Crepe Pans

Eat Cake for Dinner with This Multilayered Crepe Masterpiece

A crêpe cake is a beautifully layered affair that's usually (like most cakes) a sweet dessert treat. But this savory French ham and cheese crêpe construction is a fun and delicious twist that lets you...

Weird Ring on Thermo-Clad Nonstick

by Angelus2013 3 years ago

For anyone who owns a Thermo-Clad nonstick pan or specifically their omelette pan, do they have this ring on the coating? I don’t feel a difference in smoothness so it doesn’t seem like a scratch.

Compare stainless-lined copper…

by cameronreddy 3 years ago

So a friend traded me some items for a microphone, and one is the pictured crepe pan. It’s not in great shape, obviously, with a dent I’ll try to fix, but what I thought was interesting is to compa...

Best STEEL skillet at a reasonable cost?

Sid Post
by Sid Post 1 year ago

I am shopping for a new STEEL SKILLET! I have been using a 10" and a 12" Lodge cast iron skillet for a lot of things but, the tall sides and excessive weight are becoming a problem. I think my ...

Help Choosing de Buyer Crepe Pan

by loves2cook82 3 years ago

I want to buy a carbon steel crêpe pan. I was at a local kitchen supply store yesterday and they had two different de Buyer crêpe pans in stock. One was the Mineral B Element, 2.5 mm thick. The oth...

Saddest Tin Lined Copper Pan in the World...

by rmarisco 3 years ago

This is (was?) an heirloom crepe pan. It hadn't been used in years. I put it on my glass topped stove on the only burner that would fit it, which happens to be the hottest burner. The rest of this ...

Flipping Crepe Practicality

by starzzz 3 years ago

I am looking to purchase a Crepe Pan and have my eye either on a Le Creuset Enameled Iron, Chasseur Crepe (also enameled), De Buyer Blue Steel Mineral B, or the Mafter Cast Iron. All of these (w...

Crepe Pan

by itryalot 14 years ago

Are those steel, made in France crepe pans good and safe? Do you have to season them? Besides crepes, has anyone made anything else in it?

Best pan for making crepes, Le Creuset, Staub, or other

by blustery 5 years ago

I am looking for a pan to make crepes or thin pancakes. I never buy nonstick pans. May think about Le Creuset or Staub cast iron as these can be washed with dishwashing liquid and do not need to ...

De Buyer Blue Steel Crepe pan seasoning

by nofunlatte 9 years ago

Just a couple of questions. I've read the two current de Buyer threads and am wondering if the seasoning methods are the same. My instruction booklet has me heating 1 cm of oil* for about 5 minut...

Seasoning a crepe pan- discoloration normal?

by lisaleira 5 years ago

Hi Chowies! I am so excited, I just got a French blue steel crepe pan (Mauviel M'steel from bed bath beyond). The instructions to season it said to heat oil on it for 5 min then let cool and wipe ...

Do you have unitasker pans?

by travelerjjm 6 years ago

My mom had a pan we only used to pop corn (on the stove). In a recent thread I read about people who have a pan only for eggs. I don't get either, exactly. I have a crepe pan. It's easier for me...

My Carbon Steel Crepe Pan has Rusted

by BerkshireTsarina 6 years ago

I have a French made carbon steel crepe pan that has been hanging out unused in the garage for some time. Now I'm interested in using it, and find it has black patina that's uneven, and part of the...

Crepe pan - answer to my omelette making needs?

by nanobabes 8 years ago

So I've been searching for a pan that meets my omelette making needs, as I love breakfast and making omelettes. Now I make my omelettes a certain way that I've decided is my favorite way to make a...

De Buyer Mineral B Crepe Pan causes smoke alarm to go off

by macsandindianfood 8 years ago

Hi All, I am having several issues with my new De Buyer CS Mineral B Crepe pan. The most urgent one is that the two times I've used it, it sets the smoke alarm off. I use it on medium or under m...

Lodge Preseasoned griddle vs staub and LC enameled crepe pans vs de buyer mineral B crepe pan or any other flat pan?

by Sri5227 8 years ago

Hi ALL, I have been looking for a flat pan to prepare indian dosa(like crepes) and chapathi(like tortillas). I would like to replace my nonstick pans which i am curretly using for them. I rea...

Force Blue or Mineral B? Skillet or Crepe pan?

by DuffyH 9 years ago

After owning a de Buyer FB crepe pan for 3 months, and loving it, I want to buy another, but am on the fence about whether to go for another FB or spring for the thicker Mineral B. I'm also not sur...

Yet Another De Buyer Crepe Pan Question

by gothamette 9 years ago

After being confused by different directions, I decided to stop worrying and follow the directions that came with the pan. These were to fry some potato peelings in the pan and wipe it clean. I did...

De Buyer Crepe Pan has purple spots

by calchef12 9 years ago

Thanks to everyone for steering me towards the mineral steel pans. I have two of the De Buyer fry pans and so far they have fared well. I just got a crepe pan for eggs - http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0...

Le Crust cast iron crepe pan

by luvfruit 9 years ago

How do I clean a Le Cruset cast iron crepe pan the has been burned from pancakes and has sticky residue on it?

Staub cast iron or Le Creuset non stick crepe pan?

by iliria 10 years ago

I'm looking to buy a crepe pan and have narrowed it down to either a cast iron Staub or a Le Creuset which has been coated with non stick surface. I quite like the Staub but am concerned about the ...