What Is the Difference Between English Muffins and Crumpets?

Consider the English muffin. It is likely, if you are any self-respecting lover of brunch, that you’ve consumed at least one in the last week or so, but the humble base of Benedicts contains many mysteries...

Crumpets in Park Slope?

by singefumant 6 years ago

Am looking for crumpets in Park Slope. Key Foods on 7th used to stock them but I haven't been able to find them in a while. Any recent sightings?

What's the difference between a crumpet and an English muffin?

by ipsedixit 12 years ago

I'm not English, nor British, nor pretend to be ... But I'd like to be enlightened as to the difference between a crumpet and an English muffin, assuming there is one.

where can i find crumpets in NYC?

by jam 17 years ago

anyone recommend a source for these tasty tea accompaniments?

Tried & true crumpet recipe?

by Allstonian 8 years ago

I made raspberry jelly and damson plum jam this year, and am planning on giving some as Christmas gifts to my 4 office mates. I thought that crumpets would be a nice addition to kind of tie the wh...

Crumpets in DC?

by gateway girl 9 years ago

Does anyone know where to BUY crumpets in the DC area? I've been buying them online from Wolferman's but it's getting expensive. Thanks.


by whs 9 years ago

The new Market Basket in Manchester NH has crumpets - Sharrock's British Style Crumpets made in New Bedford MA. I love these - very different from English muffins, when toasted a little crunchy an...

Where can I find crumpets?

by afarooqs 9 years ago

Anyone know where I can find crumpets - english muffin's cousin :) Anywhere in greater Boston would do.

Crumpets in nyc?

by afarooqs 9 years ago

I recently went to Seattle and had crumpets for the first Time. They were amazing. Now I'm wondering where I can find them close to home. Do you any place in or around NYC where they make FRESH ...

Where to find McCrees Crumpets in East Bay?

by missdemo 10 years ago

I've developed a craving for these delectable morsels since discovering they are actually only 80 calories (okay that is before jam and butter!!) but they are really the only decent brand of crumpe...


by linny53 10 years ago

Help! I'm desperately trying to find a bakery or source of British scones in the Winston-Salem, Greensboro, NC area.

Where can I get some good scones and crumpets (for Royal Wedding party)?

by GarySilverSpring 10 years ago

I will be hosting an evening Royal Wedding viewing party and would like to find a good place to get scones, crumpets, or any other Bri'ish foods. I live in Silver Spring. Thanks. Gary

Fresh crumpets in Toronto?

by moverton 10 years ago

My spouse will be up early Friday with a visiting monarchist to watch W+K; I won't, but wouldn't mind bringing home fresh crumpets Thursday that they can warm up. Any bakery sources to recommend in...

NYT Crumpets and Clotted Cream and Marmalade

by oakjoan 11 years ago

These recipes were in this past Wednesday's food section of the NYT. I made them for breakfast today. Well, I made the crumpets starting last night. They looked pretty ugly because I didn't ha...

Inn the Park for just crumpets & tea? [London]

by sandypaws3 11 years ago

My husband and I will be having breakfast at Inn the Park at 10:00 AM -- the earliest time they had -- on Easter Sunday. We aren't interested in a big breakfast, just crumpets & tea. Is this acce...

Egg Rings / Pancake Molds / Muffin-Crumpet Rings

by mtpaper 12 years ago

Who has some that stay flat on the griddle, so the egg or batter does run out the bottom? And, how tall/thick do they need to be to work for English muffins or crumpets? Has anyone tried the ...

Crumpets in DC?

by district1025 12 years ago

Does anyone know of a bakery that has great crumpets in the DC area? Any helps is much appreciated!


by afds 12 years ago

I've read a lot about them but never tasted one. Next week we'll be in London, where would be a good place to try them? Preferably not as part of breakfast, I've tried the FEB and found it an inter...

Restaurant that serves crumpets in Austin?

by angusb 12 years ago

I'm wondering if there are any restaurants or tea shops that serve fresh crumpets in Austin? Or anywhere around Austin?

need crumpet advice

by gnosh 14 years ago

I tried making crumpets from a recipe I found online, but they didn't turn out like crumpets at all. No holes. I used a yeast batter and cooked them on a griddle in rings and they came out more l...

Crumpets, please!

by laosa13 13 years ago

Hi, Does anyone know where you can get a freshly made crumpet in NYC? Thanks Kathy