Craft Cocktails

A craft cocktail takes drinking up a notch. Find the best ones with the help of booze-savvy 'Hounds, discuss recipes for mixing yours at home, and share your favorite riffs on the classics.

Homemade Bitters Are the Best Thing to Happen to Your Bar Cart

Why would you make your own bitters? Well, why not? We live in an age of DIY everything, from kombucha to jerky. We also live in an age when finding artisanal, small-batch, craft versions of everything...

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Craft Cocktails and Great Bartenders in or near downtown Philadelphia?

by rlh 8 years ago

I am hoping to learn where great bartenders make classic or original cocktails (no premixes, fresh juices, wide range of bitters, etc.) near downtown Philadelphia at fair prices with solid to terri...

Craft cocktails?

by firecooked 6 years ago

So I just finished reading "A Drunken Botanist" ... And would like to experience cocktails that came from real plants. Any recommendations? Coronado or downtown preferred...

Craft Cocktails?

by phillybakingqueen 6 years ago

Yo! Philly hound looking for a recommendation for a good spot for craft cocktails in Houston. We are staying in the Galleria area. Thanks!

Craft cocktails in a cozy environment?

by hungreemonkee 7 years ago

Hi! New poster to Chowhound, but old lurker. I was wondering if any of you had recs for a craft cocktail place with a "cozy" environment... a low-key, not hipster type of place where you can addr...

ISO Craft Cocktails.... LB area or surrounding

by loreeLB 7 years ago

ISO unique, tasty craft cocktails. The only place(s) I can think of are Nick's on 2nd which has the same cocktails daily, love their Pimm's cup but, not much other variety for me as I've tried thei...

Orlando - Craft Cocktails Recs

by danieli10 7 years ago

Hey FL CHers- I will be in Orlando for a couple of weeks for some much needed golf and R & R. Mostly a guys trip and I am looking for a couple of recs for a nice bar or lounge/speakeasy to find gr...

Craft Cocktails or Mixology Cocktails

by Dapuma 8 years ago

What would be a good place or two to try some interesting fresh ingredients craft cocktails or even molecular mixology something interesting or good - on the strip - if it is near the aria that...

Craft Cocktail Overload

by Citron58 8 years ago

Is anyone else annoyed with the intense emphasis on craft cocktails at some L.A. restaurants? I like a good drink as much as the next guy, but sometimes I just want a regular martini that's ...

Where to go for craft cocktails on a Saturday night?

by sarahe1 8 years ago

Hi all Philadelphia dwellers! I am headed to your city next weekend and after dinner at Vetri (for which I am so excited!), I would love to go for a craft cocktail. Some of my favorite places in...

Craft Cocktails UWS?

by Wannabfoode 8 years ago

Hi, hoping you all can help. We are visiting New York from out of town for a few days next week. Our hotel is Upper West Side and we will be spending a fair amount of time in Harlem. Looking for...

a craft cocktail "crawl"

by ChinaCat 8 years ago

For my husbands birthday next month, I've decided to do something different. Rather than just take him to a nice restaurant for dinner, I'm going to book a limo for the evening and then bar hop. We...

Craft Cocktails

by ecwashere7 9 years ago

I'm from the Boston area and I visit New York occasionally. Right now, I'm in love with the fact that so many bars focus on craft cocktails. In Boston, I love to go to Eastern Standard, Drink and...

Craft Cocktails in Raleigh?

by dcrulz 8 years ago

I was recently introduced to the concept of craft cocktails on a trip to Nashville (Holland House and No. 308 are must-visits if you're there!), and was wondering if anyone knows of a good place to...

Craft Cocktails and Unusual Sodas

by lipoff 9 years ago

Just a quick question . . . are there a couple special bars not to be missed for craft cocktails (i.e. classic recipes, unusual ingredients, housemade bitters, etc.) Also, are there any particul...

Craft Cocktail Recomendations in Kansas City

by mdzehnder 8 years ago

I'm looking for a bar or restaurant recommendation in KC for a place that does really high quality craft cocktails. I'm talking on the level of The Gibson in DC, PX in Alexandria VA, Drink in Bost...

Chowdown: Craft Cocktail Happy Hour tonight (3/28) at 15 Romolo in San Francisco

by pane 9 years ago

Melanie Wong and I decided to start a new series of "chowdown" happy hours at San Francisco's excellent craft cocktail bars. The series will kick off Monday, March 28 at 15 Romolo, a North Beach ba...

Craft cocktails near Symphony Hall?

by tomjb27 9 years ago

Hello, I will be attending the BSO tomorrow and hoping to find a nice place for a good cocktail afterward, preferably within walking distance (we're taking public transportation). I haven't bee...

"Chowdown" Craft Cocktail Hour Tonight (4/12) at Burritt Room

by pane 9 years ago

For the second "chowdown" craft cocktail hour we'll meet tonight at 5:30 (until about 7) to try out the drinks menu of one of the city's newest craft cocktail bars, Burritt Room. Kevin Diedrich fr...

suggestions for a classic/craft cocktail book

by cassoulady 9 years ago

I am looking for suggestions for a cocktail recipe book listing some classic cocktails beyond basic martinis etc. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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