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A Croissant from The Bakery Formerly Known as "The Buttery"

by foodiemahoodie 6 years ago

Best croissaint - by far - that I've ever had in L.A. was at The Buttery - which was on Main in the Ocean Park area o...


searchingforclues commented 1 month ago

Tips on making croissants?

by atlantanative 10 years ago

I don't usually bake much, but have a craving for croissants and thought I'd give it a shot (yikes!) Anyone with mor...


LBRNRS commented 2 months ago

Spokane Bread and Butter (bakeries and dairies, oh my!)

by prasantrin 1 year ago

I'll be in town for a few days in August, and am looking for some excellent bakeries to fill my carb needs while I'm ...

grayelf commented 12 months ago

Where to buy croissant dough (laminated dough)? want to make it at home?

by Rice is Nice 4 years ago

want to make croissants at home, but don't have a sheeter and really don't have the time, wondering if i can purchase...


bshefts commented 1 year ago

Raw croissant dough

by bonkersw 1 year ago

Where can I purchase croissant dough? (plain or flavored) and not from the Pillsbury can. I assume frozen, and I woul...

Ttrockwood commented 1 year ago

My croissants have issues

by jocelyng 8 years ago

I've made Nancy Silverton's croissant recipe (available on many times without any problems. I'll adm...


chefgav commented 1 year ago

Croissant? Where art thou?

by Food Paladin 16 years ago

Fellow Chouhound: I have searched Boston high and low for a decent croissant. You all know what I'm looking for. ...


mezzodiva54 commented 1 year ago

frozen whole wheat croissants anywhere?

by emerilcantcook 9 years ago

I am a big fan of the Pain Dore frozen croissants. I put them in the oven before hitting the shower; and by the time ...

hungryann commented 1 year ago

Croissant Trouble Shooting

by chefgav 1 year ago

Hi There I have been baking croissant for a while now and up until a little while ago I was getting an amazing cro...


chefgav commented 1 year ago

Warm croissants in Paris?

by la0426 1 year ago

Went to a well known bakery at 7:15 am and was told there is no set time for warm croissants. How is this true? Wh...


mbcraw4d commented 1 year ago

death of the croissant in new orleans

by kibbles 6 years ago

Croissant D'or has always been a favorite of mine. it's nearby, wide selection, and for me their croissant has alway...


rosteven commented 1 year ago

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by 2 years ago

I recently visited Des Moines and was really impressed by the quality of croissants I happened upon. Most mornings I ...

Dairy-free food for 3-year-old in Paris (staying in Saint-Germain-des-Prés)?

by yehfromthebay 2 years ago

Chowhounders, We're heading to Paris--the land of cheeses and butter---for a week with a 3-year-old who is allergi...

sunshine842 commented 2 years ago

ISO: your favorite croissant in San Diego

by dustchick 2 years ago

I'm mostly a long-time lurker on these boards, but every now and then a craving will lure me out from the shadows. To...

Dagney commented 2 years ago

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Legitimate French Croissants finally make their way to Las Vegas at Rosallie 'le French Cafe'

by uhockey 2 years ago

Not yet a perfect vision, largely as relates to a somewhat limited selection, the items on offer at Rosallie speak to...

Ham and Cheese Croissant Question?

by lmno101 6 years ago

I grew up eating ham and cheese croissants about every other weekend in southern california. Since then ham and chee...


lpamelas commented 2 years ago

Croissant D'Or - Was wonderful, now only good.

by Rigel54 6 years ago

Birthday week in the household always brought a Tarte Maison from Croissant D'Or. When Maurice was in control they we...


OldFashion commented 2 years ago

Best croissant in Paris that's OPEN in AUG?

by beginningbaker 2 years ago

We've gone to many recommended boulangeries and most are closed for summer holiday. We are here until Sat 15th so I'd...

souphie commented 2 years ago