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The Must-Attend American Beer Fests of 2020

Taking a cue from the world of music, the craft beer industry is currently in a festival frenzy. No matter where you live or the style of beer you prefer, there are a number of sudsy gatherings scheduled...

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Enjoyable meal and experience at Mosto Restaurante - Locally sourced ingredients and craft beers in Tijuana

Gypsy Jan
by Gypsy Jan 8 years ago

From San Diego Red Por: Kristin Díaz de Sandi 2 Junio 2012 Great meals, craft beers and local wines. "Gracing Tijuana with its presence for a little bit over a year is Mosto restaurante. T...

Good Bar with Craft Beer and Good Food to Watch the Ranger Game Tonight

by kmbeer 8 years ago

Hi All, Looking for a bar with good food and a good selection of craft beer for the Ranger game tonight. I was thinking Rattle N Hum would be great beer-wise, but I have never eaten there and d...

American Craft Beer Fest -- what are you looking forward to?

by jlittlew 8 years ago

Maybe this is the wrong board for this. We're two weeks out from the American Craft Beer Fest -- http://beeradvocate.com/acbf/ -- and I'm trying to get my tasting list in order. Brewers and bee...

US Craft Beer influence on British Beer Styles.

by Paprikaboy 8 years ago

Caught a very interesting programme about the US Craft Beer scene and how it is influencing British micro breweries. Especially the use of new hops and ageing in wine and whisky casks for flavour r...

Craft Beer in the Triad (GSO - WS)

by kate.s 8 years ago

I have really started getting into craft beer (I just moved a block and a half away from the Best Way), and I am looking for new places to check out. I have been to Sessions on spring garden, but ...

offal and craft beer in Melbourne

by debbieann 8 years ago

We went to Josie Bones last night (98 Smith St near Gertrude) and it was FABULOUS. We had lamb heart and duck heart and pork crackling and kipfler potatoes and lamb tongue. And we had some great IP...

Craft Beer in Tokyo?

by mrbitterpants 8 years ago

Any suggestions on where to find good craft beer in Tokyo? Good food to go with it is a plus but I'd settle for average food and outstanding beer. I've heard of La Cachette in Shinjuku and Craft Be...

Draft Anchor Steam and other craft beers-best selection of draft beers in Union County

by fjc1z1 8 years ago

Where are the best selections of draft beers especially Anchor Steam in the Union County area. Any place with good bar -burgesrs? thanks

Canton cafe owners planning to bring craft beer to the far North Country

by soupçon 8 years ago

According to this courier-Observer article, the couple who run the Blackbird Cafe in the college town of Canton are panning a microbrewery: http://www.mpcourier.com/article/20120103/DCO01/301039...

WTC area restaurant with Good Craft Beer and Good Food

by littlecmad 8 years ago

A little over a week from now, on a Tuesday evening my husband and will be heading to the city again but we'll be in the WTC area and we're looking for a place with good craft beer and good food. A...

Craft Beer Bar in Ajijic

by DiningDiva 8 years ago

Shopping is hard work! So we were mighty glad to stumble across El Figón after spending the morning in and out of various tiendas. Don't blink, or you might miss it, which would be a shame as it's ...

List your Favorite Craft Beers. (moved from Ontario board)

by Spanglo 8 years ago

Right now I am into drinking Muskoka dark Ale and Premium Lager,I also love anything from Unibroue La Fin Du Monde, is my favourite. I want to know what my fellow hounds are drinking,local or ...

Gourmet food, Craft beer, and the Leafs game. Where do i go for all 3?

by doubledust 8 years ago

I'm looking for a place where I can eat great food (under $30 per entree), drink craft microbrew beers, and.... the kicker.... Watch the Leafs game on a television. Is this possible? Any advice w...

Craft Beer Pairing Chart

by MGZ 8 years ago

An interesting shot at a comprehensive guide from the folks at CraftBeer.com in a downloadable PDF file. There are some "to be expected" suggestions, as well as a few I don't hear very often. h...

NYT reviews great places to grab a craft beer in Westchester

by i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream 8 years ago

I was thrilled to see Birdsall House get a mention in the dining review yesterday. I could sit there with their cajun popcorn and a couple of beers all night. Throw in the cheese plate and I'm in...

Craft beer Market, Calgary....What a disappointment

by dollylovesshoes 9 years ago

On paper it would seem that Craft has everything working in its favor. However, our first visit (and likely our last), put all that hard work to shame. Firstly, the service was atrocious. I unde...

Craft beers in DC

by cosmopolita 8 years ago

Where I can buy craft beer in dc? I would like to find some of these: http://eater.com/archives/2011/01/04/top-ten-beers-from-2010-you-should-drink-in-2011.php Or can you suggest me other? I h...

Sports bar for NFL Week 1 with great food and craft beer selection?

by davidmmoss333 8 years ago

Hi, I'm looking for any recommendations for a sports bar for NFL Week 1 with great food and a nice selection of craft beers. Bar food is fine, but would prefer something a step up from Buffalo Wild...

Does anyone have any good info regarding the NY craft beer week?

by Spiritchaser 8 years ago

The website for it has been showing "website coming soon" forever. Trying to get a good roster of what events are going on and when.

What's the Interest in European-Style Craft Beers?

by Snarf 8 years ago

I understand that there may be an initiative to brew traditional beers in the styles of the various Lambic and other historic beers in the area. I'm a curious observer in the marketplace, and am w...

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