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"CSA" stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and it's a way to buy local, seasonal ingredients directly from farmers. Share your favorite sources for CSA boxes, or ask for recommendations from other Chowhounds.

Chowhound Gift Guide 2018: Eco-Friendly Food Gifts That Give Back

It feels great to give gifts (and, let's be honest, to receive them too), but it's even better if they give back to the world in some way, with proceeds going to charity or preservation efforts. That...

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Strictly a Meat CSA Question

by snowfarm 5 years ago

Thanks for your thoughts about CSAs, but t went heavy on produce. I've got some meat questions for you. Please answer some, all, or just riff on your own. Do you care if meat gets to you frozen ...

Another CSA discussion?

by snowfarm 5 years ago

This is more of a "why bother with a CSA" discussion. I've had produce CSA shares and enjoyed them. I liked connecting with the farmer, I liked knowing I was "helping" by paying up front, and th...

Edible East Bay's CSA Guide

by tre2012 5 years ago

I hadn't run across this before but I thought some of the EBay folks might be interested. It seems well-organized and comprehensive: " Pick the right CSA program for you: Most CSA programs offer...

Durham-Raleigh CSA

by mclp 5 years ago

I'm investigating CSA options and the last relevant post on CSAs in the area is from 2011. Anyone care to share their experience with local CSAs? I'm located in Durham, so I would like a pickup opt...

CSA recommendations?

by Serene 5 years ago

Hi, all, I don't see a recent thread about this, but if there is one, please let me know. Anyway, looking to possibly join a CSA. I'm in the South Bay, and can pick up in the general area, or...

CSA Reviews

by Torina 5 years ago

Last week, I had suggested doing more thorough comparisons of CSAs by posting pictures and box contents. (Reference: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/986846) Here are the contents of the Medium ...

Oakland CSA rec

by relizabeth 5 years ago

Recently relocated to Oakland and already missing our CSA. Any recs for a good one? Want organic (not necessarily certified) and doesn't need to be a delivery. Would love to join now, but could wai...

August 2014 Farmers' Markets, Farm Stands, CSA updates

by BostonZest 5 years ago

Things are really perking at the markets. I'm overdosing on blueberries, heirloom tomatoes, and cantaloupe, and itching to explore more markets. What are you buying and what's your current loca...

John Crow Farm CSA - What Happened to Them?

by lescaret 6 years ago

A few years ago, we got word of a new CSA in Groton, MA: the John Crow Farm. We signed up and enjoyed great produce for several seasons. Then we signed up for their meat CSA about a year ago and we...

Seafood/fish CSA or Bulk Shares?

by aubreylynn 9 years ago

Hello, One of the saddest things for me about Thundering Hooves closing is that I bought 30lb shares of salmon from them during salmon season. Does anybody know of other resources for bulk seafo...

June 2014 Farmers' Markets, Farm Stands, CSA updates

by BostonZest 5 years ago

Strawberries are starting to arrive. I picked up some on Friday at the Atlas farm stand at Copley. Obviously you have to be there early for early season crops. What are you buying and where? ...

Charlotte Area CSA's

by cateringchick 8 years ago

Looking to join a CSA this year, does anyone know of any with pickup places in Charlotte?

July 2014 Farmers' Markets, Farm Stands, CSA updates

by BostonZest 5 years ago

Another month, another set of crops and conversations about fresh, local food from area farms and kitchens. Here is the June link in case you have a question that might be answered there. ht...

FreshDirect CSA is pretty great (NY-Philadelphia only)

by AdinaA 5 years ago

Fresh Direct offers CSA boxes - from a consortium of organic farms in Pennsylvania. It's great because you don't have to go pick it up and lug it home. And you don't have to get it every week a...

CSA Farms

by blondee_47 5 years ago

I am trying to find a list of CSA farms in Montreal vicinity. Where can I find such a list as online doesn't seem to have a current list. Also anyone know the costs involved?

Kosher CSA?!

by izzyfuld 5 years ago

Does anybody know of any kosher CSA's out there? Meat, Chicken, eggs, etc.

Late May Farmers' Markets, Farm Stands, CSA updates

by BostonZest 5 years ago

Area summer farmers' markets are opening. I went to Copley on Tuesday and was came home with a heavy shopping bag. Since the farms are supporting more winter operations for winter markets, who...

CSA 2014

by mngal 6 years ago

Any new thoughts or updates on this thread from last year? http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/895603#7975888

Meat CSA @ Stillman's at the Turkey Farm

by lyuen82 6 years ago

Hello! Just bought a meat CSA share with Stillman's @ the Turkey Farm. This is my first experience with any CSA. Curious to see if anyone else is participating and what they have gotten thus far. ...

Monmouth county CSA reccs

by doggiedoc 6 years ago

I was thinking abt joining a CSA in Monmouth county and was hoping to gain some insight...any feedback and recommendations wld be greatly appreciated!