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Missed Prime Day but looking for kitchen and cookware deals? Right now, you can score a deal on a KitchenAid stand mixer and the incredibly fun and easy-to-use pasta-making attachment set for a sweet...

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best lunch deals and chacacero

by DZ 19 years ago

Hi, I was wondering if people would mind posting their favorite lunch deals around boston...or even deals in general (e.g. Tim's burger and beer for under $5, $2 banh mi, etc.) also, went and had ...

Morphing of ideals: further to Myths

by lucia 20 years ago

The NYC Food Myths thread, particularly Tater's comment about H&H bagels and many of the deli comments, leads me to this: in many cases the "ideal" that some folks are discussing bears only a dista...

great deals/cheap meals

by Elizabeth 20 years ago

Dear Chowhounds, I'm planning to go to Campanile's "grilled cheese night" tonight (every Thursday at the La Brea venue) and am wondering if anyone knows of other fine (and usually prohibitively ...

Lunch deals

by Joanie 20 years ago

I've got Wed. off and want to find a good lunch time special. Open to any kind of food and would like to keep it under $10. I work in the boring medical area so the choices are limited, as is the ...

great lunch deals in Park Slope

by Ian 20 years ago

Yes, that neighborhood again. I live in Queens but work in Park Slope, and I'll be damned if it isn't much more expensive eating lunch there than it is in the city. My favorite lunch spot is Unc...

Chinese Dinner Deals in SG Valley (Sam Woo)

by Jennifer W. 20 years ago

Background: my mom has been wanting to check out the deals at Chinese restaurants being advertised in the newspapers: $6/lb crabs, $9 lb/lobsters, $5 roasted squab, $6 peking duck, $14 winter melon...

"We Accept All Competitors' Coupons"

by Bob W. 20 years ago

Down here in the DC area we have a lousy bagel chain called Manhattan Bagels. The name is a cruel joke; the bagels are mushballs. Nevertheless, I was feeling charitable towards my fellow slaves a...

lobster deals...

by David Bellas 20 years ago

hello everybody....anyone know of a good lobster deal in miami or near by....orlando has all you can eat for 20something dollars...wondering if you guys knew of anything similar to that in the miam...

Sunday LUNCH not brunch -- any good deals?

by sailor 20 years ago

I'm looking for a restaurant in Manhattan that does prix fixe Sunday lunch as opposed to brunch. I have the sneaking suspicion that all the restaurants do brunch nowadays (offering a few dishes for...

Montrachet and other $20.01 lunch deals...

by Karen A. 21 years ago

Hi. I would like to take advantage of NYC Restaurant Week. One of the places I am interested in is Montrachet. The other is Roy's. Does anyone else have any good suggestions as to where to go. ...

twin lobster deals

by peter y. 21 years ago

I noticed recently a number of cheaper restaurants in Murray Hill & N.E. Village have been running twin lobster deals, usually for 21 or 22 bucks. Now, I know, I shouldn't be so lazy, I should go t...

Good deals in Secaucus area - American or Italian

by Grace 22 years ago

Any good deals in Secaucus, Rutherford or Lyndhurst (or closeby) Looking for a place that will serve bread, salad, meal and possibly dessert for a reasonable price.

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