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Where can I buy curing salt around here?

by fdizzle 11 years ago

I need to buy some curing salt for curing meats, but I haven't seen it locally. It is also called Prague Powder # 1, Insta-Cure, or pink salt. Does anyone know where I can find it in the twin citie...

Curing salt in RI

by Frobisher 12 years ago

Any ideas on where I can pick some up? I am in Providence but often find myself in other parts of the state. Also looking for Juniper berries, as I am planning on making some pancetta.

Curing Salt/Pink Salt/Salt Peter

by Rheux 11 years ago

Hello Board, Does anyone know where in Los Angeles I can find Curing Salt/Pink Salt/Salt Peter to cure my own meats, such as Pastrami and Bacon. Thanks, Rheux

Curing Salt

by Kooper 12 years ago

I want to start curing my own meat and one thing that all recipes call for is curing salt or Cure#2. Does anyone know where in Toronto I can find that ingredient? I want to try the pancetta recip...

kosher curing salts

by jonnyboy 11 years ago

I've made corned beef and pastrami (kind of) at home with just kosher salt, but I'm getting more adventurous and I'm looking for a source for kosher curing salt (i.e. salt with sodium nitrite). I k...

Saltpeter, curing salt and Sodium nitrates!! Portland Maine.

by kingeats 12 years ago

Ok in know they're all the same thing. I need help from my fellow food loving peeps out there, I want to corn some beef, cure some meats, maybe even make a couple of tasty sausages...... I know, n...

curing salts in honolulu?

by fatstern 12 years ago

anyone know where i can find curing salts in town or anywhere on oahu? interested in making corned beef etc etc.....mahalo!

Israel--Searching for curing salt

by chow_bella 12 years ago

Hi there. I live in Haifa and am trying to prepare homemade corned beef. I bought some briskets, but I have not been able to find any *curing salt*. In the shuks they tell me they only sell coar...

Where can I get curing salt?

by Den 13 years ago

I'm having a hard time finding curing salt in the Phila area. Anyone know where I can get it?

Curing Salt in the Upper Valley (NH, VT)

by melissaosu 13 years ago

Is there anywhere to buy curing salt/pink salt in the Upper Valley (Hanover Co-op does not carry it) Thanks!

Source for Curing salt -- Nova or DC?

by ciaohound 14 years ago

It is sodium nitrite, also known as pink salt and a bunch of other names. Lots of online sources but shipping costs are ridiculous. If someone can guide me to a local source I can have home brew b...

Curing Salts in OC?

by ErikaK 13 years ago

Beginning home curing projects are pending: bacon, pancetta & corned beef/pastrami. Anyone know where I can find curing salt (6.25% nitrite/instacure/tinted cure mix) around OC? I know Surfas p...

Suggestions for Pink Curing Salt?

by itaunas 14 years ago

I need to pick up some instacure to finish off a recipe and Christina's is out. Ideally cures #1 and #2, but need #1 now. I could probably bum some off a North End butcher or find it in Newmarket...

Curing Salts in Toronto

by Chef_Fu 14 years ago

Can anyone tell me where I can get some curing salts in Toronto? Preferably closer to the downtown area or atleast accessible by ttc.

Curing salts in Hamilton?

El Puerco
by El Puerco 14 years ago

I've been looking for curing salts in Hamilton, but I can only find online sources for several pounds when I only need a tsp. at a time.

pink/curing salt in seattle

by troutsteve 14 years ago

anyone know where to pick some of this up? i thank you, as does the slab of pork belly in my fridge... TS

Curing salt

by AmandaEd 14 years ago

Does anyone know where to buy curing salt (pink salt - 6.25% sodium nitrite)? There seem to be a few online sites, but I was perhaps hoping to buy some in the GTA. TIA.

Curing Salt

by tdonline 14 years ago

Ever since reading an article on home curing in the Washington Post, I've been hankering to start my own deli! Anyhow, I'm starting on the simple stuff for now, such as salted cod. To get to co...

Source for pink curing salt in KC area?

by caligula23 15 years ago

Help, I can't find it in this city. Just to be clear, I'm talking about curing salt that has sodium nitrite, and is sold under brand names including INsta Cure and DC Curing Salt. I can find it...

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