Croissant Dough


Please critique my croissants

by Cookingdancr 1 year ago

This will be a very detailed post. I have been working on making croissants for about 6 months now, and this is my 40th or so attempt with this recipe. Any tips on recipe, method, or finished pro...

Peninsula Pastries | Palm Springs

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Back in Palm Springs in November, I stopped by Peninsula Pastries to try the kouign amann. The crisp and flaky spiral of buttery laminate with a glorious caramelized bottom hewed closer to croissan...

Saltwater Bakeshop | San Mateo

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

On June 20, I stopped by Saltwater Bakeshop at its new brick-and-mortar location in San Mateo's Kitchentown, lured by previous IG images of KA. But alas, on Kouign Amann Day, none were produced her...

Can this croissant dough be salvaged?

by calliope8 2 years ago

I was attempting blueberry croissants and tried a new butter folding in method. Frankly I do think the recipe is partly to blame as it cautioned greatly against overmixing the dough but I think it ...

Freezing homemade crescent dough?

by bethanyfa 4 years ago

I found a recipe for homemade crescent dough that I want to use for a party, but it makes way more than I will need. I'd rather make the full recipe and freeze the unformed dough, but how would I d...

Copycat Panera Breakfast Soufflé

by velochic 7 years ago

I will start by saying that I am not a baker, not by a long shot. On those very rare occasions that I want one of these decadent items from Panera, they are always out. They make one of each in t...

Where to buy croissant dough (laminated dough)? want to make it at home?

by Rice is Nice 8 years ago

want to make croissants at home, but don't have a sheeter and really don't have the time, wondering if i can purchase croissant dough already frozen so i can start baking croissants at home? an...

Raw croissant dough

by bonkersw 5 years ago

Where can I purchase croissant dough? (plain or flavored) and not from the Pillsbury can. I assume frozen, and I would do the proofing. I am guessing this is the same dough used in donut shops arou...

buttery tasting bread with a croissant style flaky crust? Help?

by MrsPidge32 6 years ago

Yesterday we ate at a fine dining establishment, known in the area where we live for their great food. Before the starters they of course brought out the breads, a selection of 3 warm rolls; black ...

Cragel by House of Bagels

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 years ago

On Sunday "ChowFun_derek" gifted me a freshly baked Cragel from House of Bagels. You guessed it: croissant-bagel. Laminated croissant dough is shaped, boiled and baked into bagel form. I took a ...

Does anyone sell croissant dough?

by Jpan99 7 years ago

I'm looking for croissant dough, frozen in sheets. Like how you buy puff pastry dough. Not sure if anyone makes/sells just the dough. I know TJ's has frozen, raw croissants but I'm looking for...

Frozen Croissant Dough

by SarahInMinneapolis 9 years ago

When a run to Pat 46 is not in the cards, I'd love to bake croissants at home. Does anyone sell them frozen, ready-to-bake in the TC?

Croissant dough with a hechsher

by mamaleh 10 years ago

Has anyone seen frozen croissant dough with a hechsher in Southern California lately?

Deep Fried Croissant Dough?

by PotatoHouse 10 years ago

I am working a new recipe I'm calling Fry Daddies. They are basically like Hot Pockets but some are savory and some are sweet. I want to use a dough that is appealing in both situations and I was f...

Where to buy prepared croissant dough

by Erchems 11 years ago

Does anyone know if there is anywhere in the twin cities area that sells prepared croissant dough? Of course I'm talking about the good stuff, not Pillsbury or similar.

danish dough vs croissant dough

by budeeez 13 years ago

I am looking at 2 recipes, one for danish dough and one for croissant. The major difference between the 2 is in the flour used. Danish - all purpose. Croissant - bread & pastry flour. Questio...

Frozen Croissant Dough?

by lazybaker 19 years ago

Does anyone know anyplace in SF where I can find good quality (preferably uncut) frozen croissant dough? Thanks in advance.

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