Morning Wood | San Bruno

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Two months ago a polite dinner party conversation about Morning Wood, the Hawaiian style breakfast spot in San Bruno inspired a visit to see if this diner could live up to the promise of its name. ...

Cerveceria Aguamala | El Sauzal - Ensenada

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

On our way back to town from a lovely dinner in June at El Pinar de 3 Mujeres https://www.chowhound.com/post/el-pinar-de-tres-mujeres-valle-de-guadalupe-ensenada-1075125 , we stopped at Cerveceria ...

Which Berkeley Bowl is less annoying?

The Librarian
by The Librarian 6 years ago

I haven't been to Berkeley Bowl in years, in fact the last time was before the new one opened. I am currently taken with Bowl'd's various kimchis and found out (through CH of course) that they carr...

Blue Dragon for lunch-crowded?

by foodieX2 8 years ago

Do you think it will be hard to get a table at noon on Weds or Thurs of next week? There will 4 of us and we are on a somewhat tight time schedule. Most of the earlier threads were about dinner...

Bar Marmont - On a Crowded Friday Night

by dkpdfa 8 years ago

I'm a firm believer in not trying to get into any restaurant in the greater West Hollywood, Third Street area Thursday - Sunday's without a reservation. And I resent when anyone suggests that I mak...

Fiddler's Bistro--always crowded but no one goes there.....

by coffeebrownies 10 years ago

We walked by Fiddler's Bistro last night, and it was full. With all the great restaurants in the neighborhood and all of the less expensive food available at Farmers' Market....what are we missing...

Toro on a Friday Night at 5:30 ???? Crowded at the bar ????

C. Hamster
by C. Hamster 10 years ago

Considering meeting up with some friends after work at Toro tomorrow but wondered how mobbed their bar gets on a Friday night. Will it be crowded at 5:30?

Why is Farina so crowded every night?

by vulber 10 years ago

Recently I walked by Farina early on a weekday night and noticed the main dining room to be absolutely packed. Having not been in a while, I looked at the menu out of curiosity and was shocked at t...

Oakland Brunch (with baby) - Aunt Mary's now too crowded

by peterme 12 years ago

So, Aunt Mary's was our go-to brunch spot, but after today, waiting ~30-40 minutes for a table, and then another 30-40 minutes for our food, we need to look elsewhere. (It's distressing that we had...

East Coast Grill Brunch- Crowded or Doable, Late?

by opinionatedchef 11 years ago

They stop brunch at 2:30. Anyone know if we'd likely have trouble being seated if we go late- like 2pm?or maybe the crowds have thinned by that time? fav dishes? thnx much. ----- East Coast Grill ...

minetta tavern "supper" -- crowded on sat night? ++

by christinaemcc 11 years ago

do you think that if 2 people were to show up at minetta tavern around 12:30/1am on a saturday night, that there would be a long wait? i just want the black label burger w/a leffe... i'm not lo...

Gloria's Cafe - crowded on Friday night?

by spkspk 13 years ago

I want to pop my Gloria's Cafe cherry tomorrow night... is it going to be horribly crowded? Also, any recs on what to order?

Alemany so much more crowded!

by sfoperalover 13 years ago

In the 8 years I've been going to the farmers market, i've noticed a gradual increase in the crowds at the alemany farmers market. but this years, it feels like a much more significant increase in ...

Cibo about to get crowded

by amykragan 14 years ago

Got a sneak preview there last night. They are featured in the March edition of Texas Monthly as the #3 restaurant in Texas. Special mention of the butternut squash ravioli (which was the highlig...

Lunetta of Brooklyn is Crowded and Noisy like Manhattan and Almost as Expensive but has Great Food

by Reynold 14 years ago

It’s about the food, which is superb, so it’s well worth a visit. The bruschetta starters, at a very reasonable $4, were mostly savory and delicious: butter beans with rosemary-garlic oil, spicy le...

Sip Sak - crowded?

by KitchenVoodoo 14 years ago

Am visiting NYC for Easter and doing a lot of solo dining - which I'm fine with, but I'd like to try Sip Sak on Thursday night around 9p.m. and wondering if there would be a wait. Do they have a b...

is blackbird too crowded

by juan epstein 14 years ago

everyone on here raves about this place but isn't it communal seating? i want to go there but i have no interest in listening to the conversation of the people next to us and vice versa.

Table 8 - Crowded?

by Hungryfina 14 years ago

So I have reservations at Table 8 for my birthday party dinner next Friday. Since it's my 25th birthday, I really want a place that's going to be crowded and lively and fun. I've read a couple of r...

Westside place for a crowded b-day party

by pdjy 15 years ago

How is Axe for a crowd of say 8-10 people? I mainly want to ensure that everyone can have great conversation, enjoy tasty drinks and at the same time leave with a full stomach. Or shall we go els...

Mangos on Las Olas - why are they always crowded

by meb903 15 years ago

We went there this past Sunday night (the friends we were with wanted to go - not my choice). What is the deal? Why is this place always crowded? My husband had a seafood casserole that was so b...