Crème Fraîche

These Strawberry Creme Fraiche Bars Are as Amazing as They Sound

Cookie lovers have a new baking tome to add to their shelves: Sarah Kieffer’s “100 Cookies: The Baking Book for Every Kitchen.” You may know the self-taught baker, who’s the voice behind The Vanilla...

Creme Fraiche v. Sour Cream v. Mexican Crema

by onocoffee 12 years ago

Can someone explain to me the difference between the three? I've looked at recipes for all of them and they're pretty much the same. The flavors of the commercial ones I've tried are a bit differ...

Milk/Lait Creme Fraiche?

by Wildgrace 5 years ago

Has anyone every made creme fraiche with milk? I find creme fraiche a bit thick for my taste, so I decided to experiment. I knew from yogurt making that "thicker" milk makes thicker yogurt (yogurt ...

Creme fraiche and quark in the Boston area

by galleygirl 6 years ago

Sorry, did not read carefully enough to notice that cremefraiche was the name of the original poster, not a long sought ingredient...I have CF on the brain, I'm afraid...But it IS on sale at MB, in...

Creme Fraiche replacement?

by scunge 6 years ago

For a Dutch Baby recipe I don't have any.So any suggestions Thanks

Creme Fraiche Substitute

by angelo04 14 years ago

The supermarket was out of Creme Fraiche. What can I use for a Substitute? Thanks in advance for the help.

baking with creme fraiche

by prima 6 years ago

Anyone have any recipes to share? I realize I could replace sour cream w creme fraiche in some recipes, but that would also increase the fat content, which might make the baked good brown too fast...

Can I culture creme fraiche with reconstituted dehydrated buttermilk?

Caitlin McGrath
by Caitlin McGrath 10 years ago

I rarely buy liquid buttermilk, but I always have dried buttermilk powder on hand, and I find it works very well in baking. Is there any reason to think that, if I reconstitute it with water and ma...

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