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Ate expired cottage cheese, will I get sick, what to do?

by bythebay 6 years ago

Anything I can do to prevent sickness? Is it likely I'll get sick? My stomach's been rumbling since I ate one-week-pa...


sassyy commented 5 months ago

What to do with dry curd cottage cheese?

by waver 6 years ago

I grabbed a large tub of this by accident and its kind of weird to eat plain. Are there any healthiesh recipes that ...


JtesusCthrist commented 8 months ago

does SEALTEST still exist??

by mark grossman 15 years ago

does the sealtest brand of milk/ice cream/cottage cheese still exist in the USA?? according to some web research, it ...


lewmorgan commented 8 months ago

Cottage Cheese & Sour Cream?

by jennbook 2 years ago

One of my favorite snacks is cottage cheese mixed with sour cream. My mom eats it; my grandmother ate it. My husband ...


zigzag17 commented 11 months ago

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Where to buy good cottage cheese?

by tklow 1 year ago

I’m on a quest for good cottage cheese in Calgary. I haven’t been able to find a consistently good brand in years. Da...

Breakstone Cottage Cheese in SF?

by n1cdr 2 years ago

Where in the San Francisco area can I find a store that sells Breakstone Cottage cheese?


chucklesbythebay commented 2 years ago

What has happened to Friendship Cottage Cheese? (not good changes)

by The Professor 3 years ago

Why do companies do this??? I've been a long time huge fan of Friendship Cottage Cheese (especially the 2%, Large ...


nannygoat commented 2 years ago

Large Curd Cottage Cheese?

by rhgindc 8 years ago

I can't seem to find Large Curd anywhere....I've gone to Costco, Trader Joe's, Smart & Final, Mother's Market, Whole ...

The Professor

The Professor commented 2 years ago

Baking cottage cheese?

by forzagto 11 years ago

Has anyone used cottage cheese for cooking, like using on top of a pizza crust and baking with other toppings? How d...


lesliejwc commented 3 years ago

How to jazz up cottage cheese?

by Ms.Susan 12 years ago

I'm getting ready for a cruise in 3 weeks and want to drop a bit of weight. Any ideas on low fat ways to liven up a b...


ivy1987 commented 3 years ago

Whipped cottage cheese? Uses?

by anakalia 7 years ago

When I went to the store the other day, they were out of my usual cottage cheese, so I grabbed a different brand. Got...


Apollosmom commented 3 years ago

Keeping cottage cheese fresh

by Fida 12 years ago

I feel silly about this, and probably wouldn't have posted, if it weren't for Christine's post about strawberries. ...


Meintzer commented 3 years ago

Cottage cheese

by ekammin 11 years ago

Am I the only person to notice a difference between the cottage cheese we usually get and some U.S. brands? Such Ame...


MGRoy commented 3 years ago

What to eat with cottage cheese?

by Food_Fiend 12 years ago

Help! I'm in a cottage cheese rut. I find myself only eating it with apples, a drizzle of honey, and some cinnamon....


itsmejessica commented 4 years ago

Cottage cheese spoiling well before expiration date

by zackly 4 years ago

I just threw out half a 48 ounce container of Breakstone 2% Cottage Cheese that I bought recently @ Costco. It had so...


peaceful commented 4 years ago

Breakstone's cottage cheese

by ALITIN 7 years ago

Is their some reson that Breakstone's cottage cheese has become very hard to find in Chicago markets?


solon commented 7 years ago

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