Get Cozy with These 15 Creamy Mushroom Recipes (No Can Opener Required)

Cream and mushrooms are a magical combo, and these creamy mushroom recipes celebrate it in all its glory—but without relying on a can. The power duo is nothing new, of course; cream and mushrooms have...

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Heavy Cream & Sugar

by PasoKitchen 5 years ago

So after a late night baking session last night, I thought it would be smart to prep dough for another cookie recipe to use today. But I was too sleepy for baking and I poured six cups of sugar (IN...

Would Someone Please Explain Why Cream Costs SO Much More than Half-N-Half And Butter?

by kaleokahu 7 years ago

I posed this question before, but because I mentioned Store X, it got moved to Chains. I learned that heavy cream has 4x the butterfat of H&H, but this alone can't explain why cream is so much m...

Emergency Dessert From the Pantry

by outRIAAge 5 years ago

I've been making this so long that I have no idea if it's my recipe or not. If you're lucky, you'll have a long, thin serving dish, but if not, just ad lib with individual ramekins or build it in a...

Need instructions for Whipped Jello (not Cool Whip recipes)

by laredo 11 years ago

My elderly father would love to have "whipped jello" like his mother made for him and I don't know where to start. Have spent a few minutes googling, but decided this site would be the best place ...

Have anyone tried whipping egg whites/ cream etc in a jar?

by cgxy96 5 years ago

Hi, I love chocolate mousse but do not own any sort of electric whisk and I read that shaking heavy cream in a jar works beautifully. I'm just wondering if anyone has tried the same method using di...

Can I freeze milk? 1/2 and 1/2? Heavy cream?

by sixelagogo 13 years ago

We're leaving for vacation soon and I have lots of dairy products (purchased at today's exorberant prices) that I don't want to loose. Can I freeze all of the above? Some of the above?

Is There a Substitute for the Philadelphia Cooking Creme?

by princess.melody 8 years ago

It's pretty "hot" item being advertised. I used it and not bad but I know we don't need to break our wallet for the price of this if we could just mix a few ingredients to achieve the same texture ...

Whipping cream: cold or room temp?

by purplepolenta 8 years ago

I've always heard that cream should be whipped cold, straight from the fridge using a chilled bowl and whisk. I was watching Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery Course (Season 1, episode 11) and he sa...

Cooking with cream--will it curdle?

by JennyH 14 years ago

I'm poaching salmon on a bed of sorrel with white wine. Can I add cream while it's cooking, or after, or will the wine make it curdle? Would like to make this tonight and would apreciate advice...

How do you make really thick cream filling?

by sweetface9999 15 years ago

I'm trying to make a really thick cream filling to spread on top of lemon bars but I can't seem to figure it out. Is there an ingrediant I should be using to make it thick and dense? If I go into...

This Happened to Me More Than Once

by treb 5 years ago

OK, Two times in the past I've purchased a carton of Organic Heavy Cream. The most recent, purchased in October 2015, I am currently using has a best use buy date of Nov. 2015. I used it in Octob...

Can heavy cream be frozen?

by ChrisKC 18 years ago

One of the things I had to bring to easter dinner was cream to whip for dessert. Unfortunately I took everything except the cream and didn't think about it until I was almost there (45 mins away)....

Need to Find Brooklyn Creamery Double cream in Stop and Shop in MA

by djr222 6 years ago

hi Folks, have posted on here before about this wonderful Brooklyn Creamery Double and Single cream, I have bought it twice from Stop and Shop stores in MA, we wanted some for Xmas, so Sat went to ...

Ultra high temperature (UHT) cream mystery

by gfr1111 6 years ago

I bought a quart of heavy cream back in September of 2015. I kept using it gradually in small quantities over the course of the next few months. Finally, in December of 2015., I tasted it. It wa...

When a recipe calls for separated heavy cream

by JurigaLisa 6 years ago

My recipe calls for heavy cream (separated). Which part of the cream would I be using, the milk at the bottom or the thick butter cream layer that has risen to the top?

Coffee question

by MarlboroMan 6 years ago

I've recently transitioned to drinking my coffee unsweetened, with heavy cream. Does anyone know of a self-serve coffee place that offers heavy cream? So far the best I've found is Wawa, who at lea...

Land of Lakes Fat Free Heavy Cream

michele cindy
by michele cindy 12 years ago

Last night I used for the 1st time LOL fat free heavy cream in a recipe. I was so surprised how well it turned out. Anyone else use it? If so how do you find it works best? I made the following...

Ganache fail--now what?

by nofunlatte 6 years ago

I've certainly made ganache quite a few times, but it's probably been a year or two. Today I had my first fail--the ganache is kind of gloppy and a bit grainy, with a marked layer of fat on top. I ...


by marthalouise 6 years ago

i have a recipe that calls for full cream no sure what that is

Loaded bakes potato soup

by Marissai123 6 years ago

My recipe calls for ten cups of milk but I don't feel like going to get more but I have a quart of heavy whipping cream. How much heavy whipping cream should I use to replace the milk?