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"CSA" stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and it's a way to buy local, seasonal ingredients directly from farmers. Share your favorite sources for CSA boxes, or ask for recommendations from other Chowhounds.

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It feels great to give gifts (and, let's be honest, to receive them too), but it's even better if they give back to the world in some way, with proceeds going to charity or preservation efforts. That...

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Need some great fruits and veggies-CSA feedbacks for '04 season?

by Chris 15 years ago

Hi, I remember reading a helpful thread on CSA farms in the Boston area on Chowhound, but can't seem to locate them. Anyone? I'm also curious about feedbacks and recommendations based on the curr...

CSA in West LA

by Chase66 16 years ago

Trying to find a CSA set up on the West Side somewhere, any help would be MUCH appreciated. thanks, -- chase

CSA recc's?

by dixieday 16 years ago

Anyone tried or know anything about CSAs in the Village/West Village? I'd love to have a basket of veggies waiting for me once a week...

Anyone belong to a CSA in the North Shore area?

by Weiszguy 16 years ago

I'm looking for a CSA share for relatives in Wilmette.. they had never heard of such a thing before visiting us in the greater Boston area. Does anyone have a farm they can recommend for next summ...


by Jim Grinsfelder 16 years ago

Are CSA subscriptions a chowhound-ish thing? CSA = Community Supported Agriculture, not Confederate States of America. How many of you subscribe to a CSA? If you are a subscriber, are you having...

CSA in the DC Area?

by Nate Martin 16 years ago

Does anyone know of any farms in the DC area (preferably Maryland) that are engaging in the Community Supported Agriculture model, i.e. offering weekly shares of their produce either delivered or f...

farmers market or CSA on Long Island

by Julia 16 years ago

Hello, I'm visiting my friends who live just outside of the Bronx on Long Island, and they are looking for freshest produce. Please advise if you know of the better farmers markets (where the farme...

Phoenix Consumer Supported Agriculture (CSA)

by kjhart 16 years ago

All the talk on the General Topics and Not About Food Boards about Consumer Supported Agriculture shares had me wondering if there are any CSAs in the Phoenix Area. I've tried some of the local fa...

CSA in Westchester

by SharonA 16 years ago

I've just learned that there are some shares available in the Roxbury Farm CSA, which I think is the first (and perhaps the only) CSA in Westchester. Pickups are in Pleasantville, Thursdays, 3-7. ...

CSA Farm Share

by Bubblehead 16 years ago

Saw a timely posting below having to due with the bounty of vegtables received from CSA shares. I was glad to see it because I was starting to wonder if I had made a smart choice joining. We just r...

CSA delivery in Los Angeles?

by jen maiser 16 years ago

Does anyone have experience with CSA Farm delivery in the Los Angeles area? Looking for one to deliver to Long Beach. The CSA Website shows Pax Organica as one possibility. Any personal expe...

Buff Rock Farm & CSA update, info, input - kinda long

by Madd 17 years ago

I subscribed to Buff Rock last summer and it's true, there were weeks with next to nothing and others that were abundant, due to bad weather in the growing season. I planned to sign up again this ...

Buff Rock Farm and other CSA "subscription" farms. Anyone tried these?

by tony 17 years ago

As much as I enjoy going to the various farmers markets during the season, I can't always make it to the nice ones in Oak Park, Chicago and Wheaton. My residence only allows for a few small planter...

CSA reference - Seattle

by John Maltman 17 years ago

Looking for a recomendation for a Community Supported Agriculture program with a pick up point around Queen Anne (downtown, ballard, fremont)...Any ideas ????


by Frank C 17 years ago

Help' The Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm that I have enjoyed all season (Good Earth Farm) is folding. Does anyone have recomendation for an organic CSA within 40 minutes of Cambridge? ...

Seattle area CSA programs

by RebeccaG 17 years ago

I've become addicted to the farmer's market and am wondering how I'll get by once it closes. A couple of the vendors are advertising winter CSA shares - you pay up front and receive a box of produ...

experience with brooklyn csa?

by Mary Shaposhnik 18 years ago

Am considering joining the newly formed Clinton Hill CSA (clintonhillcsa.org, if you are interested). It looks like it will be linked to the same farm that provides produce to the Park Slope CSA. ...

Organic Farm -Food Deliveries? (CSA's)

by saucyknave 18 years ago

There are several organic farms in the Philadelphia area (CSA's) where one can buy a "share" for a weekly box of goodies depending on what's being harvested. Has anyone tried this? Do any of th...

Has anyone particpated in a CSA in Brooklyn?

by MarthaD 19 years ago

I moved to Park Slope from Chicago recently and am trying to hookup with a CSA(Community Supported Agriculture)as I loved the one I belonged to in Chicago. And no- I didn't fully comprehend the de...

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