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Post-Prime Day KitchenAid Deals

Missed Prime Day but looking for kitchen and cookware deals? Right now, you can score a deal on a KitchenAid stand mixer and the incredibly fun and easy-to-use pasta-making attachment set for a sweet...

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Weeknight meal deals in Philly?

by jeannette 16 years ago

From time to time, I've seen mentions on Chowhound of great weeknight deals at restaurants, like Novelty and DiPalma's. Since I am on a pretty tight budget, it would be nice to have a list of rest...

speaking of weeknight meal deals...

by nittany 16 years ago

the previous post inspired me to go to rx (never had any problems there, it's just with so many "new' byob's opening sometimes you forget the tried and true) hubby and i went for the $25 price fi...

Good lunch deals Santa Monica/Brentwood/Venice

by Moi 16 years ago

I know that Joe's has a prix fixe lunch which is small portions but not at all bad. Have seen when passing that Jiraffe has a fairly low priced ($16?) prix fixe lunch? Anybody tried that? Chaya ...

happy hours deals in sf area

by chickenwing 16 years ago

long time lurker, first time poster. like to have early dinner/ happy hour deals on food & drinks. so far the best deal i found is the elephant bar restaurant in millbrae, under $3 well drinks o...

Sato: Use coupons? Which ones do you use?

by bennyboy 16 years ago

I love the Sake Ya coupon in the bee every week. The best japanese place in town IMHO> I use the heck out of the Entertainment book too. Scotts. mces, The FireHouse, granitos are all in there. ...

other two-for-one deals in the East Bay?

by susabelle 16 years ago

Was driving along this afternoon, thinking of the thread posted earlier about the two-for-one deal at the Bread Garden. And wondered if folks knew of other two-for-one (or otherwise deeply discoun...

good prix fixe deals- Westside/SM/Downtown

by Mike S. 17 years ago

Hi all, My parents are visiting next week, and they are obsessed with prix fixe meals at good restaurants. They're staying downtown a few nights and in Santa Monica a few nights, and I'm wonderi...

Valentine's Day deals at Front Page and Bistro123

by Suki 17 years ago

I saw Valentine Day dinners at these restaurants. Front Page is a fairly new restaurant at Ballston and Bistro123 is in Vienna. Does anyone have any info as to the quality of these places. Their...

Gourmet deals?

by Deflator_Mouse 17 years ago

I was wondering if folks knew about any higher-endish places that have special deals on certain days of the week, times of the year, etc. I only have two contributions to make. Spiaggia: From a...

Good deals in E. Northport/Commack - Italian or American

by Grace 21 years ago

Any good deals in the East Northport/Commack area? My parents live around there and we are always looking for a good restaurant. Looking for a place that will serve bread, salad, meal and possibly ...

Sabur: discount coupons

by Aromatherapy 17 years ago

Print from link below. 15% off, M-Th, through 11/30. Link: http://www.saburrestaurant.com/promotion/promotion.html

looking for all you can eat sushi deals

by amanda 17 years ago

graduate student (on a budget) looking for decent sushi selection and quality for cheap! i live in west hollywood ... where nothing is cheap, but work in brentwood. recently, i have been going to...

Great deals at Foodmax Hayward

by Han Lukito 17 years ago

I just bought a really large ham from John Morrell for only $0.89 per pound. I thought this was unbelievably cheap. I sliced them up using my slicer machine for sandwiches. The whole thing was like...

YIKES! Great Hotel deals in New Orleans

by Vinny Clams 17 years ago

I just went on Expedia to book a hotel in New Orleans next weekend. Le Pavilion is $85/nite. HOTEL MONACO on St Charles is only $70/nite!!! (great places) It's preety amazing..even if it is so fre...

Price Fix deals

by Just Larry 17 years ago

I will be visiting your fair city soon and want to get some names of restaurants in the vicinity of 48th St. and 8 th Ave. We are looking for Price Fix menus with really good food or regular menus...

WSJ article about farmers market ordeals

by Tracy L. 17 years ago

I don't subscribe to the Wall Street Journal or have a scanner here at work but there is an interesting article in the weekend journal about the competition amoungst customers at local farmers mark...

Free Vancouver Coupons - dining, etc.

by viola da gamba 17 years ago

I came across this when looking for something else (honest!) and thought I'd pass it along. Apart from the requirement that it be used in 2003, there don't seem to be many restrictions. It's most...

good pre-fixe deals for lunch/dinners?

by Claudia 17 years ago

Can anyone recommend good deals for pre-fixe lunch or dinner in LA? Preferrably french. Thanks!

good pre-fixe deals for lunch/dinners?

by Claudia 17 years ago

Can anyone recommend good deals for pre-fixe lunch or dinner in LA? Preferrably french. Thanks!

Trade East Bay Entertainment Guide Restaurant Coupons with Me!

by Kathleen Mikulis 17 years ago

I have a 2003 Entertainment Guide for the East Bay, and am very interested in trading coupons for restaurants that we will go to (and in turn you get coupons for restaurants and other attractions y...

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