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The New York Times Re-Starts The Bagel Wars

by patsully 9 months ago

It feels like this is going to go over about as well as peas in guacamole... "But no, to be clear: Emily Winston’s bagels are some of the finest New York-style bagels I’ve ever tasted. They just...

Gluten & Dairy Free restaurant recs in West LA?

by LDWmoorestreet 2 years ago

Hello everyone, my family is newly GF & dairy free and we are looking for restaurant recs in Santa Monica, Venice, Mar Vista, Culver City, Brentwood, or really anywhere westside. Help appreciated!

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Fun upscale dinner recommendations for Westside office party?

by Dr. Confoundo 3 years ago

Hi everyone! I've been tasked by my boss to find a location where we can have an office holiday dinner for about 10 people. (Not sure how I lucked into this, but so it goes.) Do you have any sug...

Quiet Restaurant on LA's Westside?

by IcemanLA 3 years ago

Hi, We're looking for a quiet restaurant for dinner, open to any type of cuisine, but hopefully something in the $20-$25 range for entrees. Doesn't have to be fancy but we like to talk and are g...

Best Culver City Dinner $100 each with wine

by chnewbie2015 4 years ago

Visiting friends and looking for a place for dinner in or near Culver City. Criteria are up to $100 per person with wine, tip and some place quiet enough to have a conversation

Cigar Smokers

by cheri562 4 years ago

Is there a restaurant that will allow cigar smokers to smoke... maybe the patio, balcony, or a sectioned off area? I'm looking anywhere from the beach cities to Orange County and anywhere in betwe...

FIN Asian Tapas Bar?

by intuitivelyobvious 5 years ago

Anybody tried this place? Comments? Some yelpers liked it some hated it and found it bland and expensive. FIN Asian Tapas Bar 12223 W Washington Blvd Culver City, CA 90066

Lonzo's Bakery?

by aliris 5 years ago

I'm really surprised not to find discussion of Lonzo's Bakery in Culver City here. For the longest time it's been a to-me not terribly interesting bakery; lots of gluten-free offerings for example...

Closed for Private Party Suggestions - WLA/SAMO/CULVER

by BigShotArtist 5 years ago

I'm looking for a small bar/restaurant to host my husband's 40th birthday in the West LA/Santa Monica/Culver City area. Approx 30 guests, hosted bar and small plates. Any suggestions? My budget...

Brunch Culver City

by DanielleW 6 years ago

My husband and I are getting a rare opportunity to go out to brunch by ourselves without our kids...at a normal hour. We haven't done this in about 4 years. We have a limited amount of time free, s...

Recs for weekday breakfast in Culver City

by roz 6 years ago

Friends: I have a business colleague whom I'm meeting in Culver City for a weekday breakfast - we need to find a place that opens at around 8:00 am - and has seating and tables where you can sit...

Is Holy Cow BBQ in CC expensive?

by PaulF 6 years ago

I haven't tried Holy Cow BBQ in Culver City yet. As far as I can tell, it's pretty new (I drive by that shopping center all the time and only recently noticed it). I guess there is one in Santa Mon...

Food to bring a family with a new baby - Culver City

by DanielleW 6 years ago

Hi, Some neighbors just had a baby and I'd like to bring the family some food. If I still lived in Westwood, I'd bring a quiche or pot pie from Clementine. That's too far away from me now. Is th...

Group/Family Dining in Culver City area

by annapurna7 6 years ago

I'm looking for a good restaurant that has a private room or area that can seat 20 people for a family gathering in or near the Culver City/MDR/Playa or Venice area. Not worried about the pricepoin...

Is Surfas going away?

Mattapoisett in LA
by Mattapoisett in LA 6 years ago

According to the Culver City Crossroads The folks at Surfas have sold the land where the store and cafe are for $16 Million. They will stay in the location until plans are drawn up and permits are ...

Early Sunday dinner in Culver City (or nearby)?

by josephnl 6 years ago

We have tickets for a few Sunday matinee performances at the Kirk Douglas Theater in Culver City at the ridiculously early time of 1pm. This means we'll be out by 3:30 or 4:00 at the latest. We don...

Lukshon Culver City

by bigelectriccat 11 years ago

Lukshon has officially opened and I will tell you all about it now. Eating spicy foods gives you Technicolor dreams. Trust me I know from global experience. West side fans of the San Gabriel Val...

hand cranked coconut grater

by Thi N. 18 years ago

To whoever was looking for a hand-cranked coconut grater, my friends and I bought one at one of the Indian grocery stores in Culver City. I think it was the one on... er, Washington in the same lot...

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