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Craft beer is a discerning drinker's dream. Chat with fellow beer-lovers about the best craft brews, where to find them, great new small breweries, and more.

Chowhound Gift Guide 2019: Best Craft Beers for the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time to drink beer! These next few months offer big, bold brews that will warm your body and soul as the weather begins to chill. They’re perfectly suited for holiday gifting...

'Beers for Bears' Bar Crawl, Westchester, taking place Dec. 7th...

by gutreactions 8 days ago

It's a charitable event sponsored in part by Sloop Super Soft, a product of Sloop Brewing out of Hopewell Junction, N.Y., and Toys for Tots. It will take place on Saturday, Dec. 7th, starting at 2 ...

Diner Brew Co. now open for tastings in New Rochelle...

by gutreactions 21 days ago

Diner Brew Co. out of Mount Vernon has opened a tasting room on Division Street in New Rochelle. They produce a variety of ciders and beers, some with an historic bent. Dropped in last night to a w...

Gift Certificate in Philly for a Solo Diner

by patsully 2 months ago

My younger brother just moved to Philadelphia and I'd like to get him a gift certificate to eat somewhere within walking distance of his apartment on Arch Street in Old City. I'm thinking a cas...

Beer Noggin, Bronxville offers stimulating brews...

by gutreactions 1 year ago

Stopped into Beer Noggin, a craft beer bottle shop & taproom, across from the railroad station on Kraft Ave. in Bronxville and was greeted with conviviality and some fine selections. It is a cozy s...

Beer tour in Prague

by SueFH 4 months ago

I’m looking for a beer tour in Prague, there’s a ton listed online but would prefer personal recommendation (or warnings on to-avoid). Thanks!

"Why Does Every Beer Look So Cool Now?"

by patsully 5 months ago

Today I learned that there are design firms solely focused on beer branding. "When craft beer was still a small operation, breweries would often design their label in-house or ask a friend or lo...

Craft Beer Store?

by connellski 5 months ago

I'm new to the area and was hoping to get some recommendations on your favorite craft beer stores in the Boston area. Preferably a place with a knowledgable staff, curated selection and great recom...

What's with all these craft beers?

by gutreactions 1 year ago

Caught a commentary by commentator/comedian Jim Gaffigan on CBS Sunday Morning Show this past weekend lambasting the explosion of craft beers/microbreweries around the country. It struck me as true...

Hudson Valley Craft Beer/Food Festival, Cold Spring, June 29...

by gutreactions 7 months ago

Sounds like a good funky beer & food event in Cold Spring, New York on Saturday, June 29th. Brought to us by Hops on the Hudson. If you're coming up from the N.Y.C. area, you can take Metro North. ...

Focal Banger

by MOREKASHA 7 months ago

I finally had this beer the other night. Marta here in NYC has it in cans. Ok, another IPA. That's it. If folks want to wait in line, that's ok by me. I don't and won't. For my IPA fix, I go local ...

Growlers, Tuckahoe: new owners and updated menu...

by gutreactions 1 year ago

I had heard some recent grapevine about Growlers Beer Bistro in Tuckahoe so I stopped down for happy hour. It is under new ownership and the menu has been updated, too. Still a great selection of c...

Boston Beer Company (Sam Adams) Buys Dogfish Head

by patsully 7 months ago

"Boston Beer Co, maker of Sam Adams, has acquired Dogfish Head Brewing for $300 million, the companies announced Thursday. With the transaction, Dogfish Head founders Sam and Mariah Calagione wi...

Chowdown Report: 4/20 @ Lagunitas Brewing Petaluma Taproom

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 7 months ago

Last weekend, four 'hounds gathered at the Lagunitas Brewing Company's Petaluma Taproom for the infamous 4/20 party. Maybe not so infamous nor radical these days now that cannabis is legalized. Und...

Westchester Beer Fest at the County Center, White Plains!

by gutreactions 9 months ago

The County Center in White Plains will be the sight of the 2019 Westchester Beer Fest on Saturday, March 23rd. from 4-8 p.m. The producers say there will be 200 craft breweries represented. That's ...

Decadent Brewery opens in Mamaroneck...

by gutreactions 12 months ago

It has been in the works for months at the site of beer distributor/retailer Half Time in the industrial section of Mamaroneck. Decadent Ales, a new brewpub and tasting room, opened softly last nig...

Hundreds of Breweries Tell Sierra Nevada “We’re In” on Wildfire Relief Beer

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

" . . . Sierra Nevada is creating a beer, Resilience IPA, in which every dime from its sales will go back to the people impacted by the Camp Fire. Brewery founder Ken Grossman wrote a letter, askin...

Japanese Craft Beer Tasting (FREE), Oct 11, San Franciso

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

"Attention all beer geeks! Come Drink in A New Language as we sample Japanese Craft Beers from the country's top breweries. Japanese Craft Beers are rich with harmonious flavors, designed to awaken...

Lone traveler to Alexandria, VA

by Phil_A_Mignon 1 year ago

I'm a craft beer junkie and a serious foodie. I'm a walking cliche, I get it. But it's true. Gonna be in Alexandria in November, solo. Where can I go and pamper myself with a fine dinner? Some loca...

Pearly Wit

by MOREKASHA 1 year ago

I just "discovered" Pearly Wit by Springdale (actually a Jacks Abbey sub brand). It's replaced Allagash white as my fave Wit. So many people get this style totally wrong by their misuse of spices....

Sonoma Stompers Palooza Park @ Arnold Field Food & Drink

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Today's the last game of the 2018 Sonoma Stompers season. In June I was invited to see a game and had my first experience at Palooza Park at Arnold Field.