Don't Eat Homegrown Sweet Potatoes Until You Take This Critical Step

If you planted sweet potatoes this summer, it's time to harvest them—and there's another step you need to take before you bring them into the kitchen. Here's everything you need to know about how to...

ISO sodium phosphates in Montreal

by Ghostquatre 1 year ago

e450 e451 and e452, tripolyphosphate, hexametaphosphate, disodium phosphate, any of these 3 will do. I've tried looking at Anatol and la Guilde culinaire which is where I found cure#1, but I've had...

Cured eggs for an umami boost

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

Interesting piece that landed in my inbox today on making cured eggs or yolks for extra umami in dishes. Dry salted, wet brined, soy sauced, smoked.

How long can I hang a 500g prosciutto?

by billy198621 2 years ago

I've made a 500g prosciutto (pork belly) I cured it in salt and herbs for 36 hours and now I am hanging it in my refrigerator for the next 6 weeks or until it loses about 30% of its water content.....

How to Make Olives Edible workshop, Aug 31, Sebastopol

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

August 31, 2019 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM Held at The Olive Oasis 7820 Apple Blossom Lane Sebastopol, CA 95472 $95 per person Advanced registration required. Contact Don at olivedon@hotmail.c...

Build a meat curing box

by sheriff 12 years ago

I'm interested in building a small meat curing box to make salumis, bacon, etc. I've done some research and there are some pretty elaborate contraptions that people have concoted using old freezer...

Stagionello or BMW?

by RicktheHun 3 years ago

Hello Chowhounds, I've got a question for you. Should I buy a Stagionello cabinet to cure my salami or stick it out with my DIY curing cabinet and buy a BMW? I love traditional, homemade salam...

The Revival Of Lamb Ham: A Colonial Tradition Renewed

by jujuthomas 6 years ago

At the end of the article it tells you how to make your own "city" lamb ham. I'm intrigued!! I'm hoping DH and I find a weekend where we can try this.

Japanese Mentaiko recipe for cod roe

by Antoniabruce 4 years ago

Hi there, I've just returned from a trip to Kyushu Island, Japan where I fell in love with mentaiko - spicy marinated cod's roe that is a speciality in Fukuoka. Does anyone happen to have a rec...

Smoked & Cured Sablefish

by biggreenmatt 4 years ago

Hi all- quick question about making smoked sablefish at home. I've been making lox, gravlax, etc., for the better part of a decade - but after a ridiculous brunch at Sidelle's in NYC, I'm lookin...

"Quik-Qure" Dry Aging Process

by Smokehouse_84 4 years ago

Seen a fair amount of interest in Koji here on CH so thought I'd intro you to a company I've been following on IG that has a line of products to do some very neat process including an "accelerated ...

Tusino vietnamese curing powder : bột nêm nướng

by DLovsky 5 years ago

Anyone out there picking up this product at the Asian store and using it? Any clue what the Sodium Nitrite (NO2) percentage is? Google "tusino curing powder", and click "Images". The very first...

Traditional curing, preserving, baking, cooking classes taught by a grandmother or grandfather?

Food Tourist
by Food Tourist 7 years ago

My grandmother lives too far away, but does anyone know of a real grandma or grandpa or elder who teaches cooking their traditional way? e.g. cured meats, sausages, liqueur, religious festival trea...

Where to get curing salt around here?

by cfoodie 6 years ago

I am trying to find curing salt or prague powder to make some good old Canadian peameal bacon. Could not find it at Whole Foods or Balducci. Obviously this is very against the organic/healthy foo...

Pink Curing Salt #1

by BostonTparty 4 years ago

I'm back. I want to cure my own corned beef and I'm looking for pink curing salt #1. Anyone have any idea where to find it around Boston. I have used potassium nitrate ( saltpeter ) in the past but...

Making Biltong

by TheFamine 14 years ago

Having just put my latest load of biltong-to-be in the fridge (where it sits for the next 24 hours in a marinade) I thought I'd share a simple recipe for this delicacy. Given that various South ...

Corned Beef

by jounipesonen 4 years ago

This list was in NYT for Corned Beef ingredients. How can one avoid the NO2 - is there any substitute? What else does the nitrite do besides color? If eaten 'quickly' why do we need the preserving ...

Texture Problem with Homemade Pickled Lox

by helou 4 years ago

I got a wonderful recipe from someone online for making my own pickled lox. It involves salt/sugar curing salmon, and then letting it pickle in brine for 3 days. The recipe was excellent, and t...

Curing meats at home

by porker 13 years ago

[We've moved this subthred from this thread on the Boston board http://www.chowhound.com/topics/499967 -- THE CHOWHOUND TEAM ] I think saltpeter (sodium Nitrite) is difficult to get because of i...

Prague powder and all purpose cure

by teflontom 9 years ago

I came across some cures buried in the bottom of one of my fridges. Question is, does anyone know if they expire? Iknow they are basically salt with nitries or nitrates. Just curious.

An Idea for Anchovies (Maybe)

by WommackAttack 5 years ago

I have an idea to use canned anchovies or anchovy paste as a cure for meat. Specifically, I want to use anchovies to cure duck before I confit. Has anyone ever attempted this, or have any suggesti...