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What determines if the heat is felt at the start of the bite vs end of the chew?

by marlinspike 2 months ago

I am starting to move outside of my comfort zone and into curries. I have an issue in that I am getting great flavor ...


saregama commented 2 months ago

October 2102 COTM: 660 Curries -- Legume Curries, Vegetable Curries

by blue room 6 years ago

Post here your reviews for these dishes: Legume Curries …. 311-458 Vegetable Curries …. 459-646 The Chowhoun...


dtremit commented 2 months ago

question re: curry- Indian/Chinese

by Spencer 10 years ago

Neither myself nor my wife are fond of curry. A local Chinese restaurant owner encouraged us to try his curry chicke...


Harters commented 3 months ago

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Demiya Japanese Curry | San Jose

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 months ago

Last month I had a chance to check out Demiya, a Japanese curry specialist. The top of the menu offers this descripti...

Confused about curry (powder)

by bushwickgirl 9 years ago

When making Chinese chicken, beef curry or Mei Fun, I've been using Indian curry powder, I wonder if there's a more A...


medlar commented 5 months ago

Paneer Substitute

by sunflowerqueen 11 months ago

Does anyone know any cheeses that i might be able to sub for paneer in a tikka masala curry?


lokidog commented 6 months ago

Tom Collins party

by akdad 7 months ago

This spring/early summer I am planning a cocktail/dinner party around a Tom Collins bar. I’ll have a lazy susan with ...


babymole_bob123 commented 7 months ago

Pakistani style Haleem

by railer 8 months ago

Hi Folks, New poster on chowhound, but have been a long time browser of the site. Have been craving for a good ...


goaneat commented 8 months ago

Thicken Thai Curry?

by Chrysalisgirl 4 years ago

We love Thai green curries. However, after adding the coconut milk and broth, these dishes come out very soupy. We do...


maximam commented 8 months ago

What other vegetables can I put in indian food?

by Ramius 6 years ago

I´ve learned to make indian food lately. And quite well too. We´re talking currys here with the standard sauces of...


cookingprincess commented 9 months ago

Adding shredded Chicken to Curries

by tetraneutron 1 year ago

So normally when you put chicken in curries or other stews, or anything where chicken is braised, you take bone-in, s...


damiano commented 1 year ago

Freezing chicken curry / stews

by rapscalli 2 years ago

Hi all, Cooked a few chicken dishes (chicken curries and chicken chasseur) and froze them. The chicken breast was ...


chilliesnspice commented 1 year ago

Curry: red, green, yellow. What's the difference?

by junescook 7 years ago

Can anyone give me a pretty simple explanation of the difference between each of the curry pastes? At our Asian mark...


chilliesnspice commented 1 year ago

Massaman Curry with Avocado?

by Coyote 13 years ago

I am no expert on Thai cuisine, although I am making every attempt to learn about it, and I eat in Thai restaurants e...


krts commented 1 year ago

How to remove yellow curry (tumeric?) stain from kitchen countertop??

by Skillet Licker 12 years ago

A delicious Indian take-out dish -- cauliflower in a ground sesame and yellow curry sauce, for the record -- left beh...


loveheath commented 1 year ago

Smoky Thai Red Curry? Where to Find / How to Make?

by abex731 7 years ago

Ok here's a puzzle for you Chowhounds: Like many I have a curry that haunts my soul. It's made by a little Hmon...


RickChowhound commented 1 year ago

Freezing curry with various ingredient?

by cgxy96 1 year ago

I cooked chicken curry with coconut milk, broccoli, chicken wings, onions and rice to go with it. Can I freeze it and...


Ttrockwood commented 1 year ago

Recommend Sauces for Rice and Vegetables

by westes 1 year ago

I typically cook for about four days of meals in advance, to accommodate my schedule and available time for cooking. ...

jill kibler

jill kibler commented 1 year ago

Confused about curry

by CindyJ 1 year ago

I've been using Penzey's Hot Curry Powder when I make curried chicken. I can replenish my supply online, but my daug...


mushroomaffairs commented 1 year ago

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