering to make some curry this dreary Chicago day (something I've never made at home before). I was excited to find how simple it was but now I'm wondering what is the best ...

Craving for laksa

by pinoyfoodie 5 years ago

Where can I buy curry paste? There's a take out in Scaborough called One2Snacks on 8 Glen Watford Drive but it's far so I'd like to make my own.

Curry paste basics?

by alaimacerc 5 years ago

Having only recently joined the blender-owning classes, I'm trying to puzzle out the basics of curry pastes (especially Indian-style). Are the prepackaged ones essentially for convenience, or is t...

Homemade Red Thai Curry Paste...Worth the Effort?

by SirLoinOfBeefery 5 years ago

Hey fellow Chowhounders, I am planning on making a *stellar* Red Thai Curry paste. It is imperative that it is as authentic as possible and also as delicious as it can possibly be (side note: ...

5-Ingredient Curry Recipe

by PoundsToPocket 5 years ago

Preparing Indian cuisine at home might seem a little overwhelming. With our 5-ingredient curry recipe, making this popular British dish couldn’t be easier. For our delicious curry meal, follow o...

recommendation for curry paste

by koshfoodie 6 years ago

Hello again! I am trying to make a tasty thai curry and would love a recommendation for curry paste. I would prefer if it was available someone close to the city centre. I have tried a few but m...

where to buy canned Thai curry paste outside of Thai Town?

by french roast 10 years ago

I've recently discovered the joy of the concentrated curry pastes used to mix in with coconut milk for authentic Thai curries. Wow--now that is a 5 minute meal I can get behind! And I LOVE being ab...

Thai curry paste

by rozz01 6 years ago

I found some Thai curry paste in the back of my fridge, but the sell by date was 12/14. Would it still be safe to use ?

recs for Thai red curry paste in Toronto

by prima 6 years ago

I've been using Thai Kitchen red curry paste as a fridge staple for years, and I realize it's kind of watered down for the Canadian market. Thought I'd try another brand for a change. Which do you ...

Help: chicken thigh curry with roland yellow curry paste

by redgirl 7 years ago

I was given a jar of roland yellow curry paste. I'm thinking it may not be the highest quality stuff but I want to use it. want to make a Malaysian style coconut curry (mild) with chicken thighs....

Curry paste

by KaimukiMan 7 years ago

It may be a week before Thanksgiving but I'm got a hankering for some curry, preferably Thai style. Any suggestions where to buy some Thai style curry paste, the selection at Foodland is pretty bad.

How much red curry paste?

by arielleeve 10 years ago

I am thrilled to have finally found decent red curry paste -- the kind in a can, from a Thai grocery store -- instead of the crap that Thai Kitchen makes in the little jars. The back of the can say...

Where to find Panang Curry Paste in Vancouver (Metro Vancouver)

by MsScorpioFireDragon 7 years ago

Has anyone bought Panang Curry Paste in Metro Van? I can't find it. I don't see it in stores like Safeway, Superstore, T&T. Where can I find/buy it. I'd like to cook Panang Beef Curry at home.

Mae Ploy Panang Curry Paste and/or Coconut Milk?

by Cookinglikeabanshee 7 years ago

Does anyone know where I can buy Mae Ploy Panang Curry Paste and/or Mae Ploy Coconut Milk anywhere in or around Philly? I'm trying to replicate a dish I used to order in NYC and I understand I nee...