Make Mornings Magical with a One-Pot Baked Almond Croissant French Toast

My favorite part of a weekend morning, aside from sleeping in, is the ability to quietly tiptoe downstairs while everyone is still asleep and cook a show-stopping breakfast. The weekdays are long and...

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Fairfield County Croissants-Mother's Day

by Greg 17 years ago

We are having all the Mother's to our house for brunch on sunday, and want to make it special. Where in Fairfield County, can we buy great croissants, muffins or baked goods. Thank you

Resurrecting the croissant discussion...

by china 17 years ago

I found the thread from 2002 about chocolate croissants and the like. All your suggestions sound great.... except for the part about "hocking your trombone" to pay for it all. Are any of the places...

Best croissant in berkeley?

by jay 17 years ago

Hi there, I am dying for a great croissant. Can someone tell me where to get one? thanks

Good croissant North of Boston, in Newburyport!

by pastrytroll 17 years ago

We stopped by the Bread bakery out in the Tannery this morning. In the interest of research, I had to try the croissants. Good rise, nice caramelized crust that shatters into little crispy butter...

Excellent Chocolate Croissants in Mid-town?

by sophialil 18 years ago

I'm looking for a quality chocolate croissant in or near the garment district area, where I work. My favorites are all a bit far away--J'Adore on 23rd St. by the Flatiron (warm, rich, almost gooey)...


by LM 17 years ago

Where would I find excellent croissants for breakfast in Midtown?

Finally got a 'croissant' at Truly Jorg's on Rt. 1 north (long)

by pastrytroll 18 years ago

I got to leave work early today, so at 4:45pm I pulled into the little plaza with Truly Jorg's and it was actually open! So I went in to give the place a second chance. The photo albums of Jorg's...

best croissants in boston

by jules 18 years ago

in response to a post last week. Clear Flour bakery in brookline has the best croissants by far. saturdays and sundays only.

croissant doughnut at The DONUT PUB

by Aki 18 years ago

One of the new things that they started making after the renovation. It's a deep fried custard cream filled croissant covered with lots of sugar.$1.50 each.The custard cream has a bit artificial fl...

almond croissants - best filling?

by Mariko 18 years ago

Hello all, I'm thinking about making some almond croissants for a friend, and I need some advice. Not being an almond person myself, I've never really researched almond croissants. SO, what are the...

Where are the best croissants?

by svL 18 years ago

A friend of mine just came back from two weeks vacation in France. She spent a few days looking for the perfect croissant in Paris. Listening to her glowing reviews made me wonder, "what restaurant...

Frozen Croissant Dough?

by lazybaker 18 years ago

Does anyone know anyplace in SF where I can find good quality (preferably uncut) frozen croissant dough? Thanks in advance.


by Kate 18 years ago

Hurray! I have found the croissant fix I was looking for. This was facillitated by having to take my car in for service by 8:00 am, on University Avenue. I finally got to the Trung Nam French Ba...

Croissant Investigations

by weipanlan 18 years ago

I started yesterday with the croissant recommendations I received from Chowhounds at Patisserie Delanghe on 1890 Fillmore. A good sign when I entered was a slogan that said "butter croissants."I ch...

Croissants, please

by Kate 18 years ago

I was in Paris and now I'm spoiled! Does anyone know where I can get light croissants, like the New French Cafe used to offer? I always get to the French bakery on University Avenue too late in t...

Where to find: Real Croissants

by weipanlan 18 years ago

Where is SFO can I get a decent French style Croissant eg soft,yeasty and made with butter?I am also after ham croissants and really yummy French pastisserie.


by aet 18 years ago

Any suggestions on where to find some good(crispy,flaky, not soggy) croissants in and around Chicago?

Perfect Chocolate Croissant in SF?

by ciaogina 18 years ago

Hello! I've decided to jump in with a question/opinion survey for the first time. I'm on a quest for the best chocolate croissant or more appropriately--Chocolatine, the classic pain au chocolat....

Report from Columbia Cty. -- croissants, hot dogs, samosas

by M-L. 18 years ago

Rural Gourmet on Route 9, Hudson. They DO have a remarkable selection, but I would go with a full wallet or a large credit reserve. I can't remember ever seeing a ham for $86 even in catalogs. T...

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