10 Summer Seafood Feasts to Have Delivered to Your Door

Craving a seafood feast but not a clue how to fish? These seafood delivery dinner options are filled with fresh lobster, clams, crawfish, crab, and more for a taste of the shore anytime, anywhere. Grilling...

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2016 Crawfish

by hazelhurst 5 years ago

Was up at Morganza yesterday and the water is at the gates of the control structure. Bonne Carre will be opened this weekend, probably (so much for oysters in the way) and if Morganza is operated, ...

Live DOMESTIC Crawfish: LA or OC

by docgradusadparnassum 5 years ago

I did my first boil last night--shrimp, corn, potatoes, sausage. Kind of awesome! I want to do this New Years Day, too...but with live domestic crawfish. I'm Vietnamese so I know Little Saigon a...

Where's the best place (if any) to buy Raw Oysters in copious quantities

by masnole 10 years ago

like a bushel/half bushel or so??? Having moved here recently from Louisiana would like to find "that place" to bring a bunch home for some shucking. Shoot, now that I'm on the topic. Wh...

crawfish boil

by namreb 6 years ago

I will not be able to make it down to NOLA this year. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good crawfish boil locally? thanKs!

Southern Comfort Kitchen food truck

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 years ago

At yesterday's Sunset Celebration, we picked our lunch break at the Off the Grid food trucks from Southern Kitchen. Crawfish etouffee was great, packed with sweet and tender crayfish tails. The shr...

How is one supposed to eat crawfish?

by iheartcooking 6 years ago

In the area where I live, "Cajun" style, but also Asian (?) seafood boil restaurants have been popping up and growing in popularity. Some are better than others but when I am hankering for a big pi...

Pho and Crawfish at Next Generation in Monterey Park

by Chandavkl 6 years ago

These days it's anything goes with pairings of cuisine so why not Pho and crawfish, though not in the same dish. There are only six pho selections on the menu are four of them are variations of fi...

Frozen Crawfish

by muppditt 6 years ago

Hello Chowicans! I'd like to know if anyone has used frozen crawfish to do a Louisiana crawfish boil? If so, what did you think of the results? Was the meat mushy or perhaps something other than ...

Crawfish Cakes.

by Candy 6 years ago

I found that I have a surfeit of crawfish. It is too hot here to be thinking about gumbos an the like. I've defrosted a lb. and am thinking crawfish cakes. Has anyone done this and if so, do you ha...

Hot Kitchen East Village's incredible xiang la (fragrant and hot) crawfish

by buttertart 6 years ago

Had these on Saturday, at the suggestion of our charming waiter. Run, do not walk, to the restaurant and get yourself some, they are incredibly delicious. One of the best things we've eaten all y...

Crawfish broil? (plus comments on food itinerary)

by psychoidiot 6 years ago

I know crawfish season is technically over but we don't really have anything like it in chicago (ok, angry crab but it wasn't very good). Is there any place nearby the french quarter (or with a ...

DOTM June, 2015 - Crawfish Etouffe

by DoobieWah 6 years ago

This should have been BruceSW starting this thread as it was his idea to steal, (uhmm, I mean "adopt"), the idea from the San Fran board. However, I couldn't wait. I want to recommend the specia...

Boiled crawfish near Warehouse District?

by ankazobe 6 years ago

What's the best place to get boiled crawfish in or around the Warehouse District? I'd prefer walking distance but it's not strictly necessary. I'll also only have Wednesday night, all day Thursda...

Crawfish Boil, Oysters, Po' Boys -- LA

by jounipesonen 6 years ago

Good locations within New Orleans, Lake Charles, Shreveport triangle: 1. Po' Boys - Oysters, Shrimp, Crawfish 2. Oysters - raw 3. Crawfish Boil Definitely 'shack' 'no white tablecloth' type...

good crawfish in south fl??

by javy2004 10 years ago

new to the board, and i will be spending more time in south fl due to my family moving to pembroke pines. i'm just curious if there is any worthwhile crawfish to be had here or should i just wait ...

good/typical dessert for crawfish boil?

by french roast 13 years ago

Can anyone recommend a good dessert to bring or prepare for a backyard crawfish boil? I can buy it or make it, either way. Preferrably traditional, if possible. Any ideas? Thanks!

Where can I find fresh Crawfish for a traditional boil?

by franpelyk 7 years ago

It's that time of the year! I'm trying to locate a fish supplier that can locate fresh, not frozen, Crawfish. I know they're in season down south and surely someone is bringing them into Toronto. ...

Source for live crayfish in Vegas?

by ah6tyfour 6 years ago

I have been craving crawfish boil for weeks now and have been searching everywhere, but nobody seems to stock live crayfish. Does anyone know where I might be able to get some? We're in crayfish ...

What to get at Gallatoire's and where to get crawfish

by luckiestduck 6 years ago

I'm in NoLa for a few days. Going to Galatoire's for Tuesday night dinner and would love ordering suggestions. Also- where can I get crawfish? I've been told to get invited to someone's house. I wi...

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